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Found 1124 results

  1. Hello everyone, Who are you and what is this about? We are a team of two working on a Dungeon Based Turn-Based RPG that features a unique combat system and creative mechanics that bring the story to life. How far along are you? The engine the game will be using (which is built on top of Unity) is about 85% done so we felt this would be the best time to get others involved as we don't want to have you waiting too long to see something playable. What's your release plan? The plan is to release the first episode (three dungeons) for free on PC and Xbox (through the creators program) this holiday. This first episode is for us to test the fun aspect of the game mechanics, establish a name and generate a buzz. We're basically experimenting with releasing a game that we would love to play and would love for you join us. This game is part of a universe that we'd been planning for years and felt this would be the best intro to it and also the best way to polish our tools and knowledge. Depending on how the first episode is released will be received, and if you've joined the team and would love to take things up a notch, we can all sit down and discuss how to move to a full game. Who are you looking for? We are currently working with voice actors on the story, dialogue and voices for the full first episode. We are currently talking to a few music composers that are interested in collaborating on the game, but nothing has been finalized yet. If you're interested, please let us know. We are looking for artists for: Backgrounds: We are looking at something similar to Megaman X6 style of backgrounds. Character Portraits: The game is heavy on story, fully voice acted as well. For dialogues, we are looking at having the characters portraits pop up next to the dialogue with a few emotions. Think Persona style? Character Sprites: These are the characters as seen in the level and combat as well as mini bosses, etc. Looking for going Megaman X6 style here. Level Assets and Battle Assets: Again Megaman X6 Style ... But you already knew that. Final words? We are super excited to finally see this come to life and while we're doing all of this currently unpaid, we feel it'd be a great side project and a fun game that will be trying something unique. And of course we'd love to meet all of you and make new friend along the way. If you're interested or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to the topic or reach out to us. Looking forward to hearing from you
  2. Hello Gamedev users. I am new to this forum, and though I am quite proficient at understanding the basics of just about any form of science, I do not have the natural skill or patience needed to become a great programmer, so I ask that you be patient, and bear with me. So, to get to the point, I have thought up a peripheral that can potentially be used for various PC games. Without giving away too many details to those not interested in contributing, I will give as informative an explanation as possible. In theory, it will be activated in intense danger sequences, such as in a FPS firefight, melee combat and fight scenes in medieval style RPG's, etc. The difficulty is not in designing the device, but in implementing the program that would detect these scenes in-game. The software would be for Windows PCs, and made to work with as many games as possible. I have some experience with how modding works, and have considered how it could be used alongside currently released games such as Fallout 4, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls Skyrim etc. However, I simply do not know enough about programming to determine the viability of integrating features into the software that would allow the danger scenes and combat gameplay of already released games to trigger the software to activate the peripheral. Essentially I am wondering if this would this be something that could be integrated? If so, how could these combat sequences be detected by the software? If you are interested and have something important to contribute, I can promise you a copy of the software and option to purchase the peripheral at cost if you would like. Depending on your motivation, I am open to working together. Even if you are not highly experienced, everyone has to learn somewhere. Whether or not you are interested, I would be grateful for all the advice you have to offer. So, any ideas for how something like this could be implemented?
