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Found 1050 results

  1. Galaxy Wars is a top down multiplayer shoot ‘em up on PC, Xbox & PS4. Up to 4 players local and 16 players online.We are a small indie team of 4 covering; game design, programming, art, and music.Our intention is to all take a profit share upon any commercial success. The project is coming along great. Some major milestones we have already achieved include: Cross platform input system (PC, Xbox, PS4) Networked for online play (up to 16 players) Split-screen view port for couch multiplayer Multiplayer support Player ownership over in-game objects and weapons We are now looking for others to join the project and take it to the next level. We are looking for help with: 2D screens (splash screens, player select, weapon inventory, map select, game modes, etc) 3D character modelling (loosely based on concept art) 3D environments (map design) Object modelling (weapons, game environment) Unity - (animations, general) If this is something you feel you would like to be part of then please drop me a line. For more details on Galaxy Wars including game concept, inspiration, concept art, and team members please take a look at our game spec here (Google Doc)Thanks.
  2. From the album: SAMA

    Been a bit quiet recently, but we've been busy bug fixing and tweaking things... Now we have lots more 'Particle effects' in the game, specifically here the Flamethrower and Enemy attacks!
  3. Hi and thanks for reading, I have an issue with this reactive crosshair script, everything works fine until I start changing the offset. Give the script a go and you will see what I mean, when I do SetOffset(0f); it doesnt always set back to the origional state, if anyone can spot a fix I'd be super appreciative! using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class ReactiveCrosshair : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] GameObject c_limb_prefab; private float center_offset = 0f; private float current_offset = 0f; private float max_offset = .5f; private int number_of_limbs = 4; private float limb_length = .05f; private float limb_width = .005f; private List<GameObject> c_limbs = new List<GameObject>(); public void SetupCrosshair(){ for (int i = 0; i < number_of_limbs; i++) { GameObject line_go = (GameObject)Instantiate (c_limb_prefab); line_go.transform.SetParent (this.transform); Vector3 limb_pos = new Vector3 (0f,0f,0f); //line_go.transform.position = limb_pos; line_go.transform.localPosition = limb_pos; LineRenderer line = line_go.GetComponent<LineRenderer>(); line.startWidth = limb_width; line.positionCount = 2; line.SetPosition (0, line_go.transform.localPosition + new Vector3(center_offset, 0f, 0f)); line.SetPosition (1, line_go.transform.localPosition + new Vector3(center_offset + limb_length, 0f, 0f)); line.useWorldSpace = false; c_limbs.Add(line_go.gameObject); } if (c_limbs != null) { OrientLimbs (); SetOffset (0f); } } public void OrientLimbs(){ for (int i = 0; i < c_limbs.Count; i++) { float rotation_step = 360f / (float)c_limbs.Count; c_limbs [i].transform.RotateAround (c_limbs[i].transform.position, c_limbs[i].transform.forward, 90f + (rotation_step * (float)i)); } } public void SetOffset(float _current_spread){ float offset = Mathf.Lerp (0f, max_offset, _current_spread); for (int i = 0; i < number_of_limbs; i++) { if (offset > current_offset) { Vector3 pos = c_limbs [i].transform.position + (c_limbs [i].transform.TransformDirection (Vector3.right) * offset); c_limbs [i].transform.position = pos; } if (offset < current_offset) { Vector3 pos = c_limbs [i].transform.position - (c_limbs [i].transform.TransformDirection (Vector3.right) * offset); c_limbs [i].transform.position = pos; } } Debug.Log ("SetOffset() offset: " + offset.ToString () + " _current_spread: " + _current_spread.ToString() + " localPos: " + c_limbs[1].transform.localPosition); current_offset = offset; } }
  4. State of the search I'm not looking / I'm still looking Description It is a third person game where you join more players to fight against bosses in the PvE style of the mmorpg, looking for online companions to help you defeat your enemy, where everyone does their respective work, such as tank, dps or heal, in groups of 5 or 10 players. The difference with other mmorpg is that here, since there is no open world, you will not have to go through it doing hundreds of missions and using many hours to get to the content that really interests you, which, in the case of PvE, are the dungeons and raids. Objectives of the project For this project we will first make a demo that will only be the boss of a 5 player dungeon. The first phase of this project is to release a video gameplay for crowdfunding (kickstarter maybe), so we will focus more on the visual, which could be falsified if the mechanics do not work. If the crowdfunding gives green light would be the game, which if in turn would work would be updated in the future with more dungeons and bands. The ideal would be to make a playable demo. Compensation If this game generates benefits outside crowdfunding, the profits will be distributed depending on the work and disbursement of each one. Technology Unreal. If you want to learn how to use this software with the project, you can. Required profiles - At the moment 2 Programmers (if has multiplayer knowledge in Unreal better). - 1 2D Artist to make the interface design and some concepts. You are going to try make interfaces like this: It would be ideal if you can devote at least 7 hours by week. It is a plus if you have experience with high level PvE content in some mmorpg. Team structure Pablo. Environment artist. Diego. Character artist. Web Waiting until the equipment is assembled. Contact pablo.barreto.jimenez@gmail.com Additional Information I have the GDD, it depends on the work but, I think the demo could be done in 6 months. Here I leave some images of what I did of the project in Unity, where basically I have been testing (The project will be done in Unreal): Desired feedback If you think you can give me some advice about the project, feel free to give your opinion.
  5. GRASBOCK WindyOrange

