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Unsettled World

A multi-player gaming environment that stitches together multiple simulations dynamically.


Overall Progress(to alpha/beta trials) Estimate: ~25%  Eta for public alpha/beta trails: Spring/Summer 2019

Is it a Game?  Yes, and more.  I'm building a system of simulations that will create game-play in a dynamic environment that is stitched together by the client based on its capabilities and access.  The ultimate effect will be a 3D Open world survival/crafting/strategy, etc++, type of game... ;)

System Design end goal(in picture form):



Technical Info:


Client built in Unity & C#.  Planet(Player Construct Scaffold) is a sculpted 3d spheroid(Blender), with an overlaid procedural landscape.  The planet has a radius of roughly 30kilometers, making the pole to pole diameter approximately 60kilometers. 

To finish the math, that makes the game-able surface area(of the ideal sphere it started out as):

4 · π · 300002  = 1.13097×1010  = 11309700000 Square Meters = 11309.7 Square Kilometers =  2794687.73 Acres = 4366.69 Square Miles  =  Uh, kinda big...

Game Design end goal:

A 100% Free to play, Player Generated Content driven, MMO 3d Gaming Environment. 

Sustained by a free market, based on a fixed economy of reusable resources that roughly mimics a natural material system.

(Elements + energy/time/process  =  Compounds + energy/time/process  =  Useful Items  + energy/time/process  =  Elements or Compounds for reuse)

Synopsis/Intro story:

Reworking currently.  (Future, junked Intelligent robots trapped on a garbage moon, survive, gather resources, gather other robot warriors, craft your freedom!).. ;)


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