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Game Pitch - Bioshock

By Irrational Games | Published Jul 18 2011 10:00 PM in Game Design

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Welcome to Game Pitches! This site serves to be a free resource to game designers offering them the web’s largest single collection of game design documents and game pitches. Be they famous or obscure, big or small, successful or not, this site is intended to be a resource for learning how better to design and pitch games in the spirit of sharing information and improving the state of the art through freely available knowledge. Let’s make great games!"

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Here is yet another really cool online resource we're happy to feature by reposting one of their more popular design pitch documents here on GameDev.net for everyone to check out. There's plenty more over on GamePitches.com and new ones are being added constantly. It used to be that design documents were the popular thing to post online for budding developers to read through and see how a professional game was organized on paper, but once you get the hang of that how to you seek out financing from a publisher to produce your game? Now you can see how well-known studios have convinced people to give them money to make their now well-known games. Learn by example with this great resource!

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Irrational Games - Bioshock Pitch Document


"Make you own Weapons" - I don't remember that part. Would be interesting to know why some ideas are scrapped exactly.

I mean, I can understand - I'm happy with guns I pick up, crafting weapons sound more like work than fun - but I don't know.

Well it was possible to upgrade weapons... Maybe they initially wanted to let the player construct the weapons from scratch? That would be a little far fetched, i think...
Nice pitch, though. Very well written introduction...
The story itself, about being a deprogrammer and rescue an heiress sounds closer to what they are using in Bioshock: Inifinte.
Funny, the main character Carlos Cuello was the technical lead when I was working on the PS3 version.
I notice there're a few pie-in-the-sky features in this pitch that never made it into the final game. I'm interested to know, did they have a proof-of-concept prototype to go with this pitch, or were they able to get initial funding purely off their reputation and this document?
This is a great service to current and future game developers everywhere! I really enjoyed reading through this!
Hinch, I doubt there's ever been a game pitch that didn't promise the moon. Sometimes it's hyperbole, sometimes it's ideas that don't work with how the game evolves, sometimes it's just lying to get into a funder's pockets. In any case, you'd have to ask Ken Levine that question.
I love of idea of controlling the game world. If that made it into the full game that would of been awesome. Still bioshock was and still is an outstanding game.
I feel like the weapon customization they've promised was perhaps too close to the Deus Ex franchise. Maybe it did not stand out enough to make it into production. Still, I'm curious how far along they went with that idea... alpha? beta? who knows...

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