    #1 Grass and Animated Sprites introduced

    Hello, this time i have worked on the ability to animate sprites, small but essential system changes, growing grass (to get a gist of the basic procedure i might use), developing a field of view algorithm for the entitys that are exploring the world Watch a short clip here: Video This took me longer then expected due to some bugs I encountered in the process. Next up I will probably have to carefully think on how I will not only proceed but also if my current setup is worth keeping, as retrieveing positions with my current build is quiet a hassle and will hurt performance once I start using field of view and pathfinding algorithms. I might have to give the world a fixed size (which i have some good solutions to make that aspect a feature). It would really help me what you guys think has to be changed with dwarf fortress in terms of gameplay, as it decides how the game is built. So I would appreciate it if you could tell me either via PM or here in the comments your opinion on the matter.
  6. I am working on a 2D SideScroller game in my own made game engine using SFML and C++.I am searching for 2D artists,especially pixel artist for making and animating characters,backgrounds and other props that can be made in any Drawing Program.The artist will become part of the team of Hammer Studios and he got a part of the Revenue Sharing.If you are interested send me a mail at:ghiurcutaandrei@gmail.com .If you are not an artist but you want to be a part of our Team,Soon we will be recruiting an C++ AI programmers that worked in SFML/OpenGL. We work together using Discord.
  7. Hellados

    C# for beginners

    Hello guys, my name is Giorgi and i'm newbie game developer i'm learning Pixel art and after pixel art i want learn C# and don't know how and where start i'm bad with programming language and know only HTML/CSS
  8. Valsi_Noen

    Second Post!

