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You Aren’t a Rock Star, You’re a Garage Band

Sep 19 2015 08:24 AM | JimmothySanchez in GameDev.net Soapbox

A list of things that I learned as a musician that can also help indies market themselves better

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Why Games Don't Have to be Good Anymore

Jun 16 2015 11:35 PM | kevinharwood in GameDev.net Soapbox

The video game industry is entering market maturity and with that comes a string of quality issues. Here's a quick look at what I mean.

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Are You Letting Others In?

Feb 07 2015 08:19 AM | nsmadsen in GameDev.net Soapbox

Are you missing out on a better quality of work by refusing to collaborate with others more often?

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Why Leadwerks? (An Opinionated Reflection on Two Game Engines)

Feb 18 2014 07:21 PM | tim_shea in GameDev.net Soapbox

The Wings project will provide a set of tools for game developers to build smarter, more entertaining agents. This article delves into some of the experiences of the developers: a team of undergraduate computer science majors at CSU Sacramento.

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Indie Device Anxiety Syndrome (IDAS)

Jan 30 2014 07:51 AM | Micah Koleoso in GameDev.net Soapbox

Indie Device Anxiety Syndrome - The fear coming with too many platform and software choices when developing games as a tiny Indie.

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Why a Degree in Game Design Is a Bad Idea

Jan 08 2014 02:37 AM | dredley in GameDev.net Soapbox

With the sheer number of new degree programs relating itself to the booming video games industry, many students may not think beyond the title of the degree. Being a part of a company that creates the most amazing video games is within easier reach after obtaining that diploma. However, they fail to realize that this path isn’t the only way towards the goal.

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The Most Effective Playtester: The Griefer!

Sep 03 2013 03:38 PM | Meatsack in GameDev.net Soapbox

Have you ever had someone who just intentionally ruins an online game experience for everyone by exploiting the rules? For developers and admins, it can cause a ton of extra work to corral The Griefer and patch the holes in your game. But in dealing with The Griefer, the game is improved as a whole.

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Games as Art and Why You Shouldn't Care

Aug 19 2013 11:16 AM | gdarchive in GameDev.net Soapbox

This article takes a look at the question of whether or not games are art from a different angle.

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“I Don’t Know How” Is Not a Valid Excuse

Jul 15 2013 09:48 PM | gdarchive in GameDev.net Soapbox

Personal development author Steve Pavlina talks about how you should step up when it comes to learning a new skill - important in a field like game development where you learn a lot on your own

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Why You Shouldn't Be Making an MMO

Jun 05 2013 07:45 PM | ApochPiQ in GameDev.net Soapbox

Get some unsolicited advice from a guy working on a real-life MMORPG.

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What You Are Worth to a Development Team

Apr 24 2013 04:44 PM | Dan Mayor in GameDev.net Soapbox

This article discuses some opinionated findings related to the worth or values of game development team members.

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Why I'll Never Work on First-Person Shooters Again

Apr 18 2013 09:04 AM | agentcox in GameDev.net Soapbox

Having been in the games business for a decade, and having worked on six shooter titles, I'm sure of one thing: we can do better.

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