  3. 3D Artists And Unity Programmers For Doom Like Shooter Game:ROGUE Studio:Rebound Entertainment Current Team:3 Payment:Rev-Share Or Kickstarter Programming Requirements: - Must Know And Have Experience With Unity And Know C# - Must Be Able To Spend 5 To 12 hours a week on the project - Must Be Older Than 15 3D Artist Requirements: - Be Able To Model, Animate, Create 3D Monsters And Characters Or Rig (Must Have at least one of these) - Must Be Able To Spend 5 To 12 hours a week on the project - Must Be Older Than 15 Project Description: You are on the ESL (The Elementary Space Lab). You wake not knowing what has happened, you soon learn that a experimental AI Has gone rogue and created beasts and monsters to kill anything in its path. Now, you know what your mission is. If You Are Interested DM Me on discord at thathuman44#4207 or email me at oneriot3@gmail.com
  4. Hi there! I think this post may get slightly depressing, so, reader discretion is advised. I'm writing this to summarize what I did during my first game development process and hopefully someone will find it helpful. So, in 2016 I tried to make a futuristic racing game in Unity. It was just for fun and learning purpouses but I knew I want to try to put it on sale on Steam. I asked some of my friends if they would want to join me in the adventure. And this is probably the first thing not to do because if you ask anybody if they want to help you with creating and selling a game, they will say "sure, absolutely!" and then when you start to assign duties they never text you back again. And that's demotivating. Couple of months went by, and the game was more or less complete so I decided to put it on the thing that doesn't exist anymore, which is Steam Greenlight. I was extremely excited to see other people comment about my game (seriously it was super cool). My greenlight page wasn't the most popular one, but it was doing pretty good. Eventually the game passed, and was ready to be put in the store. This was truly amazing because it wasn't easy to pass the Greenlight voting. The game was kind of shitty as I look at it right now, but it was the best I could do back in 2016. It looked kind of like a 4/10 mobile game. Nevertheless people were interested in it since it was unique and there wasn't (and isn't) any games simmilar to it. I posted about it on some gaming forums and some Facebook groups, just to see what people would think about it. And every comment was always positive which made me super excited and happy. Eventually, my game went on sale. At the beginning my game was selling ok to me, but when I read other people's stories, I understood that my number of sales was below miserable. Back then Steam had something called 5 "Product Update Visibility Rounds" which means that when you update your game, you can use the "Visibility Round" and your game will somehow be very visible in the store. Essencially you get 500,000 views for one day. This used to dramatically (to me) increase sales, so I used 4 of them in like a week, which is exactly what you're not supposed to do. I left one round for later, because I knew that my game is not the best and I may want to remake it in the future, so the last round may be helpful to get some sales. After about 1,5 month the game was dead and it wasn't selling anymore. I was kind of disappointed but I was waiting to get my revenue. This is when I got my first big disappointment. On the Steam developer page, my revenue was about $1000 and when I got the payment, it turned out that half the people who bought my game had it refunded. So my total revenue (1,5 month) was around $600. So my game was completely dead. I abandoned it and moved on. About half a year later there was a Steam Summer Sale which I forgot I applied for and the game made $100. This was the point when I decided to refresh my game. I spent 6 months remaking it and when I was happy with the result, I uploaded it on Steam. I made a sweet trailer and everything and used the final "Visibility Round", expecting to revive my game and start the real indie dev life. Huge f*ing disappointment #2: As it turned out, Steam changed the "Visibility Round" and now it doesn't do anything because I didn't get 500,000 views in one day... I got 1,276 views in 29 days. I started searching for a PR company. I messaged about 8 different companies and one contacted me back. I explained that my game is out already, but I recently updated it. The PR company was cool, very friendly and professional. Unfortunately a revenue share wasn't an option and they weren't cheap (for me). They understood that and not long after that, we made a deal. I won't get into the details, but everything went cool and my game was supposed to get some attention (press announcement). I even got a chance to put my game on the Windows Store, which again, was super exciting. Microsoft guys were extremely nice to work with so if any of you are planning to put your game on sale I strongly recommend considering Windows Store. For 4 months the PR company was instructing me on how to improve my game. It really was helpful, but come on, 4 months flew by. Although they were professional, suddenly we had a big misunderstanding. Somehow they didn't understand that my game is out already. Anyways, we were getting ready for the announcement and I had to make my website, which cost me some money. Also I had to buy a subscription for a multiplayer service for my game. (It uses Photon Network, I had to buy a subscription so more people could play online at the same time.)(Photon Network is great, strongly recommend it.) Disappointment #3: I bought a page promotion on Facebook. Estimated: 310,000 people interested, 40,000 clicks to my page. Reality: 0 people interested, 20 clicks to my page. The announcement happened. And nothing more. 80 Steam keys for my game went out for the press, 41 were used, 24 websites wrote about my game, 6 hateful comments, 2 positive, 17 more visits on my Steam page, 2 copies sold which doesn't matter because it's to little for Steam to send the payment. Estimated views of the press coverage: 694,000. Reality: probably less than 300. I don't give a f*ck at this point about my game which I have worked on for 10 months. I don't care about all the money I spent either. I don't blame anyone. I'm just not sure what not to do in the future. I guess the main lesson here is don't try to revive a game, just move on and computers suck at estimating things. Now I'm working on another game and I'm planning on making it free to play. I really enjoy making games, but it would be nice to have some feedback from the players. If any of you want to know something specific about my game or anything, feel free to ask. I expect nobody to see this post, so I'm probably going to paste it on some other forums. Cya. (sorry for the title being slightly clickbaiting)
  5. It's been almost a week since release, but we manage to do several important updates to the game and ready to give more. So what about updates? there are 4 of them and all of them are small preparatory step to the next big one which is Customization. What we have now that we didn't have at the moment of update: - statistics of victories and defeats of each gamemode and best result in the menu (before you could see only best result at the end of each match) - usability of some menus (such as the ability for the client to close statistics for themselves before it was done by the server, additional information so player will know more about what they are doing, new visual controls and many more) - some improvements in the menu level regarding optimization What next? Now we are at update 1.4, when we make 2.0 it will be customization. Before it there will be several small updates concerning other things.
