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Found 198 results

  1. Ryuji Sakomoto

    Watchbot - an idea i had

    This is just an idea i had, its about a robot, he takes down criminals and turns them in. the robot attempts to take down a hacker, but fails and gets shut down. the company who made the robot made a whole bunch more guard robots, all of the robots get hacked and take over. the original robot wakes up and the company has the robot take back the robots to be shut down and to fnally take down the hacker.
  2. Hello, I'm an amateur digital artist looking for a beginner-level project. I'd like to be a part of a team that wants to learn to create games. It might be a simple idle, mini, simulation game or a visual novel. I'm still a beginner at backgrounds and I usually draw females but I'm willing to learn. Time invested to the game creation might differ every week mostly because of my work and will be discussed separately. Here's my DA : https://www.deviantart.com/sneikyz
  3. I am trying to figure out what to name some of my planned games so I need your ideas on what title to give them. You can give as many names per game as you like. The games are: A 3D platformer involving a rabbit as the main character whose name is this game's title ( What name should I give the character?) A dino killing Sci-fi Fps where the protagonist also fights mutants, hominids and giant insects ( What should be the main character;s name?) A 3D platformer involving a boy genius. What should be his name? A detective/adventure/platforming hybrid. A martial Arts Beat em up action adventure. What should I name the main character who is Asian? And an open world Adventure involving a Family of three/four. What should be the Surname of the family?
  4. My idea for a moblie strategy game starts out like this.A world in turmoil.Where war is all.The world will be a medieval style.A huge map with lots of citys, towns, forest,hills,mines ,and landmarks,that players and factions can control. The gameplay or battleing handle like this.Each player controls a unit that can freely move around on the map.They can attack enemy faction players.The attacks deals a kill and wound damage.The wound damage can be heal with a freindly healer,while the kill is permant.The thought behind this kill and wound damage is that the battles will be fair,so as each side will suffer lose.While the wound damage will help prolong a good fight.There can also be unit or a camp on the map that will reinforce your units once your out of combat with new troops to replace the kill ones. The objective of the games is too help your factions grow which will consist of thousands of players.Will your doing that you be lvling up your units and commander skills. For the server there will only be one server to keep in a flux of new players.To help new players keep up with the older players ,the freindly faction players can loan there exp troop unit which will be one of many unit types,so they can be on par against other players unit lvl.
  5. Septopus

    How and Why my world Turns.

