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A reversed platformer

A platformer where you build the path


Hello, I am a fresh student in the 1st year of university and I wish to develop a game. The genre of the game will be a 2D platformer where the player has to build the path in order for him to reach the destination though each level, the movements of the player character will be limited to a specific speed and a specific direction(these can be changed via in game objects) The array of objects the player can build will vary depending on the level having a limited amount of each of the specified objects per level and the objects in question will have different properties such as boosting the player's speed, launching him into the air, reversing his direction in which he moves, and so on. The levels will also contain predefined obstacles and objects placed so the player has to find a way around them or use them to get to the goal.
The project is still in his early days of development so i still don't have a clear idea of the details of the game, but the general thematic will be the one presented above.


Are you familiar with the game Lemmings? There are similar concepts with that game that may be of use in development of your game.

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Yes, i actually played lemming a long time ago and I will be honest, the idea is similar and somewhat inspired, I will have to check out some gameplay of it now that you bought it up after i finish the base of the game

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Last updated 08/10/18
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