  6. Hi, I am Antony Wells, and have been coding in general for 20+ years, and using Unity3D since v2.5. I am looking for team members, in the following fields: . 3D Artists - Skills including modelling, texturing and material creation .2D Artists - Skills including 2D Textures, concept art and User Interface elements .Music .SoundFX .Coders - Although a good coder, I think 2 or 3 coders would greatly speed up the project. .Website Designer - To develop and maintain our website (I will provide the url/isp) Atm the game is looking like being an Arena style shooter. For Windows/Mac/Linux. It will be commercial. Profits will most likely be split evenly upon any sales being made. The type of shooter? depends on how succesfull finding a team is. It could be robots(I.e not much animation) or even characters(I.e more animations) - It will feature a One player training mode also, with bots. If this project sounds interesting to you, pls reply to my personal email addy. antonyrwells@outlook.com I will be working full time on the project (around 5 hours a day) but you can be part time, as long as reasonable progress is made. I can send/show you previous examples of my work too.
  7. OfficePassenger

    unusual music

    Dear frends, I would like to try myself as a composer for games, I make unusual music with an unusual mood and atmosphere, I like to work on sounds and details in music, below I attach examples of my works, [deleted by moderator] 1.mp3 2.mp3 3.mp3 4.mp3 5.mp3 6.mp3 7.mp3 8.mp3
  8. Hi! In my previous post I told about my game Chronicles of cyberpunk and here I will post updates about the second part of this game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening. It will be on Unreal Engine and I am working on it since January 8, 2017 (and the first part was released on January 7). This is an independent game, you don't need to play the first part to understand what is happening, since there will be a brief retelling of the events of the first part in the beginning twitter
  9. Hello everyone I am a programmer from Baku. I need a 3D Modeller for my shooter project in unity.I have 2 years Unity exp. Project will paid when we finish the work If you interested write me on email: mr.danilo911@gmail.com
  10. Classically, people would recommend beginning game programming with C++ and DirectX, but due to their complicatedness, it's not so easy to create even a 2D-game with these two tools, let alone 3D-games. So quite often, we'll see people use a lot of 3rd party libraries imported to Visual Studio, and these libraries are quite happy to create a lot of warnings when compiled, which isn't so beautiful. A few months ago, while playing a mini-game of WeChat's "mini program", I found it simple enough, yet quite amazing! And later I learned it was created by JavaScript. Now I want to learn this new language, but I wonder if it is a right approach to creating 2D-, even 3D-games. By "right", I don't mean I want it to create complex games, but just to help me learn and understand the basics of creating a mini game.
  11. The hellish heat of summer has finally arrived, as such many babes took this advantage and opened a few bars. Boss, how about we go for a stroll in the city and cool ourselves from the summer's heat through a nice icy drink. Each babe has specifically prepared 10 glasses of Wine for you, boss, as you enjoy those lovely drink the babes themselves have also prepared loads of rewards. Taking your health into consideration, you'll only be able to drink one glass of Wine from each babe! During the event Bargirls will appear all over the map. By clicking on “Spy” you will be able to visit the Bargirl for a glass of Wine. ★Event Starting Time: 2018/08/10 at 00:00 (City Time) Have fun gaming! For more information about Mafia City, Please visit its official site : https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=en_EN Instant play Mafia City H5 here: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/play/ Mafia City Studio
  12. dillyframe

    New life of minesweeper!

