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Third Encounter Of A Kind

3 Zarins are coming to earth to discover if the "Tall One" (human) actually exist. An unfortunate event will put the heroes at risk of never coming back to their planet. Get ready to explore the entire earth and to battle through your journey in this thir

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The game is a third person "classic-action" shooter. After crashing into this bizarre planet of ours, our 3 heroes will investigate our all from all around the world in a desperate search for a way to go back and report the existence of tall and colored creature (humans). This game is a unforgiving and tough adventure that will test your hand eye coordination as you travel in multiple location that evolve based on your action and decision. Free to explore the earth as you wish, this colorful adventure based on a comic book series will blow your mind and remind you the good old time of gaming. It's a shooter that require quick decision making and fast reaction. Strategy and speed is the key in this 3D adventure. The game is in early stage of development.



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Last updated 02/08/19
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