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Object Oriented, Cross Platform 2D Game Development Framework in C++




Why another 2D API?

NAS2D isn't just another 2D renderer. It's a complete set of tools, functions and classes that let you jump into building a game right away.

NAS2D started its life as the core code for The Legend of Mazzeroth (another project, currently unreleased and under minimal development). We had looked at, considered and ruled out several other frameworks. Either they were too low-level, were in a language that we didn't want to use or were lacking in features we really needed.

So we set about developing LoM using a few low-level libraries. After awhile, we realized that the core code, once written, didn't change too much and that others could find it useful. And thus, NAS2D was born.

Current Development

Development is somewhat slow on NAS2D as it works as it is now for the projects that use it. There are some features to be rounded out, some bug fixes needed and some usability issues to address but it's very usable in its current form and is deployed in at least one high profile project.


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    May 15, 2017
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Development Team

Last updated 09/08/18
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