    This is the first entry in this blog and it's about the minesweeper - some people hate it, others - love it. Why people don't play minesweeper? Probably because it's boring? The idea of our game is to unite people in solving logic task in classic minesweeper. It is not solo experience anymore, It's cooperetive game where you can gather your friends (up to 4) and win together or loose together. And this is not a flat 2D picture it's full 3d environment which you can explore (play mini-football or find some hidden places, or just kick chckens). It's not about minesweeper it's about challenging your friendship and your mind if you accept the invitation. How we came to it? It's simple: we like minesweeper and we like 3d games and we like games from third-person and we like puzzles. Why not to combine it all in one game? Here it is! What's new? Bunny Minesweeper have 2 game modes: classic and crazy. Classic mode offers 3 classic types of difficulties which you could see in traditional minesweeper Crazy mode offers 3 crazy types of difficulties - the biggestfield is 60x60, that is 3600 cells and 396 bombs - and we really tested it and it's damn hard to win in party!!! You can play solo if you want to - there are 3 matchmaking opportunities: solo, random and friends. As the game is only in steam - the friends matchmaking is your steam friends. Mini-football? And why not? It will help to rest from the main task and have some fun with friends. BTW you can play football not with the ball but with your friends to get more scores - just kick them into the gate! Statistics and Leaderboard At the end of the match you will see some statistics of the match - how many cells each player opened and how many flags they put. There is also a Leaderboard - separate for solo and coop modes for each difficulty - the faster you complete the game the higher your position will be. Customization For now you can change the color of your bunny before joining any game (in the menu). This color serve to identify the flags you put, so at the end of the match before building another field, everyone can analize where and who is responsible for the defeat. Future plans of customization are huge - from some parts of clothes (like hat or gloves) to full unique skins. Some of parts you can see in the main menu - those strange dancning bunnies. And - YES! - you can dance in game pressing 4 button. Why kicking? The main idea of kicking players is to force them to go away from the cell they could occupied when afk or bother you to play. You can use it in any way you like. It's just a possibility. Conclusion So if you love minesweeper you should definitely try this one and if you hate it - well... give minesweeper a chance to change your mind by playing it in 3d enviroment with friends - hard and fun simultaneously!!!
  13. ggenije

    Make game like worms

    As said in title i want to make game like worms but i will some limits: 1.I can only draw terrarian using circles 2.Engine have very low performance -> only around 1000 circles allowed for normal fps of course in 2D
  14. ddabrahim

    Text to Voice converter?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a software that I can use to convert text to a human male and female voice and then save it to an audio file. I was searching online and did find many converter. But they are not clear regarding that if I can use the audio files for commercial purposes or not. Could anyone recommend any software that I can definitely use for commercial purposes? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  15. I love games but I really would like to know if I am or if I am not the only person who does not care for all these new games who put all their focus on ensuring the leaves in the trees look crispy and you can see molecules of water on them. Yes graphics are amazing but they are/should not be the end all be all, at least to me. Am I alone in this belief?
  16. Bastard Town Studios is looking for a composer! We are a small team of 4 admins/devs and 26 artists, writers, and programmers. We're currently in search of someone who can play and compose music, focusing on a "cute and creepy acoustics" vibe. Please contact me for more information if you're interested in the project!
  17. Hiya folks! I've pushed out a demo of the project I've been working recently, Wake of Poseidon, and I'm getting conflicting opinions on the controls and difficulty of the game. But before I make any drastic changes that will affect art production, level design, and systems design I wanted to see if I could get more opinions about it. Keeping in mind I am going for a more 'Contra' style of difficulty and the gameplay is largely based on old arcade style shmups and beat' em ups: 1) Does the difficulty ramp to quickly? Too slowly? 2) Is the shooting/aiming scheme reasonable? 3) Are there an frustrations with the camera, controls, or presentation in general? You can give the demo a shot here at itch: https://sluggy.itch.io/wake-of-poseidon
  18. Hey All! Currently im designing a Turn Based Strategy game, the game take inspiration from Sid Meier's Civilization series And stellaris. the main mode basically is the campaign mode, there are 7 alien races, some you may be able to make peace with while others will not allow it and will try to kill you, as you grow, upgrade your weapons, ships and Men other empires will level up with you, if you make peace with a race you will be able create new space stations twice as big as the usual ones you will be placing down, also you will be able to send your army to the alien planet. or you can destroy that alien species, and become bigger and bigger.until you have killed them all. You will also be able to explore the universe and find other alien species on unknown planets. If you are interested then we need programmers, a 3D Artist And A 2D Artist (2D And 3D Artists are Important) Contact Me On Discord At Thathuman44#4207 and we will speak further.
