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Load up the game and simulate turns in this Knickerbocker style game. (This is strictly a Simulation game)

Press (S) or HOLD (S) for faster simulations.

3 Strikes and you're out. 3 Outs and you switch. 4 Balls and you walk to first base. Fouls count as outs, and fouls happen if the ball lands outside of the field or past the 1st or 3rd base markers, as well as behind the foul lines on home plate. Score 21 points to win, but equal hands must be played. (Example: If you score 21 points in the first half, you must wait until the 2nd half is over to win)

NOTE:  As I only had a few days to work on the project itself, there are over 150 simulation possiblities, however I didn't have enough time to tweak the percentages so games are going to be fairly high in inning counts.

Requirements: Windows OS / OpenAL (.dll included)

Game should be played at 1920x1080, but window will scale.


This game is an entry for the Summer Baseball Challenge:

Final Notes:

I forgot to update a few things. If the simulation ends but you've scored after 3 outs, that run is actually not included. Example: Batter ran to first and got out before the 3rd base runner hits home plate. In the sim log it will show Out, then Run Scored, but the game itself doesn't recognize scored runs after 3 outs, I just didn't have time to filter the chat log from showing it as the sim does the entire scenario regardless.

I also forgot on the win screen to just show winning without running a sim first. It only does this if the Player is going to win as it waits for the full inning to finish and checks the win condition after the sim not before in this game. Just a little mix up, but the sim itself doesn't effect the final win condition. I was rushing to get the entry in on time so I just left these things...  


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    September 15, 2018
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Last updated 09/16/18
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