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Massive multi-player space trading and combat simulation


Three main castes, originated from the Earth's collapse in 2088, travelling in giant spaceships commonly referred as 'Mainframes'. The first one, technology-oriented makes use of cutting-edge AI supercomputers, as well as a fleet of advanced ships in the ultimate objective of defeating every opponent before hibernating every surviving human while machines continue on their journey towards an habitable solar system. This one would be called the 'Dragon' caste and would be centered around the Dragon Mainframe. The second one designs nature-inspired vehicles and weapons in order to fight in a biological warfare environment with the help of DNA Plasma turrets and insect-like flyers. Their name is yet to be determined but their objective is to artificially improve the human race using tools nature has composed. The third one would use magic powers, but this is also yet subject to change. The three mainframes would travel alongside due to the fact that the technology controlling them is originated from ancient know-how, forgotten long ago. Players would be placed in one of the three castes and would not be able to modify the mainframes' trajectories, even though they would have the possibility to possess much smaller spaceships (with a crew of 1-12). Several defence systems would be implemented around the mainframes' deck, such as shields, drones, turrets and more... This would mean that an atmosphere could be implemented at the upper decks of the mainframes, allowing for a city to develop onto each and everyone of them. Shops would be present, for weapons, ships and more, and players could have the possibility to 'buy' appartments in the many skyscrapers that would compose the city. The goal here would be to provide an ultra-realistic environment in which players would interact as in the real world.


Concerning the development, I am currently the only one working on this... which will obviously not suffice. Developers, animators, developers, sound creators and most importantly 3D designers would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you're interested in this or if you have any suggestions concerning the game. Thanks in advance!


P.S : You can find some reference images below as well as prototype views






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Last updated 06/12/18
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