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Monthly Article Contest

Write an article for our community members and automatically enter our monthly article competition.

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We are holding our first article competition for April of 2013 and we want you to join in! The contest is open to all members who contribute an article during the month of the competition. At the end of the month our site staff will select up to 10 finalist articles and put them up for a vote by the community at large. The member receiving the most votes for their article will receive a prize of their choice from our monthly prize pool.

Winners will receive a GDNet+ subscription for a year, $50 Amazon.com Gift Certificate, a special badge placed on the article itself denoting it as a competition winner, a profile badge that will show that they are a competition winner, and a choice of one prize from our prize pool (more prizes to come!).

Monthly Theme

Starting in May 2013 we will have a monthly theme for the article contest. This contest will be a second special competition between articles that match the theme. Upcoming themes will be announced soon..

The theme for the month of May is: Remake the Classics

Remake either all or some element of an old video game. You can either stay true to the classic or present a new modern take on the look or even the game mechanics (add reverse time capabilities to a Mario Brothers like game and explain how you did it). You don't need to make a full video game here for the article but do need to write up a little article that puts a magnifying glass on at least part of what you did.

Example of new twist on a platformer game: Reverse time effect from Braid

More examples:
  • 2d Maze Navigation
  • Pacman Enemy AI
  • Building a side scroller shooter
  • Building a platformer
  • How to do Parallax Scrolling (show both camera-based parallax as well as using shifting offsets for various layers)
  • How to make game like xyz (where xyz is pong, snakes, asteroids, qbert, mario brothers, etc etc)
  • Particle Engines
  • How to create pixel art
  • 2D Collision detection
  • Building an Animated Starfield (Including Stars, Nebulas, Planets)
  • Tile-based Collision Detection
  • Various graphics effects explained (perhaps with shader code included on some platform) e.g. Glow, Bloom, Depth of Field, Old Film effect

Prize Sponsors

We need to thank the following sponsors who have graciously donated either money, physical prizes or fully licensed products for our prize pool. We recommend that you check out their websites and products and return the favor. If you are a potential sponsor interested in donating a prize in exchange for listing here, please contact support@gamedev.net with an idea of what you would like to offer as a prize for our members.

Spine: 2D Skeletal Animation for Games

Spine replaces traditional raster animation in games, providing smoother animations that are easier to produce. Animations can be created without needing more art and are so tiny that games can make extensive use of them.

Bring your games to life today!

Your Product Name Here

Interested in being a prize sponsor? Please contact support@gamedev.net with an idea of what you would like to offer as a prize for our members.

Who is Eligible?

This competition is open to all members including moderators and staff members. Articles must be posted between the first and last day of the month and will be counted towards that month's competition. For this first competition ALL articles posted during the month of March will be eligible for the April competition.

How to Enter

Check out our article on How to Publish on GameDev.net for information on how to get started. Note that our contest is only open to those whose local laws allow participation. Our judging decisions are final and we reserve the right to substitute prizes at any time. For physical items Gamedev.net will pay delivery costs up to $25. Excess shipping charges will be the responsibility of the winner. Prize substitutions may be made as an alternative arrangement. In locations where taxes and/or duty charges are imposed on shipped items, it will also be the reponsibility of the winner to pay such charges.


To be announced!