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3D Paint

Small program for texturing uvmapped 3D models.




3D Paint is originally a quick app (but now sprawling) that I wrote to try and make texturing models I make in Blender easier. Blender can do 3D painting, but the workflow is very slow and it is not designed for this. Instead I wanted a layered app like photoshop that would make it easy and quick to projection paint.

Although originally written on windows I am now only maintaining the linux 64 bit build unless there is interest.

  • 9-7-2018 - Linux Build 0.2.5
  • Has 2d editing window. Not yet in manual, so you will have to experiment, and there may be bugs!


30 minutes ago, Codetechninja said:

I like your think and this is a great idea. is your app done? i  want to try it

I will upload it here now project pages support this. However the 2d painting isn't ready for release yet, and the most recent is linux build. Are you using windows or linux? If there is interest I will try and do some windows builds. :)

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6 hours ago, Codetechninja said:

i am using windows

I have uploaded the most recent releases I did for windows and linux. The windows build is however from nearly a year ago with a lot of stuff missing, I will try and make a win32 build next release.

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Last updated 07/04/18
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