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X-Layer is a tactical Shoot´em up emphasizes in upgrading and controlling your dual mode ship




X-layer is a tactical Shoot´em up designed for mobile platforms


Immerse in a compelling story as the human race wages a full scale war for its own survival

Master 8 menacing and immersive stages with challenging missions to complete, more to come...

Equip and upgrade your dual mode ship, adjust it for each level.

Destroy dozens of different enemy ships and vehicles

Attack space, air and ground forces

Unlock advanced sectors in each game level, unlock harder difficulties.

Buy different ships with their own strengths and weaknesses, buy different equipment, upgrade them.






Amazing, how did you make the artwork ?

I am trying to make a similar game for PC.


How did you make the background and that super great spaceships ?

excellent!, a bit like one of my favourite games : layer section 2 / raystorm with the lockon.


I include your video for you :



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Would you like to help me with art for a PC game ?

I will show you my game sooner or later then you can decide if it is good enough to make a new game.

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Hi, Just saw your posts now:

1)The background is modular using the least triangles possible and relying on textures and normal maps for detail, then, they are brought to Unity, their textures are atlased for performance and I can use them like lego blocks.

2)For the game objects I innitially create detailed meshes and then I transfer their details to lo rez ones using Xnormal.

No, I don´t have any disable shake option, but I´ll consider it, thanks for the tip



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Last updated 07/19/18
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