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A tale of runes

An adventure game in a low-poly style with a heavy focus on tje story


Welcome developers and players!

With this post I would like to announce our Kickstarter start for our game "A tale of runes", an adventure game in a low poly style and a heavy focus on the story.

Our Kickstarter started some days ago and we would love to see you support our project or at least share it on tiwtter or facebook :)


In this thread we will list just the basics of the game, if you want to know more just visit our Kickstarter-page, where everything is explained in depth.

Story and world:
- enjoy a 8+ hours story in lenght (even longer if we reach specific strech goals ;D )
- dive into a fantasy, medieval world with a slight nordic ambiente
- meet many different characters, from mysterious hags to powerful spirits (and maybe even gods?)
- explore a detailed world with a many puzzles to solve, places to discover and runes to craft (not a "true" open world, but still alot to explore!)
- learn about the world and be part of the conflict between humans, cultists and the mighty gods themselve

- Classic combat with attacks, blocking and dodging
- Finding runes and combining them into powerful runestones with mighty spells and ability boosts
- Equip yourself with many different weapons, potions and ancient artifacts
- A lot of side-quests with many different outcomes


Combining runes is the key component of our game. While you are exploring the land, you will find a lot of standing stones which hold the story of the world, the gods and the people. After solving some puzzles and defeating enemys you can use these runes to craft special runesets, which provide you with even more power. You will be able to burn your enemys with mighty firestorms, freeze rivers to get across and summon crows flying from the sky to hack your enemys into pieces.

If you want to learn more about how runes work just look at our Kickstarter ;D.
In our screenshot list we have an example of the runeset-combinations and the possible materials.

Well, we hope that you will support our project and help us to make this game come true.

Yours Sincerly:



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Last updated 09/15/18
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