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Learning Android Development with Unity

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A series of video tutorials on how to use Unity to develop for the Android mobile device

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Introducing design3

Hey there! We’re design3, a game development portal that streams award-winning HD training videos to studios, 3D artists and indie developers. Our Training Center offers over 1,000 videos that cover a variety of 3D tools, game engines, and middleware, all intended to help you master the tools and techniques to make games. We’re thrilled to feature our exclusive Android Development with Unity series here on GameDev.net --- we hope you enjoy.

Casey Noland
Chief Executive Officer, design3

I'm very happy to feature our first-ever embedded media article in association with design3 and let our community have a look at what kind of content they are working on. Having met and chatted with design3 at a recent conference and learning more myself about what they are all about, I'm looking forward to crafting a deeper relationship between them and GDNet that will benefit members of both sites and work towards our common goal - helping people learn how to make games.

Drew Sikora
Executive Producer, GameDev.net

Android Development with Unity

If you’re interested in learning how to make games for Android devices, our first piece of advice is to utilize the Unity engine. Unity is an ideal platform for Android development because it is flexible, easy to learn, and it supports multiple scripting languages (JavaScript and C#). In the following design3 video tutorial series, a Unity engineer will walk you through the process of Android development. Lastly, we’ll show you where you can learn how to make your own mobile games.

Chapter 1 - Introduction & Setup

Learn how to set up your developer account, the Android SDK, and your mobile device for development builds. The necessary support files are included.


Chapter 2 - Troubleshooting

Utilize useful resources for troubleshooting problems and issues specific to Android development.


Chapter 3 - Submitting To App Market

Learn how to prepare and submit your games to the Android App Market.


Additional Mobile Game Development

Not very taken with the Android platform? design3 also has tutorials on other mobile game development. Mobile Skater, a fun Unity mobile game that has been downloaded for free in the App Store over 10,000 times, is the focus of its own series where you’ll learn how to script accelerometer and multi-touch input with Javascript. You’ll also use raycasting, animations, and mobile input classes to implement movement, tricks, and functionality. Downloadable project files are included to give you the assets and code to make this cool mobile game.

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We hope you enjoyed the video tutorials on Android Development with Unity, as well as a glimpse of other mobile development options available. As Unity’s Authorized Training Partner, we have an expansive Unity training library. In addition we have expert training for UDK, Source, Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Photoshop, Mixamo and AllegorithmicSubstance, with more tutorials being added frequently. To view the full Training Center, click here.

With hundreds of hours of video tutorials accessible for only a $20/month subscription, design3 is ideal for both industry veterans keeping up with new tools and trends, andaspiring developers searching for professional training, expert advice and career tips.Follow@design_3 instant updates.

More Information
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This is an affiliate program banner - registering for design3 will also help benefit GameDev.net!


Jun 03 2011 07:00 AM
Note that these videos are pretty high-resolution, so press the "full screen" button to make the text more readable.

Quality is terrific. Looking forward to more of 'em.
Jun 07 2011 09:48 PM
Unity is very cool game development tool, but if you want to export your game for Android devices, you need to pay 1500$ for Unity Pro + 1500$ for Android exporter.

So first, start with Unity Indie (Free version of unity), then when your game is COMPLETELY finished, you can try at your own risk to pay the 3000$ to export your game for Android and sell it on Android Market.
You maybe also want to make some modification on your game reduce the (graphics quality) or (add touch events) to make it work smoothly on Android devices.
Jun 14 2011 08:50 AM
Last I checked (and paid) it was $400 for the standard licence version of android unity. Have been able to export to my phone no problem. Maybe the catch will be when I try to publish, but I haven't seen anything saying I can't publish using the standard licence. Obviously Pro licence gives you a lot more, but standard should be enough to get a game out and test the water.

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