  19. We are a team 5 working together for the past few months to create an exciting new gaming concept that blends genres. Galaxy Wars is a top down multiplayer shoot ‘em up that mixes real-time action with strategy. Think Worms vs Fortnite vs Cannon Fodder! A full game description including artwork and video can be found on our Unity Connect Page or our Game Dev.Net page **We are now looking for a rigger / animator to join our project** We are serious about our project and looking for people with good character and a professional attitude to join our team. If that's you then please drop me a line. Thanks
  20. Lee Kee Child the gem hunter is a free diamond collecting game. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=leekeechild.org Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9MTZFJBLP7P8 Watch video here: https://youtu.be/0enKpfIJ_Rc The story: Who is this little boy in the cave among diamonds, stones and brick walls? He is Lee Kee Child. His mission is to collect diamonds in the caves. If he was collecting all of diamonds what he needs, the door will open and he can continue collecting diamonds on the next level. Maybe can you help him to collect enough diamonds and completing levels? Try it out! In this work maybe little enemies will be disturbing him. These are flies and butterflies. Them are useful bugs for breaking brick walls and disappearing/isolating acid. Try how it works! The butterflies are the sources of diamonds. If he is dropping a butterfly with a stone it will turn into diamonds, and Lee Kee Child will gain up to 9 diamonds. In some levels has been another source of the diamonds by the isolated acid. The acid will increase randomly on its neighbour green fields and empty fields. If he can isolate successfully the acid by stones or diamonds before it reached up a big size, it turns into diamonds, else it turns into stones. Try what happens when the bugs are impacting into the acid! Features: - 330 different exciting levels - load / save state functions - random map elements
  21. THE PROJECT INT is a 3D Sci-fi RPG with a strong emphasis on story, role playing, and innovative RPG features such as randomized companions. The focus is on the journey through a war-torn world with fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies. The player must accomplish quests like a traditional RPG, complete objectives, and meet lively crew members who will aid in the player's survival. Throughout the game you can side and complete missions through criminal cartels, and the two major combatants, the UCE and ACP, of the Interstellar Civil War. Please note that all of our current positions are remote work. You will not be required to travel. For more information about us, follow the links listed below. INT Official website Steam Greenlight IndieDB page Also follow social media platforms for the latest news regarding our projects. Facebook Twitter Website Administrator We are seeking a talented and keen Web Administrator. The Web Admin will perform periodic updates, improve the design of the official website and enhance user experience of online content, including a web comic and blogs. Your duties include: 1. Manage online content for company website. 2. Enhance existing aesthetics and user experience for web properties. 3. Work with team leads to institute content calendar for company website. 4. Help implement strategies to increase website traffic. 5. Proofread content. 6. Remain current with emerging web technologies. 7. Attend weekly remote team meeting. REQUIREMENTS To be successful in this position, following requirements apply: HTML, WordPress, CSS expertise. SEO basics Outstanding communication skills. Ability to complete tasks remotely without supervision. REVENUE-SHARE This is a great opportunity to get into the game development industry. Being an Indie team we do not have the creative restrictions often imposed by publishers or other third parties. We are extremely conscientious of our work and continuously uphold a high level of quality throughout our project. We are unable to offer wages or per-item payments at this time. However revenue-sharing from crowd-funding is offered to team members who contribute 15-20 hours per week to company projects, as well as maintain constant communication and adhere to deadlines. Your understanding is dearly appreciated. TO APPLY Please send your Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio (if applicable), and other relevant documents/information to this email: JohnHR@int-game.net Thank you for your time! Please feel free to contact me via the email provided should you have any questions or are interested to apply for this position. We look forward to hearing from you! John Shen HR Lead Starboard Games LLC
