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New Incentives and a Whole New Platform From The Intel AppUp developer program

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The final installment in this series on Intel's AppUp program details additional incentives and opportunities for developers.

4: Adsense

This is a sponsored post paid for by Intel

Whether you've enrolled in the <a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-0?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-0?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]Intel AppUp Developer Program</a> to get your apps in the Intel <a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-1?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-1?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]AppUp Center</a>, Intel's app store for mobile devices, or have yet to do so, we have some great news for you.

<h1>Now Accepting MeeGo Apps for Netbooks and Tablets</h1>
Delivering superior experiences for multiple form factors and multiple screen sizes represents a great opportunity for developers. MeeGo brings the ability to easily and rapidly create a variety of these experiences across many computing device types.

The Intel AppUp developer program now provides resources and tools they need to create, distribute, and sell applications for MeeGo tablets and netbooks. That means everything from validation to eventual distribution through the Intel AppUp center for MeeGo.

Throughout 2011, the developer program will be hosting application labs to provide hands-on training for MeeGo worldwide. In addition, we are also giving away MeeGo-based devices as software development platforms for early adopters to jumpstart development. <a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-2?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-2?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]Visit our app labs homepage to learn more</a>.

<h1>Incentives for Developers</h1>
<h2>Submit Early for MeeGo</h2>
<a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-3?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-3?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]Be an early adopter and get rewarded</a>! If your app is among the first 100 to be validated, you will receive US $500. The 10 best apps of the first 100 stand to receive an additional US $1,000. That's on top of being among the first apps to be offered to customers once the AppUp Center begins offering MeeGo apps. Participants have until 3:00 PM PDT, April 29, 2011 be eligible to take part in these promotions.

<h2>The Intel AppUp developer challenge and Accelerator Program</h2>
<a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-4?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-4?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]The AppUp Developer Challenge</a> awarded many lucky winners with cash prizes and more for submitting their best-in-category apps in 2010, and in 2011 Intel is upping the stakes with over US $250,000 in prizes for qualifying apps.

Another program launched in 2010, Accelerator, is also back. Accelerator is designed to help developers overcome barriers for creating apps for AppUp by providing financial support ranging from US $10,000-25,000. <a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-5?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-5?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]Learn all about it here</a>.

<h1>Much More to Come</h1>
The year has just begun. To get the latest news from the developer program, <a href="http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/ck/12124-121349-26654-0?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]">[imgtrack]http://altfarm.mediaplex.com/ad/tr/12124-121349-26654-0?mpt=[CACHEBUSTER][/imgtrack]enroll today</a>.


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