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Greenpy Ball: Labyrinth Maze

A little green boy who wants to defeat all enemies!


I am a single developer who finished his first project. It took me a year and Greenpy is the result. 

Greenpy Ball: Labyrinth Maze is an arcade game where you need to reach the final portal by avoiding all traps and enemies and collecting the diamonds to be able to open other levels.


  • Power-ups: Stars save the position in the level when you push the star button. If any obstacle stops you, you do not need to go back to the start. Shields give you 4 seconds of immortality when you push the shield button. Enemies cannot hurt you.

  • Diamonds: You can find 3 diamonds in each maze level. However, if you finish the level up to the third attempt, the amount will double.

      • Joystick and accelerometer: You can control Greenpy Ball by joystick or tilting your device.

      • Original dynamic enemies and traps: two-sided axes, radial saws, spiky sticks, air conditioners, pipe smoke, trampolines and many others

      • No timed and timed levels: There are always seven levels where you collect diamonds as long as you want, followed by three more levels where the time to complete is counting.

      • Preview of levels: Most of the levels are larger than the device screen, so you can preview the level before you start playing.




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    April 29, 2018
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Last updated 05/11/18
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