  22. Hi GameDev! Magical Game Studio is excited to present an opportunity to the CA community that we’re passionate about. The game we’re working on is a throw-back to one of our favorites, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and we’re looking to create a similar 2D, top-down adventure game with more of a painterly art style and faster-paced gameplay. We are developing for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms (we’re Nintendo dev partners with Switch access). A bit about our own experience: we have signed contracts with three publishers across four previous games, ranging in funding from $400K to $5M. As a team, we have shipped over 22 game titles in the past, and we’ve shipped both AAA and indie projects alike. This specific project is in current negotiations with several notable publishers who want to see our First Playable demo in September. This job posting refers to work that needs done for that First Playable milestone. Our studio is comprised of 17 members. Several of us are currently employed full time in director or senior-level roles at other game companies, but this is our passion project that we’re looking to get funded so that we can quit our day jobs and establish our own studio. We’re currently looking for a Gameplay / AI Engineer who is capable of taking our animated NPCs/creatures and implementing their movement and combat mechanics. This position is remote and royalty-based until we secure publisher funding, in which we will pay salary/benefits + royalty. For those who showcase exceptional talent and experience, we also have funds to pay contractors now, but our significant others’ tend to get a bit grumpy when we spend from savings so we tend to keep this option limited. If you’re interested in hearing more, we have documented a full breakdown with more detail on the game itself (and us as a team) and we’d love to discuss it with you via Discord. We also have a small game demo we can send you to test the game. Simply email me at zach@riseofthemakers.com with your portfolio or examples of work and I’ll reply promptly. Art Style: MGS prefers a painterly, visually expressive style that you’ll find in this link of images: https://imgur.com/a/WRyzC. For the lazy or paranoid, here are some samples from that image gallery: Concept art of our castle (not seen in First Playable but you get an idea of style). Zoomed out shot of our village inside Unity. This is a fully functional level (minus the villagers). Concept art of our Bog Rusher In-game shot of our baker - one of the villagers. And some more “job” details: Primary responsibilities will include implementing combat/pathing mechanics for our Bog Rusher (charge at player, eat player, spit into the air, spit towards the player), Gopher (throw mud at player), Mosquito (tether itself into mud to grow its venom sac, explode near player), and basic villager NPC (basic pathing, start dialogue). We already have a custom navmesh solution that works well and is easy to use, but we're looking for someone who has a background in AI who can make the enemies do what they should be doing. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon! Zach
  23. piecuch.p

    TTFTriangulator demo

    I have updated demo for TTFTriangulator (simple C++ library designed to load a truetype font and triangulate its glyphs in real time) library to something working (I think). It is a little chaotic, but also very simple and generic, so easy to reuse (btw: it uses Qt for I/O and windows creation, but you can also use the code I modified and that is using GFLW). You can use my amalgamated (and dependency-free) version, available here: -rw-r--r-- 1 piecuchp staff 69K Jul 26 17:48 TTF.cpp -rwxr-xr-x 1 piecuchp staff 93K Jul 26 06:45 TTF.h -rw-r--r-- 1 piecuchp staff 217K Jul 26 06:50 TTF.o (it is also modified to use QFile for I/O so you can work with Qt's embedded resources) #include <QDebug> #include <QElapsedTimer> #include <QMouseEvent> #include <QPainter> #include <QWindow> #include <QOpenGLContext> #include <QOpenGLShaderProgram> #include <QOpenGLPaintDevice> #include <QOpenGLFunctions> #include <QApplication> #include "TTF.h" using namespace TTF; const char *fragCodeSimple = " \n\ varying vec3 tpos; \n\ float round(float val) \n\ { \n\ return sign(val)*floor(abs(val)+0.5); \n\ } \n\ void main() \n\ { \n\ float alpha = round((tpos.x*tpos.x-tpos.y)*tpos.z+0.5); \n\ gl_FragColor = alpha *vec4(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0); \n\ } \n\ "; const char *fragCode =" \n\ varying vec3 tpos; \n\ void main() \n\ { \n\ float alpha = 1.0; \n\ if (tpos.z != 0.0) \n\ { \n\ vec2 p = tpos.xy; \n\ // Gradients \n\ vec2 px = dFdx(p); \n\ vec2 py = dFdy(p); \n\ // Chain rule \n\ float fx = ((2.0*p.x)*px.x-px.y); \n\ float fy = ((2.0*p.x)*py.x-py.y); \n\ // Signed distance \n\ float dist = fx*fx + fy*fy; \n\ float sd = (p.x*p.x - p.y)*tpos.z/sqrt(dist); \n\ // Linear alpha \n\ alpha = 0.5 - sd; \n\ if (alpha < 0.0) // Outside \n\ discard; \n\ } \n\ gl_FragColor = vec4(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0); \n\ } \n\ "; const char *vertCode = " \n\ attribute float t; \n\ attribute float c; \n\ attribute vec2 pos; \n\ varying vec3 tpos; \n\ void main(void) \n\ { \n\ tpos = vec3(t*0.5, max(t-1.0, 0.0), c); \n\ gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix*vec4(pos, 0.0, 1.0);\n\ } \n\ "; double qtGetTime() { static QElapsedTimer timer; if (!timer.isValid()) timer.start(); return timer.elapsed() / 1000.; } class OpenGLWindow : public QWindow, public QOpenGLFunctions { Q_OBJECT typedef void (^RenderBlock)(); private: bool m_done, m_update_pending, m_auto_refresh; QOpenGLContext *m_context; QOpenGLShaderProgram m_shader; Font m_f; public: QPoint cursorPos; public: OpenGLWindow(QWindow *parent = 0) : QWindow(parent) , m_update_pending(false) , m_auto_refresh(true) , m_context(0) , m_f(":/fonts/VinMonoPro-Light.ttf") , m_done(false) { setSurfaceType(QWindow::OpenGLSurface); } ~OpenGLWindow() { } void setAutoRefresh(bool a) { m_auto_refresh = a; } void initialize() { qDebug() << "OpenGL infos with gl functions:"; qDebug() << "-------------------------------"; qDebug() << " Renderer:" << (const char*)glGetString(GL_RENDERER); qDebug() << " Vendor:" << (const char*)glGetString(GL_VENDOR); qDebug() << " OpenGL Version:" << (const char*)glGetString(GL_VERSION); qDebug() << " GLSL Version:" << (const char*)glGetString(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION); m_shader.addShaderFromSourceCode(QOpenGLShader::Vertex, vertCode); m_shader.addShaderFromSourceCode(QOpenGLShader::Fragment, fragCode); m_shader.link(); } void update() { renderLater(); } void render() { glViewport(0, 0, width()*devicePixelRatio(), height()*devicePixelRatio()); glClearColor(0.8, 0.8, 0.8, 1); glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT | GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT); glDisable(GL_DEPTH_TEST); glDisable(GL_CULL_FACE); glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glLoadIdentity(); glOrtho(-1, 1, -1, 1, -10, 10); glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); m_shader.bind(); float scale = 0.1 + 0.2*fabs(cos(qtGetTime()/2.0)); glScalef(scale, scale, 1); glTranslatef(-3.6, 0, 0); renderMsg(m_f, "KomSoft"); m_shader.release(); } void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event) { cursorPos = QPoint(event->x(), event->y()); Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers = event->modifiers(); if (event->buttons() & Qt::LeftButton) { } } void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *event) { cursorPos = QPoint(event->x(), event->y()); Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers = event->modifiers(); if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) { } } void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event) { cursorPos = QPoint(event->x(), event->y()); } void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent* event) { switch(event->key()) { case Qt::Key_Escape: quit(); break; default: event->ignore(); break; } } void quit() { m_done = true; } bool done() { return m_done; } protected: void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event) { quit(); } bool event(QEvent *event) { switch (event->type()) { case QEvent::UpdateRequest: m_update_pending = false; renderNow(); return true; default: return QWindow::event(event); } } void exposeEvent(QExposeEvent *event) { Q_UNUSED(event); if (isExposed()) renderNow(); } public slots: void renderLater() { if (!m_update_pending) { m_update_pending = true; QCoreApplication::postEvent(this, new QEvent(QEvent::UpdateRequest)); } } void renderNow() { if (!isExposed()) return; bool needsInitialize = false; if (!m_context) { m_context = new QOpenGLContext(this); m_context->setFormat(requestedFormat()); m_context->create(); needsInitialize = true; } m_context->makeCurrent(this); if (needsInitialize) { initializeOpenGLFunctions(); initialize(); } render(); m_context->swapBuffers(this); if (m_auto_refresh) renderLater(); } private: void renderMsg(const Font &f, const char *msg); }; void OpenGLWindow::renderMsg(const Font &f, const char *msg) { TTF::FontMetrics font_metrics = f.GetFontMetrics(); // will tell you about the font // Triangulator2DI, Triangulator2DII, Triangulator2DLinearI, Triangulator2DLinearII TTF::Triangulator2DI triangulator; for (int i = 0; i < strlen(msg); i++) { CodePoint cp(msg[i]); f.TriangulateGlyph(cp, triangulator); if (i > 0) { TTFCore::vec2t kerning = f.GetKerning(CodePoint(msg[i-1]), cp); glTranslatef(0.9*kerning.x*0.001, kerning.y*0.001, 0); } struct vertex_t { vec2f pos; signed char texCoord; // 0 = (0,0), 1 = (0.5,0), 2 = (1,1) signed char coef; // -1 = CW edge, 0 = inner segment, +1 = CCW segment }; QVector<vertex_t> verts; for (auto tri : triangulator) { TTF::vec2t v0 = triangulator[tri.i0]; TTF::vec2t