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Per Astra

Space Grand Strategy


This is a hobby project I am working on on weekends. I am bored with modern space strategy games which focuses on flashy lasers more than on a strategy itself, so I am trying to make something which can be considered a new take on Stars! or Space Empire games.

Currently, very basics of the combat system, planetary development and research are implemented, and I am working on putting planetary development more into shape.

Since this game is being worked on only weekends, it develops pretty slowly. I know it is currently looks like something a student would do, but basically I work on the project only for couple of workweeks so far. I also can not draw, so there are pretty much no artwork of any sort in the game.

I am trying to develop a game in a way it would be somewhat playable at every moment. I am well aware it is not a good way to develop; but I think this way I could get more early feedbacks and input from other people. This comes at a cost, naturally, as I will have to rework and refactor some parts of the game as they become outdated.

I am a part of a circle which used to make adventure games and visual novels, we've even released couple. Unfortunately, the circle has lost its artist, so we're grounded for the time being. I started this project since I was bored, but I am not going to abandon it until unless I'll make whatever I want this game to be.

The game uses a custom engine; but it was developed by our circle so I don't really think I can share the engine itself.

You can download the game from its patreon page for free (I do hope this site allows link to patreon!):

Any input on the game, in its current condition, and its future would be appretiated; and I will be thankful for any help, especially one with artwork.

The screenshot below shows combat screen from the certain point of development.



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Last updated 05/03/18
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