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The Last Runner

Use your parkour knowledge and run like a thunder in Cat Town!


Ray, our hero, is an experienced runner with parkour knowledges.  He was born in Cat Town 18 years ago, but today that town is not the same.  Now it's an abandoned place, dangerous, with radiactive waters and infected cats...

But Ray is a great runner and adventurer (a bit opportunist), he knows about Cat Town's treasures, there's a lot of coins and hidden treasures and he's ready to collect it all!

Run like a flash and get as many coins as you can, play the story mode to train yourself and try to beat your best score in the endless game mode.  Compete against other runners in the hi-score leaderboard and improve your reflexes in this one touch pixel art runner game.  

Good luck and enjoy!

•    Story mode with meticulous level design.
•    Challenging endless mode with +60 combinable screens. 
•    Secret areas with a lot of coins!
•    Different paths to complete most of the areas, risk & reward.
•    Original soundtrack with great action music.
•    Modern pixel art style.
•    One touch gameplay.
•    Hi-Scores leaderboard.





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    August 31, 2018
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Last updated 09/06/18
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