    Continuing my rewind for Unsettled World: Time to give some detail on the foundations of my game environment. The planet I've created and how it mechanically works within Unity. Here is a 2d view of the editor interface with the "canvas" highlighted sitting at 0,0,0. The planet object has a 30000m radius and it is sitting @ 0,-30000,0. The object parentage looks like this. Generic GameObject "PlanetHolder", non-rendered mesh w/collider "Planet" (used by the procedural terrain system mostly), followed by the camera, player, water sphere and the actually visible surface mesh. Now, this arrangement may change somewhat, I may figure out a way to combine the "Planet" with the visible surface, but it is how it is for now. And it works. The PlanetController script is responsible for keeping the player and camera close to Origin, 0,0,0. This is necessary because once your player/camera cross the 10000m distance boundary the underlying floating point mathematics loses enough precision that your meshes begin jumping around the screen. The PlanetController script contains this logic: public class PlanetController : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject Planet; public GameObject Player; Rigidbody rb; void Start() { rb = Player.GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); } void FixedUpdate() { if (rb.velocity.magnitude < 1) { Planet.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation((Player.transform.localPosition - Planet.transform.localPosition).normalized, Vector3.up); } } } Keep in mind I omitted a lot of extra stuff from that code, for example, it doesn't actually run EVERY FixedUpdate, but as a timed event inside the fixed update, every few seconds or so. Also Important to note, I still have a minor amount of vertical jitter that is caused by the planet sitting at 0,-30000,0. I am actively working at ways to reduce this, in fact, as I type I'm having more ideas on how to fix the issue.. So keep posted. ^Solved and NOT related to the size/positioning within the 3D space, see comment below. The visual look of the planet(Before the procedural code kicks off and repaints it with textures/objects). Is a split up version of the planet mesh(will be split up MUCH more than this eventually).. And the water is a simple sphere object(also broken up and non-visible sections removed) with a water texture. My Gravity "system" is also very simple(Just a script, like this one, attached to the objects that need gravity applied to them): public class GravControl : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject planet; private Rigidbody rb; public Vector3 upVector; void Start() { if (planet == null) { planet = GameObject.Find("Planet"); } rb = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); Vector3 upVector = (transform.position - planet.transform.position); transform.rotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation(transform.up, upVector) * transform.rotation; } void FixedUpdate() { upVector = (transform.position - planet.transform.position).normalized; rb.AddForce(-upVector * 9.81f, ForceMode.Acceleration); } } I may incorporate this into a "controller" type script that isn't attached to every object at some point for simplicity, but for now, it works just fine. So that, just a few pics and sentences, well summarizes at least 2 or 3 solid weeks of 8+ hour days... hahaha!
  6. Hello everyone! I´m new here so please forgive me any nonsense i could say, if i say any. So, currently i´m studying game design to start doing games. So far so well. I want to be a game designer and creative director if posible. The thing is that, from there, i don´t know what else to do. Like, when i´m done with the game design course, what things can i add? I must clarify: Besides game design, i write, so i have that covered. I like to illustrate and do concept art, but here´s the problem, i´m not very good at those things. I don´t really like programming, but i´d like to know a bit about it, just to... know. Or be able to use some engine by myself, like Unity or Unreal or etc. I know this is kinda confusing, but that´s because i´m confused as well. Want to add things to do my own proyects. What´s the standard path to follow after game design? Should i go with art and illustration? Or do programing first? Or any other things you can tell me? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I am new in the app and gaming business and I am looking for people with any level of experience to help me make my vision come to life. I am a freshman in college and I am just beginning in the world of technology. I am attending for Computer science and I dabble in game design. I have a great app game design that I believe is idea is going to work and become very popular, all I need is some help. After the app is made, if it is a hit, I will try to monetize it and I will split the profits among however many people are on my team and want to help. I will share the idea with my team after I have created it. I am looking for trustworthy people who want to help and want to learn. I think I have a special idea and I think it will work. I would prefer to share the idea and show you my vision via a video chat service and I would like to work and continue from their. If you like the idea and think it will work, then I hope you join the team. If you think otherwise, I will not be offended and we can go our own separate ways. I really hope you want to be a part of my team, we could make something crazy happen.
  8. k0fe

