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GDC 2013: Interview with Jakob Schmid

By design3 | Published Aug 15 2013 05:15 AM in Interviews
Peer Reviewed by (Gaiiden, ivan.spasov, jjd)

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Don't be a square! Learn to make video games right now! What's our angle? A triangle! Design3 had a pow-wow with Jakob Schmid, audio designer of the hit-game, 140. He told us all about his game, the tools used to develop it, tips for budding game makers to get the ball rolling, and more.

140 Homepage

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Jun 19 2013 02:42 AM

Many DOTA2 players list among top 100 highest earnings
Published: Jun 18. 2013 From: Cara


Nowadays, with the eSport becoming increasingly popular, the eSport players’ personal incomes have been increased in different degrees. DOTA2 is an emerging eSport event. Most of DOTA2 players are good-looking and have a high income. Among them, Dendi from Na’Vi is the highest paid. Let’s take a look at the list of the top 100 highest overall earnings.

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the ranking here: http://dota2.gameguyz.com/news/miscellaneous/many-dota2-players-list-among-top-100-highest-earnings.html

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