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TSE - 2D TopDown Shooter Engine

Unity toolkit for making 2D Topdown Shooters without need for writing single line on code.


TSE (2D Topdown Shooter Engine) is an Unity Asset that allows you to get core mechanics for your topdown shooter without need to write a single line of code. 

It contains a total of 20 well-written scripts written in C# with 8 different Editor Scripts for better experience and easier use. 

Features : 
1. Advanced shooting mechanics with raycasts for realistic 2D shooting 
2. Player Controller responsible for player movement 
3. Player and Enemy Weapon Scriptable Objects for unlimited number of weapons 
4. Enemy Script responsible for enemy behaviour 
5. Player and Enemy Creation Editor Windows 
6. Audio Manager for implementing Audio in your game 
7. No coding required 
8. Demo Scene for better understanding of the whole system 
9. Well-written documentation 
10. Well-organised and understandable code in case your programmer wants to make adjustments for your game 
11. Explosive objects and environment and grenade weapon type

and much more… 

Link to the project :

Link to the Unity Asset Store:

Support email: 

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Last updated 05/02/18
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