    Researching and balancing

    This week I’m working on researching. It’s a fun process which helps me better understand my own game vision. What’s wrong with my design, what should I change, add or cut. I finally moved from paperwork to Excel. Though I still use pencil and paper while making quick design decisions. Well, that’s really helps me and there’s nothing better that old (but gold) method. It’s been a year since I started designing GODCOMPLEX. Last month I’ve been hardly working on system design and still I have no content design. Like really, no script, no NPCs, no locations, nothing! I hope to change it and go hard on content design in next month. So this week is: research, feature balance Next week is: - narrative design - world design p.s. I love design. Design is everywhere. p.p.s. Sadly I can’t post screenshot, so I make pics on my iPhone. That’s so silly tho I can’t do anything yet.
  9. Hi everyone, Stitched has been released for almost a year now and our game has gone through numerous great updates and revisions thank to feedback from everyone! To conclude a wonderful summer, our game is currently on sale for 30% off on Steam from September 17th to October 1st. Check us out here: Store.steampowered.com Also, we would want to showcase some of our artworks for our game. Below are some of the concept arts that we did in the past. Firstly, the main subject we wanted to focus on before any art is the primary color of the game. We decided to choose purple as it's a color that stands out and somewhat fitting in a horror game. Below is the original title screen and the finalized version of the title screen of Stitched. We original wanted to give Catherine long hair but decided against it because we feel the long hairstyle was done too many times. We wanted to give Catherine a unique look hence we decided upon the new shorter hairstyle. We also touch up on her expression to make the player see that Catherine is terrified. Thirdly, we wanted to emphasize the title of the game by making it glow with light purple color. The below three images represent design stage for the doll character in Stitched. The first image is the original sketch. The second image is an updated version to give the character a more serious tone. The final sketch is to give the character her color which include her hair, face, and dress colors. We went through a large amount of revisions for this character to get the right color, facial expression to match her personality. And lastly, check out some amazing fan art for our game through this youtube video! For anyone who is interested in our art. Check out our deviant art page here. For those who have further interest in our game, check out our website here and our Steam developer page here for future projects! Cheers! Fluffex Studios
  10. Hello, I am university student. This year I am going to write bachelor thesis about Vulkan app using terrain to render real places based on e.g. google maps data. I played World of Warcraft for 10 years and I did some research about their terrain rendering. They render map as grid of tiles. Each tile had 4 available textures to paint (now 8 by expansion WoD) However I found issue about this implementation, that's gaps between tiles. Is there any technique which solves this problem? I read on stackoverflow that guys find only solution in using smooth tool and fixing it manually. Main question: is this terrain rendering technique obsolete? Is there any new technique that replaces this method to render large map as small tiles? Should I try to implement rendering terrain as grid of tiles or should I use some modern technique (can you tell me which is modern for you?). If I should implement terrain as one large map to prevent gaps between tiles how textures are applied for such large map? Thanks for any advice.
  11. bencinStudios

    Science Game Jam Weekend Project

    Over the weekend of September 8th and 9th, 2018, our team participated in a Game Jam hosted by the Nashville Game Developers and The Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN. The event kicked off on Saturday morning with introductions and our challenge for the weekend: create a science-based game with an educational spin. Given that The Adventure Science Center had dedicated September as "Make It Month," creating a video game based on the science of water seemed perfectly in sync with that idea. Through a bit of brainstorming and ideation, we came up with our theme: Water. Water is one of the most interesting substances in the universe with a host of properties and uses. We wanted to use our game to teach about the 3 main phases of water - solid, liquid, and gas. The player would be tasked with navigating a 2D puzzle environment using game mechanics to heat or cool their water character to make it through obstacles and finish the puzzle. Following a ton of online research on water, we all got a little bit smarter about how water acts, what it can do, and why it's such a versatile substance! Now, to make that into some interesting and educational gameplay. We knew we wanted the experience to include the player having to change between the various phases of water to complete the level. The challenge became how to do that in an educational, yet fun way. We decided to utilize the idea of a Bunsen burner to heat the water into a gas to be able to float. We would use a freezer to turn the water into an ice cube to be able to break through obstacles. And we'd use the idea of time and friction to turn the gas or ice back into water to navigate grates in the floor. From there, the team began pulling together assets, coding, and building the game level. By the end of Day 1, you could start to see the results of the team's work. For Day 2, our goal was to put out a finished game that would be fully playable start to finish, while also providing some polished visuals and gameplay. One of the aspects added during Day 2 was our water molecule character, Mo L. Cool, who would serve up interesting facts about water or helpful hints to get the player through the puzzle. Seth, our artist, came up with a very cool, unique take on the water molecule, showing the hydrogen atoms as headphones on the "head" of the oxygen atom. Mo L. Cool would live on the game screen and pop up with info every so often throughout the game, triggered by keys the team placed in the level. By mid-Day 2, we had some Adventure Science Center guests come through to see what we were working on at the Game Jam. We decided it would be a perfect time to get some outside opinions on the game and let them play test the current version of the game. With an Xbox controller in hand, the 2 guests gave the game their best shot while providing us some helpful insights into where we could make adjustments and fixes to make the experience even better. By the end of Day 2, we had our completed prototype game, which we dubbed "Mind Over Matter." While we were able to build a complete game level and experience, there are still a few tweaks we'll be making for the final product. We'll be putting it out on our social channels plus this and other gaming sites for folks to download for free to play (very soon). It was great to see at the end of the weekend what all the other developers at the Game Jam had been working on. Each of them showed off their science-themed gaming creations to the group. Some had been working solo on their project, while others also worked in teams. Everyone had amazingly creative ideas and were able to get completed game experiences built over 2 days. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to future game jams! Here's a gameplay video showing our completed prototype from start to finish (that first part is tricky)! ASC Game Jam 9_17_2018 2_14_17 PM-1(4).mp4
  12. Hello all, I was not sure where to place this so I decided to place this in the general forum. Please note, that I have not developed anything at this time. I am currently doing some research and scouting. I have been considering to develop a game controller. I was thinking that it would be nice if the controller registered as a Xbox 360 controller when connected to a windows PC. I could go out and get an actual 360 controller but I am redesigning the case and the electronics. So, I was thinking about utilizing the XUSB protocol. After doing some research, it appears that I am not able to find information regarding this protocol. I am starting to have concerns that the XUSB is proprietary to Microsoft. Is this the case? Are approved Microsoft accessories only allowed to use the XUSB? If so, then how do I become "approved" so that I can develop XUSB controllers? If this is not the case, then where would I be able to find documentation on XUSB communications?Or would i be able to use a USB Sniffer and basically reverse engineer the communications protocol between the controller and the PC? Note: Yes, I am aware that windows supports the DirectInput method. This is my fall back in the event that I can't get the XUSB protocol to move forward. Thank you
  13. xaddrian666

