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Safety Tips to Follow at Home
Apr 25 2017  

Being safe is a top priority, especially in this day and age where there is a lot of danger lurking around! There are a number of different ways in which you can go about making the ho...

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Bringing World War and Communist Propaganda Back to Life
Apr 18 2017  How the forgotten propaganda of the two World Wars and the Russian Communist revolution inspires the art for my games.

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How to Make an iMessage Game (and why)
Apr 19 2017  What’s the deal with iMessage games? With iOS 10, developers are now creating games that are directly integrated with iMessage. This seamless, inherently social play style is viral by nature with built-in engagement and retention mechanics.

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[Game] [Free] Get ready to defend your ship using Guns and Magic
Apr 16 2016  Get ready to defend your ship using Guns and Magic

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Mr Nothings
Apr 26 2016  Sean T. Barrett AKA the infamous stb guy, was someone I first found out about nearly 5 years ago. I was doing a search for other ansi c programmers out there at the time and was looking at Ryan C. Gordon's database of interesting C projects over at icculus.org. It was on icculus that I found an enigmatic reference to something called the nothings.

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How To Publish on GameDev.net
Feb 17 2017  Learn the process and guidelines to becoming a published author and valued contributor here on GameDev.net

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5 Must-Ask Questions to Start A Successful Indie Project
Jan 06 2016  How to build effective relationships inside the game development team? In this article we'll analyze the features of successful indie project.