    Hello In my second post, I would like to talk about such things as "Magic and Mechanics, Character Development, Interface and Weather Conditions." At once I would like to note that this is only part of what already exists at the moment. In the process of developing the game, one way or another, some of its elements will be supplemented. For example - globaly numbers and stats (25 points of damage, 35 armor, 81.995% of oxygen in the blood), I DO NOT SEE meaning and therefore I WILL NOT do this.(those figures, which in the screenshots - are approximate.) Everything has its time. So, let's begin! MAGIC: At the moment there are 3 magic skills. 1) Fireball. Average damage. Long flight. A small radius of hit. Relatively small cost of mana. The Fireball is not only the average damage at low cost of mana, but also a good way to illuminate the narrow and dark places, for lack of the best! Noel studied the art of twisting mana in energy clots in his youth, like his sister. He always got a good ball-shaped form, so this spell, he applied without much difficulty. But not in combat. And in battle he still was not, although he was very anxious, during the attack of robbers on the village ... He is often visited by the thought: "What if I went with my mother to defend village... Was she alive? Was I alive?" 2) Electroball. (yes, that's right.) Not an Electric Ball, no-no ...) High damage. Short flight. Large radius of hit. The average cost of mana. Electroball appeared relatively recently. Of course, earlier many races used the power of air magic, to create thunderstorms and a downpour to water the crops. But recently, metropolitan engineers are increasingly using the magic of electricity for various inventions. Electroball, Noel learned by chance ... Carolyn often showed her husband how to use the magic of electricity, and later, for fun, began to train and Noel to slightly push his father. "Look, Noel is almost getting it! Come on, ????? and you can do it!". He did not succeed ... 3) Healing Waves. Zero damage. Static healing (40 units). Fixed radius of application (around itself). Average radius of hit. Low cost of mana. Magic is not only destruction, chaos, pain, death, but also healing, help, hope, life. Unfortunately, as a child, Noel was not very worried about healing spells. Despite the fact that they are owned mainly by women (I would like to remind you that there were no magical academies in the village, and the main types of earnings were: trade, ore mining, logging and harvesting.) Herbs and treatment, mainly engaged women .) I think that now Noel regrets about it more than ever. Why so few? I explain. MECHANICS: Directly to business! Features: 1) To each hand - each spell! Many of you, for sure, played TES 5: Skyrim. (if not - very curious game) Among all the variety of aspects of the game, I was interested in the possibility of using spells, both with two hands, and with each separately. I decided to implement a similar mechanics. Almost any spell can be cast alternately from each hand, or simultaneously from two hands. It looks something like this: The chip is that regardless of the current cooldown (recovery time), you can switch to any other spell right in the battle, by pressing just one button (currently it's Z and X - the spell sheet back and forth). Thus, if there were a lot of spells, it would be difficult to control each of them (mana cost, radius, cooldown, whether it is selected and on which hand, etc.). Of course, for hardcore hardcore fans and / or fans of Magicka, this would be a trifle, but still the game is not only aimed at fighting, but also on survival, so keep an eye on the indicators (more on this below). P.S Do not forget that 3 spells - this is the realization that there is at the moment! Ultimately, this number can and will be increased. 2) Mana. Mana regeneration is a rather ambiguous thing. At the moment, passive recovery is extremely small. And flacon with mana are not restored to the "sleep" of the Hero. Accordingly, saving on mana is extremely important. So, throwing all the magic in a row is not the best idea. There is also a chance that after the death of the enemy, you can absorb some of his mana (and some health or experience). 3) Enhancement of magic skills, their reorganization and rethinking. At the moment, each of the skills has its own (not a hero) level. For the enhancement of the character (improving his health, mana, protection, etc.), there are "Points of Characteristics". To improve skills - "skill points". This is how (approximately) the tree of improvement of skill looks. Everyone of skills has his own! Where there is no branching - you need to learn the previous feature of the skill. Where there are ramifications, you can choose to improve. (or improve everything at once, if you have enough points) Learn what will happen next, before you can not learn the previous skills - you can not. Intrigue But something, I'm still spoiler. For example, the "Healing Wave" skill can temporarily increase the Hero's resistance. So it's not just a healing skill, it's also a useful buff. (Gain) Also, some skills will be universal - for example, you can simultaneously deal damage and reduce enemy defense. And this is ONE skill with ONE hand! Imagine how many effects there will be if EACH of these skills can be applied from ANY hand. (x2, but with different CDs) 4) What was said at the beginning, but perhaps part of you, did not betray this value ... I'll just repeat: This is not the final version. This is what is now. And this is what works now. I hope you heard me Let's continue! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: In addition to the development of skills, there are also points of characteristics, which I mentioned earlier. You can choose what you think is necessary for improvement: More health, more mana, increased resistance, and maybe a good LUCK? Perhaps I will tell more about it (I think the rest is understandable, except for the figures). Luck is a unique indicator. From this depends, how often Noel will find the islands or dungeons. Will there be spring water, palm trees with bananas, coconuts or trees? Also how valuable will be the loot (items, reward) in the dungeons. It also depends on it on how good the weather will be. (about the weather - a little lower) Of course, luck does not give a 100% chance that Noel's life will turn into a fairy tale. No no. This is only a small percentage of the total fate of Noel. Someone does not even feel it, but someone will always smile at it. Funny paradox - in life a person can be unsuccessful, but in the game vice versa. That's just ... In life, to improve your luck - it's not so easy, right? So ... I would advise you to take a chance and raise this luck, at least in the game. Let's talk more about the mechanics of mana restoration, which I touched lightly ... Many are familiar with such projects as Dark Souls, Bloodborn, etc., where to restore something, you need to go somewhere or use something (usually bed / fireplace / bonfire / potions). In Noel Hope, you will initially have 3 (at the moment) type of flacons. A health potion. Mana Potion. And a potion of rage. Potion of Health - restores health. Mana Potion - restores mana (that's a surprise ...). A potion of rage - increases the damage from all abilities for a specific time. Also, falling into a rage - your vision changes. You see better in the dark, but worse with light. Side Effects - Oops! Each of flacons is restored after your sleep on the ship. In certain locations, you can find an extra flacon. (For example, in chests with treasures, or after killing particularly dangerous monsters.) In dungeons/ instanced dungeon or special places without a fixed value (for example, a shipyard / port / berth / quay), the bubbles will not be restored. It will be necessary to carefully choose when to spend them. In addition to the potions, there will also be items of equipment, but I will talk about them, as well as about the dungeons / islands, later. Not this time, no. Mechanics of Survival: An important element is survival. Noel has indicators not only of health, mana, experience, but also hunger, thirst and temperature. Hunger is not a very frequent phenomenon, if you sit at home on a chair and look through some forum. But on a ship, in the middle of the MAGIC ocean, where strange and sometimes not very understandable phenomena happen - hunger is a dangerous thing. You will have to get food either on the islands, or in dungeons, or through attempts to plant a seed. The islands have to be found, as well as the wildfowl itself, which must still be caught. And to grow seeds found on a flooded boat or in a commercial barrel, or maybe in cargo on ships - it's a complicated matter. Watering with MAGIC water - will not work! And even if you find normal water (or get it through the magic of steam), will the seed come up? Increase the chances of success - will help perfume. But I'll tell you about them later, in a new post: P Thirst - it tortures people more often than hunger. Perhaps right now! Want to drink? You should just go to the kitchen, but Noel has a problem ... MAGIC water can also taste unusual, but you can not call it drinking. Fortunately, the ship was designed so that it can accommodate special mechanisms that allow processing some liquid into drinking water. Of course, these mechanisms only on drawings. Temperature - this is something that should pay attention more often. On average, the body temperature is 36.6. I tried to realize this indicator as realistic as possible. (although realism in RPGs with magic is ... mmm ... Conditionally?) Depending on the weather conditions, from the magic of enemies / spirits and Noel himself - his temperature will change. If during a meteor storm, Noel is touched at least by a little meteorite, then he will get a burn. And accordingly the temperature of his body will also rise. If during a snow storm, you want to swim in the water - the temperature of the body will fall. And so on... The same applies to his temperature at various islands / dungeons / locations. In addition to the visible indicators - there are those that appear after some events. For example, when lifting loot (inscription) or while running.(stamina) Stamina is only consumed during the run. Well, actually, the INTERFACE itself with all the elements: WEATHER: Less words - more screenshots. Rain with fog: Light snow: Snowfall: Meteorite clouds: Toxic fumes: Just a sunny weather: Tornado: The weather also affects the speed of the ship. During a storm or a hurricane - the speed of the ship is much lower than during a calm. I will draw your attention. These are NOT finite types of weather phenomena. In total there will be more! Perseverance. The work. Well, you understand. I'm just lazy. On this I will finish the story about magic and mechanics, as well as the development of the character and weather phenomena. I'm more than sure that you probably have more questions In each post, I will give more information, figures, screenshots and plot. Thank you for attention! I hope it was not boring to read! To new posts. P.S. Original Text on russian Language:
  9. Agustin Andreucci

