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Tokyo Light Cycle

An arcade racing experience



It looked like an easy score, but turned out to belong to people who don't like being stolen from. Now your sister has a gun to her head and they hand you a package and tell you to deliver it in less than an hour or she dies. Your only option is to speed across the city in the dead of night to make the rendezvous in time. Ride as fast as you dare across the unforgiving landscape of Tokyo, from wide sweeping highways to deadly narrow alleys, discovering risky shortcuts and surreal alternate paths.   


Tokyo Light Cycle is an arcade racing game. Steer left or right and the bike will bank in a (fairly) realistic way, but tap the brake while steering and your bike will drift around corners like it's sliding on ice. Drifting and pulling wheelies build energy which once full can be released to boost to a new, faster top speed and you can do this over and over again.

The world is full of shortcuts and alternate paths, many of which require you to be going fast enough to break through barriers, jump gaps or squeeze through tight spaces.

It's all about balancing speed and survival: Every collision robs you of your top speed and you and your bike are pretty fragile. You can only only take a few hits before you're done.


I'm trying to create a game that's about riding that ultra fine line between zen-like control and complete disaster. A game that encourages you to go as fast as you can while punishing you for every mistake. I'm also interested in the idea of creating a racing game that tells a story, both through it's environment and dialogue, about the main character and her relationship to those who have her sister hostage.

The aim is to create a mesmerizing soundtrack that drives the player forward and is its own reason to play, blending traditional Japanese drums and modern electronic beats.

About me

I'm a solo developer and Tokyo Light Cycle is my first game, though I have a background in web development and software/UI design. I'd love to work on TLC every waking hour but unfortunately (or fortunately?) I have a full time job so progress is sometimes slow.

Status (January 2019)

At the moment I have a working prototype with basic visuals and the core game play in place (you can see some footage below). I expect to release this as a playable demo in the first few months of 2019. 

If you like the sound of the game and are looking for a project, do DM me. 

A word on audio:

I created a video to explain the audio goals of TLC to help any composers interested in collaborating.



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Last updated 02/14/19
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