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Stream - Circuit Puzzle

Connect, rotate, and experiment to discover an elegant solution for the puzzle!


Find a way to light up all the bulbs in a network, and experience the eureka moment yourself! 

Use your problem solving skills, and improve your reasoning by completing the challenging levels of "Stream - Circuit Puzzle". Focus and analyze carefully! The game consists of over 50 elegant levels with fascinating design and complicated circuits. That's not enough? Open the custom level platform, and design your own levels. Share them with us, and they may become available to many other players!

The Stream might be the most relaxing game you'll ever play. Don't miss this opportunity to clear your head after a long day of work, and enjoy the challenge. Relaxing time guaranteed!

Key features:
- 55 levels
- Outstanding mechanics
- Custom levels
- Relaxing music
- Charming design
- Enjoyable experience

Experience many unforgettable moments, and have an amazing time solving the "Stream". The game is perfect for all age groups. Play the circuit puzzle anytime and anywhere, even without the internet.





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    May 20, 2018
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Development Team


Last updated 05/23/18
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