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Tech X

2d metroidvania



In a desperate attempt to defend a space station a small fighter rams an enemy cruiser.

Collision with a working hyperdrive engine throws the fighter into an unknown region of space.

Luckily there is a star nearby, and that star has a planet in it's habitable zone.

You play as a pilot of that fighter, who managed to successfully crash-land onto that planet. You have to repair your high-tech suite, find a source of power for remaining mechanisms of the ship, explore surrounding area and find out, was it really a luck, that you ended up on this planet?



-Collision of magic and technology. Si-Fi ship landed on fantasy world, so there shall be fireballs vs rockets, robots vs golems, jet planes vs dragon and so on.

-Rich story: lore, that explains existence of magic, a bunch of interesting characters, branching story and 3 different endings.

-Pacifist mode.


At least in my dreams.


Latest video:

Announcement video:






This is the result of a year of development. The thing is, I started to learn programming just a year ago. But I am a nerd with a passion for games and I can learn.

I showed this project of mine only at certain anonymous imageboard. But lately I received some positive feedback and mustered courage to post it at reddit and here.

I would appreciate any comment or advice. How to change pallet? How to fix main character animation? How to create better weapons? How to correct grammar and spelling? (I will hire a translator sooner or later, but not atm. Hope that you still can understand my writings, can you?)

The game is in very early development state, so I can and will change it according to feedback. But I need that feedback. Hope I can find it here.



Hello everyone, long time no see.

Today I am ready to show you a little gameplay video. Player chases wolfbits in the undergound area, trying to get his powercore back.


I learned a lot about triggers and triggered events while making this part of game.

It does not look very complicated from the side, but it is. I left some freedom of will to the player, so he can kill wolfbit,knock him out and make him run away or just quickly steal powercore from his teeth.

And in every situation nothing will fall apart and wolfbits, controlled by triggers will not lost their minds.

A little reminder - main character animation will be redrawn when first level will be complete. So I am not concentraiting on it right now. You will see placeholders.

Here we go.


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Here we go, saturdays upadate!
Meet undeground dwellers - molepeople (you can name their tribe, if you have good idea for a name)

In this video:
new map system
new rooms new tile set and sprites

Some parts of rooms are still under constraction. Player character will be completely redrawn. Map menu is under construction. Water will be improved a bit. Music used - iji - kinda green.

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