    My first RPG game in javascript

    Hello, i want to share my project with others just for not being the only person who knows about it I think i'm not completely beginner, so i decided to try some game. I'm still learning game mechanism so probably this project is for testing purposes. I started as a website developer so i am coding in javascipt. Of course i will learn new real programming languages like C++ or java but probably in near future. For now js is enough for me This is my first video from the game just to show features i've made. It was recorded some time ago, so there's more small features now, just need to record new video Please let me know what you think about it(don't look at rpg maker textures, it's for testing purposes, ofc in official release i will made my own txt) and what features would you like to see in the future. P.s: sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning(and for no HD in video ) Link to video(Youtube)
  14. Illuminus Games is an indie mobile gaming project, founded with the mission to transform the industry by providing a quality and engaging free-to-play mobile games without destructive monetization schemes. Currently we are looking for: Artists - 2D/3D/Animators with focus on low-poly style and desire to build immersive worlds Game Designers - Unity/C# developers with passion for building powerfull gameplay mechanics Backend Developers - adepts of Node.js, ASP.NET or any other backend stack for creating powerfull server-side code QA Testers - ninjas willing to play our "buggy" something and making it shiny game Please, note that this is "hobby project" (so no payment will be provided); however, in the future if all things will go well, we will seek for private financing. No experience is required, but the willingness to learn and dedication to project are expected. About the project: Atana Chronicles: The Great Lords is a unique blending of different traditional mobile and console/desktop genres brought to mobile platforms. In its core, Atana Chronicles: The Great Lords is traditional 4X strategy game, with inclusion of such genres like grand strategy, turn-based tactics, role-play game (RPG), political card-based simulator. In addition, an important part of AC:GL is its online multiplayer and story narrative. The unique element of the game is monetization scheme: the game is distributed with Free-To-Play model with zero conventional core-loop-based monetization. Key features: Screenshots (ver. 0.13 alpha): If you want to learn more about the project (including strategic analysis, detailed game features and project roadmap), you can download project brief HERE. Demo (WebGL) | Demo (APK package) | Official website | Email | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
  15. PROJECT OVERVIEW: Beyond The Frontier is a open galaxy RPG set in an galaxy far far away. its a game i have envisioned for years!, The Game will be developed in Unreal Engine 4. in the game you will be able to be who YOU want to be, Fly Epic And Fast Ships, But Most Importantly, Go On Epic Quests! Become A Pirate, Kill The Pirates, Join Factions And Go On Epic Adventures Through The Galaxy! im currently in the middle of designing the game however i need concept artists for the gdd, then we will go from there eventually getting 3D Artists And Unreal Engine Programmers. Recruitment Details: - Concept Artists: responsibilities include creation and design of environments, Weapon Concepts And Ship Concepts. DEVELOPMENT PLAN: PHASE 1: Concept Art Planning Future Development + Brainstorming Game Design Document Completion PHASE 2: 3D Character Modelling +Environment And Prop Modelling And Texturing Basic First Person Set Up With All Player Character Features And Inventory And Quest Log. Early Marketing (For Kickstarter Or To Grow A Community) We Will Be Adding Phase 3 And 4 which Will Include Much More Questing Stuff. APPLY: email me at rioishere14@gmail.com
  16. addictCoderCS

