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Math for Game Developers: Triangle Meshes

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Math for Game Developers is exactly what it sounds like - a weekly instructional YouTube series wherein I show you how to use math to make your games. Every Thursday we'll learn how to implement one game design, starting from the underlying mathematical concept and ending with its C++ implementation. The videos will teach you everything you need to know, all you need is a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry. If you want to follow along with the code sections, it will help to know a bit of programming already, but it's not necessary. You can download the source code that I'm using from GitHub, from the description of each video. If you have questions about the topics covered or requests for future topics, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment, or ask me on my Twitter, @VinoBS

The video below contains the playlist for all the videos in this series, which can be accessed via the playlist icon in the bottom-right corner of the embedded video frame once the video is playing. The first video in the series is loaded automatically

Triangle Meshes


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Feb 07 2014 02:39 PM
Always nice to see the easyness (positive) how you explain it. Even if you've gotten more experienced it's good to freshen up.
Feb 07 2014 08:23 PM

This should serve up beginners thinking that math is intimidating. I think some math TEACHERS and METHODS are intimidating.

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