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Ramen Shop Clicker Game

A simple relaxing clicker game to pass the time! Upgrades to unlock, snacks to discover, and more~


Hi there! Just released my simple clicker game for android and would love if you gave it a try. Features simple tap mechanics, autoclickers, lots of gorgeous ramen/dimsum/treats artwork and items to unlock, and a whole shop of customization options to redeem! Wanted to make a cute and simple game, so hopefully its a relaxing way to pass the time. Would love any feedback if you give it a try!



Open up your very own ramen shop and destress with this relaxing idle clicker game! 
Ramen Shop Clicker Game features an easy-to-play tap to progress mechanic, fun autoclicker snacks to unlock and discover, areas to explore, coins to collect - and a whole lot of tapping clicker fun! Relaxing music, beautiful graphics, and everything you need to enjoy owning your very own ramen shop.


  •  Tap to Earn: simple tapping click mechanic is easy to master and fun to pass the time
  •  Upgrade Clicker: incremental design that allows leveling up your ramen abilities more powerful clicks as you progress.
  •  Collect Autoclicker Snacks: everything from bubble teas, sweet cakes and dim sum treats await your discovery! Collect your favorite steamed bao or soup dumplings as you build your collection. Then take a break from ramen clicker madness and let your auto-click menu items do the work for you.
  •  Explore the Village: Spin the wheel for bonuses or go shopping for new items 
  •  Customize your shop: Redeem your coins to collect fun decor items, stunning backgrounds, decor and accessories, cute pets and more to bring your shop to life and make it your very own personalized clicker.
  •  Relaxing Experience: gorgeous graphics and lighthearted music make playing a lovely relaxing experience that can be picked up on the go for a short break, or to pass the time for hours on end at home.
  •  Offline Clicker Progress: Never fear, your shop continues making idle progress while you're busy munching on delicious treats and snacks in the real world. So go ahead and eat some tasty ramen while your shop bustles on by itself. Just remember to come back to collect your coin earnings from all the dim sum sold while you were away!

Ramen Shop: Clicker Collectible incremental game - With relaxing aesthetics, cute graphics, and simple mechanics, why not open your very own shop today!


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    August 6, 2018
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Last updated 08/06/18
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