    2D Artist Needed

    Hey all, I'm currently working on a medieval web game. I'm in need of character art and ui art. I don't care if it's realistic or stylized. There is no animation. Experience in front-end technologies(html, css, javascript, jquery, ajax) would be a bonus. If you don't have front-end experience, it's not a problem. I can handle it all, I just hate front end. Work I've already completed: Stood up sql server and sql database. Developed API to be consumed by game using OAuth Developed class library to send requests and receive responses from API. I'm a very experienced programmer. This isn't a project started by a self taught beginner programmer. I've already sunk some money into the project and am very serious about completing it. I know I could get some free art online to get the job done, but I figured I'd give an artist a chance to showcase their work on a published project. This is not a Unity or Unreal project. What I need: 2D Artist with experience in character art. Experience in 2D environment art. Experience creating UI elements for web. Front-end experience a plus, but not needed.
  17. The Battle Royale Genre is being played out with clones of Fortnite and PUBG, I want to make a genre changing game that redefines the format of the game. I want to make a game that's a side scroller with a large map with depth (caves, buildings, etc...) where players spawn in at random, loot up, and battle it out to the end. I really appreciate pixel art style games and I would like to incorporate that into the idea. Specific details are up to debate, such as: close range, long range, or a mixed combat system, the platform to develop on (I use Unreal myself), character customization, etc... What I need from the community are programmers, artists, coders, anyone who wants to help. I can't pay so I don't expect people to be chomping at the bit but I believe this project has potential so if you'd like to lend a hand I'd greatly appreciate it. -The Disaster Artist
  18. SavingGraceCoordinator

