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Human Extinction

Zombies not your biggest enemy..


They named it as "rabies" at very start... Not much time spend, everyone understood that it was'nt rabies, at least not "simple" rabies. after a week, they gave it a name that "B47z". B47z spread very fast and destroyed civilization of the world. %99 of human population had gone. Production had stopped, earth dried, no fuel was remained, everything was depleting very fast at the beginning, currently very slowly. Survivors search for food, shelter, ammo and medicine, they live edge of knife. Theres no known survivor community and safe place. How much you can survive at this doomsday?



Human Extinction is one man project, open world Zombie/Survival game.

Player must search for food, ammunition, medicine and more.

Player can caught illnesses, B47z infection and can have other negative situations.

Player can build base, upgrade base and stockpile items.

Player can ride vehicles. (non fuel vehicles)

All buildings accessible, you will find items inside the buildings, cars, containers.

Random missions, airdrops, zombie hordes and much more.

NOTE; This game currently in development. Many features will be coming, keep on following.


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Last updated 09/05/18
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