v1 = triangulator[tri.i1]; TTF::vec2t v2 = triangulator[tri.i2]; // store in a buffer, or do something with it from here... up to you really verts.push_back((vertex_t){{0.001f*v0.x, 0.001f*v0.y}, 0, static_cast<signed char>(tri.coef)}); verts.push_back((vertex_t){{0.001f*v1.x, 0.001f*v1.y}, 1, static_cast<signed char>(tri.coef)}); verts.push_back((vertex_t){{0.001f*v2.x, 0.001f*v2.y}, 2, static_cast<signed char>(tri.coef)}); } if (verts.size()) { GLint loc = m_shader.attributeLocation("t"); glEnableVertexAttribArray(loc); glVertexAttribPointer(loc, 1, GL_BYTE, GL_FALSE, sizeof(vertex_t), &verts[0].texCoord); loc = m_shader.attributeLocation("c"); glEnableVertexAttribArray(loc); glVertexAttribPointer(loc, 1, GL_BYTE, GL_FALSE, sizeof(vertex_t), &verts[0].coef); loc = m_shader.attributeLocation("pos"); glEnableVertexAttribArray(loc); glVertexAttribPointer(loc, 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, sizeof(vertex_t), &verts[0].pos); glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES, 0, verts.size()); } #if 0 printf("%c: %d verts\n", msg[i], verts.size()); for (int j = 0; j < verts.size(); j++) { const vertex_t &mv = verts[j]; printf("%c %d %d, %d: (%f, %f), %d, %d\n", msg[i], j, j/3, j%3, mv.pos.x, mv.pos.y, mv.texCoord, mv.coef); } #endif } } int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QSurfaceFormat surface_format = QSurfaceFormat::defaultFormat(); surface_format.setAlphaBufferSize( 8 ); surface_format.setDepthBufferSize( 24 ); // surface_format.setRedBufferSize( 8 ); // surface_format.setBlueBufferSize( 8 ); // surface_format.setGreenBufferSize( 8 ); // surface_format.setOption( QSurfaceFormat::DebugContext ); // surface_format.setProfile( QSurfaceFormat::NoProfile ); // surface_format.setRenderableType( QSurfaceFormat::OpenGLES ); // surface_format.setSamples( 4 ); // surface_format.setStencilBufferSize( 8 ); // surface_format.setSwapBehavior( QSurfaceFormat::DefaultSwapBehavior ); // surface_format.setSwapInterval( 1 ); // surface_format.setVersion( 2, 0 ); QSurfaceFormat::setDefaultFormat( surface_format ); QApplication app(argc, argv); OpenGLWindow w; w.resize(800, 600); w.show(); return app.exec(); } #include "demo.moc"
  24. G-Dot

    Devlog #3 - Playable character

    Hello everyone! And this is my third devlog. At the beginning of this moth I started to work on the new model of main hero. And I did it. But at the end I've realized that it is too hard to me. I decided to leave it for sometime and maybe found artist to do this work. Here a little screenshoot of the highpoly model(but I also did a lowpoly model and made texture): That is why I've build a simple robot model as a dummy for a playable character. This dummy will not be playable, but you will see him in the game. Then I've generated some animations using 3DS Max CAT. It's very powerful tool, because despite animations not very good, but I've made 13 of them in under a 40 minutes. Of course there are some issues like weird glitches and clipping issues, but it all works and this is the main thing. This is like a ground and I will try to expand this ground. Character can jog, sprint in forward direction, he can aim and walk in aim state, also I've added aimoffset, melee attack and he got a recoil animation blended on top of all. I've worked a little on AI. It's very simple and can only chase you and attack, but it doesn't need to be very smart. Next month I will work on creating more types of melee enimies. But for this month I think it's all. There are some footages with movement and AI Untitled.mp4 P.S. Soon I will move to Saint Petersburg to study in University and my life will change, but hope it will not affect on my work very heavy.
  25. Wojtek Mos

    Poznan Game Arena 2018

    Poznań Game Arena is Poland's biggest and most important computer games and entertainment fair. With nearly 73.000 visitors, 1100 Polish and foreign journalists, 1500 game posts and 43.000 meters of exhibition space, it’s a place to attend for every video game professional - whether you are a journalist, developer, publisher or designer. PGA takes place alongside Game Industry Conference - the biggest game dev conference in Central and Eastern Europe. As a major B2B event attended by over 3200 visitors and 560 companies, it has a lot to offer - including a rich program filled with over 120 talks, and plenty of workshops, roundtables, networking opportunities and side-events. The two events, with their impressive size and scope, are the best proof that game development in Poland is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing industries in the region. That, as well as Poland being the 7th biggest in the world market for premium indie games (bigger than Russia, China or Brazil), make PGA a perfect event to showcase your game at.
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