    2D Artist(s) needed for Epic 2D RPG

    Our small production team (Team lead, audio composer, and Programmer(s)) is looking for diligent and fun artists to join our group to make a new RPG tale. Game will be developed for Game Maker Studio. Description of game can be found below, and details for artists can be found beyond that: “An original and emotional Role Playing epic where everything is an experience.” Have you ever felt the stab of loss? Have you ever endured the fog of doubt and confusion, of feeling misplaced in a world that has unexpectedly changed? Has your reality collapsed around you so quickly that you were overwhelmed?. Then it’s time to search for something - a hope, a catalyst, a to light your way through the murk of these debilitating emotions. It’s time to find your “Saving Grace” Saving Grace is an original role playing game that keeps to traditional roots. Conceived as a 16-Bit RPG with traditional elements from Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy VI, and even tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons, this new IP seek to invigorate the player’s experience and enhance the story. Saving Grace dives into the story of Roger Konvoc, a young man in the world of Tare, whose world had been shattered when his father was taken out of this life with no explanation. Riddled with doubt, Roger spends his days trying to cope with this burden at home, relying on family and the few friends he has left to make his days remotely bearable. Fate, however, thrusts him on an unwanted journey. Roger then finds the will and strength to get through the unexpected adventure he's on. Traveling from a city of canvas, through halls of knowledge, to standing up with rebels against an inexorable and tyrannical army. Travel along as Roger, through allies, friendship and experience, finds a purpose to keep going. Saving Grace is an original story, with a wide range of potential features, including: A rich story of good and evil, with unexpected twists, in a world for players to explore. 13 playable characters, each with their own background,, abilities, and stats to customize the party and take down the opposition. New mechanics like having a character’s mental state affect their behavior in battle, and team combo attacks which depend upon team party members and their level of trust in the player. Time honored RPG elements are not neglected in favor of the new mechanics: Difficult dungeons, utilizing multiple character combinations to create the ultimate team, toppling villainous champions, completing rewarding side quests, and searching the different lands for secrets. Multiple ways to level up: 3 varieties of leveling trees, such as (1) Base stats; (2) Skills; and (3) emotional strength, which determines the strength of team combo attacks and the power of one's own emotions. Unique spirits that embody the raw emotion of man and beast, ready to be found to improve the abilities of the party. The story has been set, but how the story is to be told is still yet to be decided by innovators (That's where you come in). Currently, our group is looking for (1) Concept artist and (1) Pixel Artist: Concept Artist - We are looking for creative artists who wish to show off their own skills. We are excited to show off new talent, as well as those looking for a challenge to breathe creation into a game. Full descriptions are available to explain details we are looking for, but style is up to the artist (within reason). Great way to get your name out there as all art will be credited to their respective owners. Pixel Artist - Looking for a 16 bit high resolution pixel artist, to have similar aesthetics to the golden years of RPGs. Will need both background and sprite modeling/animation experience, unless multiple artists join the project. Please send either portfolio or example work. Even though we are a small group, we pulled a small budget for each role. In addition, the Pixel artist role will continue on into This role can continue on into the full development of the game and will receive a portion of the Kickstarter revenue Looking to get demo developed by end of year 2018. Ful game is currently TBD So if you're interested in having a say in a grand project and have your ideas come to life and be apart of a great team environment, then this is the project for you! And if you're interested in helping in other aspects of the game, feel free to message with what you would like to aid in!
  19. This is a game concept i made for the gmtk game jam over the weekend, check it out here: https://piranha305.itch.io/kingdom-battle, is this a game idea i should keep pursuing, right now in it's current version it's pretty basic, but it could be expanded on with more unit types and a multiplayer system, but i don't know if i should invest the effort? also right now the art it's using if from kenny.nl assets, but i'm im gonna roll with the idea, i'll probably get the art remade.
  20. Hello everyone! I'm making a TPS game and struggling with the amount of enemy types. For now I got 7 of them, but Actually i don't know is it enough or should I make some more of them. I know that, on one hand, small amount of enemy types means that it will be easier to manage them and it will be easier to player to understand them all, but, on the other hand, big amount of enemy types means a big difficulty for developer and for the player. Does anyone have any suggestions about this?
  21. Nico Aaron Studt

    Tamago 2

  22. bencinStudios

    Dev Diary: Concept Art

    BencinStudios Dev Diary August 22, 2018 Early in a video game's development, specifically when it comes to the artistic style, brainstorms create ideas and those ideas become concept art. Artists will take cues from real life and infuse them into a concept that feels authentic yet has a uniqueness all its own. It's that uniqueness that's key to developing a game that stands out among its peers, and one that players want to experience for themselves. At bencinStudios, our talented lead artist Seth has been working on some new concept art for a 2D platformer. These specific pieces of art are all water-themed enemies for one of the potential levels in the game. You can see how Seth has taken some visual cues from a real-life counterpart and integrated those ideas into his concepts. Ranging from a riff on a "seahorse" to an "angler fish," Seth has managed to give each character an instant personality that will help the game programmers translate it into a gameplay experience that will thrill players. As the team moves through the game development process, it will be interesting to see how these conceptual illustrations turn into specific in-game assets, including how they move, how they attack, how they die and so on. Stay tuned for more game development goodies from the bencinStudios team!
  23. bencinStudios

