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How To Make Games For The Absolute Beginner

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Introduction to the process of designing, prototyping, testing and publishing a game for the absolute beginner

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In this article I’m going to be talking about the process behind actually making, testing and publishing a game. It’s aimed at the absolute beginner but there should be something of interest here for the intermediate level reader as well. I’m going to be concentrating on making game with Adobe Flash, but the general techniques are applicable to any platform.

About the Author(s)

A games industry veteran of ten years, seven of which spent at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Paul has had key technical roles on triple-A titles like the Bafta Award Winning Little Big Planet (PSP), 24: The Game (PS2), special effects work on Heavenly Sword (PS3), some in-show graphics on the BBC’s version of Robot Wars, the TV show, as well as a few more obscure projects. Now joint CEO of Wildbunny, he is able to give himself hiccups simply by coughing.


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