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Shapes TD

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Tower Defence game being made with THREE.js for the GameDev May & June Challenge.


The game is divided into two parts, Tower Placement & Wave Action
During Tower Placement you can place towers, walls and crystals.  Left click to add, Right click to remove.
During Wave Action you can Upgrade Towers by Left clicking on a selected tower, Choose tower target priority by Right clicking on the selected tower, and lastly, you can click the 'U' in the top right corner to activate any 'Free Upgrades' you may have.

The game should be intuitive to follow.  But a couple details I left out are the following:
- you can maximise your game window by pressing 'f'
- you're awarded points for walls and crystals you do not build
- you're awarded 'free upgrades' for each tower that you do not build, they can be used at any time during the game play.

Unfortunately the deadline has come and I have no more time to work on this project.  So For the Challenge there are a few bugs, to prevent those bugs from happening I recommend not using any of the hot keys 'w', 't', and 'c' unless you're very careful.  Basically I recommend never using them and if you're placing crystals, place your walls first then your crystals at the end.  If you use up all your walls or crystals or towers during placement you could invite bugs trying to reactivate the buttons with the hot keys.

Thanks for Playing



Posted (edited)


- Fixed cube cannon target priorities.  Now the cube cannon will look for primarily shapes with squares, if none available, then it will search for the remainder.
- Bosses now break 3 crystals
- Removing a Hellfire Hex will now remove the missiles from the scene
- Added another boss to stage 3.

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