    A Game Art Development Story

    A Game Art Development Story by Seth Dranes, Lead Artist at bencinStudios As lead artist on Lucky Lotto Match, a new mobile matching game for Android and iOS devices, I wanted to share my experiences as we worked to bring this game, its characters, and its world to life. As the only artist working on the project, I started off by getting in contact with Dennis, Lucky Lotto Match's creator. Dennis was very clear with what he wanted, so we didn’t have to spend too much time coming up with early concepts. The game pieces were the first thing I decided to tackle. The pieces would change as production went on, originally including a mix of items and animals, including a horseshoe, a cornucopia, an emerald, and a four-leaf clover, with only the Neko Cat and Dolphin pieces having been there since the beginning. The lineup was eventually decided to be animal-focused, while some of the original pieces would become power ups (Horseshoe and Emerald). After the game pieces, I went straight into backgrounds, as I wanted to tackle what I believed was the hardest task next. Dennis had stated he wanted the backgrounds to be Italy themed. Of course, I picked some famous landmarks (Leaning Tower, Colosseum), but I also didn’t want to go with all the obvious choices. I picked North Tyrol and Palermo specifically to add some uniqueness to the locations. The difficulty the backgrounds brought me was the amount of time each one took. I had initially anticipated a much simpler style and on my initial estimate, I figured I could finish two or three backgrounds a day, where as in reality, I was finishing ONE background every day or two. Patience was the key, as it was very easy to get frustrated with myself when I ran into any hiccups. The last big challenge was the map backgrounds. I wanted to give the feeling of a pathway to follow without ACTUALLY putting a pathway in every illustration. I had also misread the dimensions for the maps, but by the time I learned this, I was already finished with them! This created an interesting challenge, as not only did I have to add more to the drawing to make sure there was no stretching, but I also had to figure out a way to link the maps together for scrolling through them. Luckily, since I chose the harder stuff first (on purpose), the rest of the project was pretty smooth sailing. I continued to get Dennis’s input on things like power ups, bombs, block pieces, and other game mechanics, and those were fairly easy to tackle. For the UI, I really didn’t want to be messaging the client every few minutes asking him if each asset looked alright. (Each individual asset took anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on detail.) Instead, I decided to tackle the UI on my own, and instead, have him pick the ones he wanted to change after they were all done. Since the theme of the game was luck and lottery winnings, there was a heavy amount of gold used. I decided on purple as a secondary complimentary color and went with that for the color scheme of the UI. After completing that, we took care of any additional assets (Title screen, Fortuna animations, etc.). So there you have it. Hopefully you’ve got a better idea of my thoughts and processes as I moved through the design and development process. You can get Lucky Lotto Match now on the App Store and Google Play Store now.
  24. Omniscient Games

    Horror Game Development Process?

