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Fated Kingdom

Digital Board Game


Fated Kingdom is a digital board game for 4 people set in a dark fantasy that puts a player in the tabletop sandbox. To survive in a grim world and save the kingdom of Kinmar, party members have to throw dices, draw cards from the decks and move the character tokens on the board.

Game Features:

  • Classic tabletop experience in digital form;
  • 4 player co-op;
  • Sandbox with no forced rules;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Dark and cruel fantasy world.

Starting the development, we set ourselves the goal of reproducing to the players the pleasure spent at a real gaming table with a colorful board, decks of cards, dices and character tokens. To do this, we have realized all the main advantages of tabletop games, the most important of which we consider complete freedom of action. The party takes place in real time, and all the actions of its members are done by themselves.

Unlike many other digital board games, Fated Kingdom does not control the execution of rules on the software side. They are clearly spelled out in a rulebook that is available in the game menu. As in real life, players themselves must look for the implementation of the rules. If desired and mutual consent, the rules can be changed, reduced or supplemented. And, of course, you can cheat at the table. The main thing is that opponents do not notice this!

The Story

The game takes place in a gloomy medieval world with fantasy elements. The Kingdom of Kinmarr was filled with monsters, undead and looters. The folk leave the fields, which have not yielded a crop for a long time, and the whole royal army went to war and did not return. It seems that Fate itself wants the country to plunge into the abyss of chaos and despair.

To counter the numerous misfortunes and regain control of the country, the king calls for the help of his most faithful servants and creates 4 guilds: Feudal Pact, Arcane Commune, Pathfinders and Heirs of Kinmarr. Each guild receives full freedom of action and a clearly stipulated contract: destroy everything that harms the crown.

At the beginning of the game, 10 years have already passed, and during this time the guilds have not succeeded in their mission. The Kingdom shrank to the capital, several large cities and war-ravaged lands in their environs. There is no clear plot line in the game, but on the cards you can find brief notes on which to learn about the world and the creatures inhabiting it.







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    In Development
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    May 27, 2018
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Last updated 05/29/18
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