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About Cold Fusion, Inc.


At Cold Fusion, we're a small independent game development studio with a mission to create original, fun, and artistic games for a variety of platforms. With a long history of involvement in both the game development industry and the demoscene, we've taken the leap to focus on creating the games that we want to build.


Early History

Cold Fusion was founded on December 26, 2012 in Okinawa, Japan, and started out with development on various contracted realtime 3D rendering and VR game projects. We decided shortly afterwards that Northern Japan was a bit more to our liking, and relocated our studio to Sapporo, Japan on October 3, 2013.

Fast Forward a Bit...

Building upon our past experience with games and 3D engine development, we went fully independent in April 2016 and began creating a new in-house cross-platform engine from the ground up in native C++14. Three months before Tokyo Game Show 2017, we decided we wanted to exhibit something there. Along with our new engine tech and automated build pipeline, we built Crystal Clash in those three months and released the first version to the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store on September 20, 2017.

And Today!

With the successful launch of Crystal Clash, the response has been great, and we've continued to build upon it and add features with a new updated release every two to three weeks. Additionally we are involved in local community events, and have given talks about our engine technology and use cases on the Amazon Web Services platform, and at Agile Development seminars. With our roots in the demoscene, we also sponsor and assist in organizing Tokyo Demo Fest since 2012.


Cold Fusion, Inc.

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