    I want to create a Horror Game for either PC or Mobile, but I don't know where to start. What is the design process for developing a Horror Game, for example; Planning, Research, Ideas etc?
  25. Hello All, I know this blog is many days past the usual time I write them and I wish I could say it was for a good reason but unfortunately that is not the case. My wife finally got to come home from the hospital after her surgery last Friday the 10th. However by that Tuesday she had taken a turn for the worse. Her vitals were extremely low, oxygen was just below 80 and her skin was changing color. Per the home nurse and my Primary Care Doctor the best decision would be to get hospice involved. My Wife’s one wish was to be in our home and not in a hospital. This is of course what I am doing for her. My wife is still home and I am taking care of her. Her vitals have improved however she is not eating food. She is however drinking water and going to the bathroom. Hospice gave her only days to live and she has already shown them that was false. My wife is a fighter and the strongest person I have ever met. She is fighting for her life and I will fight with her. Tomorrow I begin conversations with Dr’s on what if anything we can do moving forward to keep her with us and to make sure we looked behind every corner and not missing anything. Right now I am cherishing every moment I can with her even if it’s only watching her sleep. I have not left her side. She is my best friend and my soulmate and if I could I would give up my life for hers. 22 Weeks ago I began this project of working on this video game. The reason why was because of a dream. One night my wife and I were talking about the possible outcome that could happen with her cancer diagnosis. It was a hard conversation but one that was necessary. It was that night I had a dream she had passed away. To cope with death and to honor my wife I had built a video game about her and about cancer. It was played by kids and adults and helped put a smile on the faces that were dealing with the disease. It had also helped myself and my kids cope. When I woke up I was crying. It felt so real. That day I told my wife about my dream and she began to cry. She said however she was happy that in my dream we were able to move on and cope. In my dream the name of the game was Saving our Sarah Cervical Cancer. It was more than a game though it was a group put together to help all women with cervical cancer and men with what their wifes, girlfriends, mothers, etc had to deal with. Also the acronym for Saving Our Sarah is SOS which also an acronym for HELP. So the game is called SOS-CC. Help Cervical Cancer and Saving our Sarah. I decided I did not want to wait to create this. I wanted to create this with Sarah. I wanted her to be involved and I wanted her to see this being done. I wanted her to see the game, to be able to play the game, and for it to become a reality. So we started this together. She gave her input on how she wanted it to look and helped with the creativity. It was fun to do together. I planned on having the game release on September 18th in the Apple IOS store. All along I was trying to finish this game as quickly as I could. I wanted to release the game so that Sarah could see it completed. This may not happen, but at least she helped create it, she got to play it, and she knows it will become reality. The one thing she asked me so far while she has been home is, “You better finish that game and release it!” I promised her that will definitely happen. This game will get finished and it will be updated regularly. This is going to be in honor or my wife. In memory of her and for everyone else that has to deal with the horrors of cancer. I will try and make the Sept 18th release window but it may be delayed. I have not worked on the game since she’s been home as I cannot leave her side. Below is the change log that I got done before she came home. Also below is an almost 2 min video. Please watch and listen to this video. This song has been custom created for Sarah by Dale North. It is the title track of the game. It’s beautiful and Sarah loves it! Thanks Everyone. Completely re-designed and finished Title Menu and all option menus updated all button icons they are now pills with white text, blue text when selected re arranged the buttons on the how to section added random icon to some of the menu screens updated some how to screens re – designed the Store (pharmacy) IAP has a proper icon and description all descriptions are now in the info section of each purchasable item can be accessed by pressing the “I” icon next to the item Added How To areas for: controller navigation store fixed some bugs that were found by play testing Turned on some V-sync to stop some screen tearing from the on screen joystick Created a section in the menu for all the Diary pages you find once found in game they will be unlocked in the menu so you can read them later on, so you can “collect” them all All SFX are now completed and in the game, thanks @LUIS they all sound amazing! adjusted the volume on some SFX Transition screens complete chapter 1 & 2 title and transition screens chapter 2 completion transition screen endless mode transition screen new fireball sprite and destroy animation courtesy of Irina Mir (irmirx) Endless mode is now locked until you complete the game transition displays the highest number of rooms reached in one run always start endless run in the bedroom Your now able to purchase the health and stamina upgrade 3 times (instead of 2) in the store (pharmacy) if you purchase both 3 times you will double your starting health and stamina!! Credits Screen done Once you reach the boss room you can no longer backtrack. Get all the items you need before you enter boss room Made some changes to game over screen added story context text removed main menu button and now it’s tap anywhere to continue lowered health damage of falling in holes to half a heart only hazard that depletes 1 whole heart from Sarah are the spikes Main theme song has been created by Dale North exclusively for this game. It is the most amazing piece of music I have heard and for it to be written for this game and my wife means so much to me. Thank you Dale! Moved diary page to the SOSopedia created a dedicated stats page in SOSopedia now tracks total time played as well as other stats from game over screen resolved a bug where Sarah was not invincible for 1 second after falling into a hole and re-spawning View the full article
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