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Prototype of a physics-driven space sandbox game




Prototype of a physics-driven space sandbox game. Create stars and planets, watch them interact, beware of alien wars and use the gravity.

What and why

I created this project long time ago, hackathon style, without any engines, architecture or a plan for a gameplay. It was fun to make such thing with only simple shapes, Canvas class and a couple of random formulas.

How to play

  • press to create a celestial body
  • longpress to create a larger body
  • move when longpressing to add initial velocity
  • pinch to zoom
  • two-finger drag to pan the universe
  • tilt your phone to change the gravity

The universe

  • each body has a name displayed when zoomed in
  • there are special bodies to discover
  • bodies pull other bodies
  • bodies vanish outside the universe
  • large bodies explode
  • large explosions create black holes
  • black holes suck other things inside and grow
  • bodies spawn aliens
  • aliens shoot enemy aliens
  • bodies explode when hit by a laser


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Last updated 08/09/18
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