    Align sight to camera

    Hi everyone,I got stuck with my approach to aiming down sights. I've set up my first person arms mesh to be a child of the camera. Added a socket on the right hand of the skeleton to which I attach my weapon and there is a socket in the weapon used to signal the point at which the camera should sit during aiming down sight. When the players aims holding left click what I'm trying to do is to calculate the offset of the sight socket to the root of the FPP Mesh while on the aiming down sights pose and move the camera based on that. I'm using the code attached below. It's Unreal Engine but the problem seemed generic enough to qualify as an algebra one. What I'm doing is obtaining the transformations from the camera to the sight bone. That gives me the sight transform relative to the camera. After that I just negate the translation vector and add it to the first child of the camera. I was expecting to have the sight bone sit at the exact same point as the camera. What happens is that it is almost there but it's not correctly aligned. I believe my math and the general idea is right. Any ideas why this could be failing? Here is how I apply the resulting transform and below how I obtain it. Thank you very much for reading. FVector Translation = DeltaTransform.GetTranslation(); Translation.Z = 165.0f; /*Translation.X += Translation.Y; Translation.Y = Translation.X - Translation.Y; Translation.X = Translation.X - Translation.Y;*/ DeltaTransform *= DefaultMesh1PTransform; DeltaTransform.SetTranslation(Translation); Mesh1PCamOffsetLocationDelta = DeltaTransform.GetTranslation(); Mesh1PCamOffsetRotationDelta = DeltaTransform.GetRotation(); bInterpMesh1PCamOffset = bInterp; UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("DeltaInverse Location x: %f, y: %f, z: %f"), (DeltaTransform).GetLocation().X, (DeltaTransform).GetLocation().Y, (DeltaTransform).GetLocation().Z); Mesh1P->SetRelativeLocation(DeltaTransform.GetLocation() * -1); UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Rotation yaw: %f, pitch: %f, roll: %f"), DeltaTransform.GetRotation().Rotator().Yaw, DeltaTransform.GetRotation().Rotator().Pitch, DeltaTransform.GetRotation().Rotator().Roll); FTransform HandToComponent; HandToComponent.SetIdentity(); FTransform BoneTransform; USkeletalMeshComponent* Mesh1P = CarryingPlayer->Mesh1P; // Get transform to weapon attach socket space HandToComponent *= FirearmMesh->GetSocketTransform(FName("sight_point_socket"), RTS_ParentBoneSpace); HandToComponent *= Mesh1P->GetSocketTransform(Firearm->GetCarrySocket(), RTS_ParentBoneSpace); // Get transform from the right hand bone relative to component (root bone) FName CurrentBoneName = FName("hand_r"); while (CurrentBoneName != NAME_None) { ArmsADSIdleAnimSequence->GetBoneTransform(BoneTransform, Mesh1P->GetBoneIndex(CurrentBoneName), 0.0f, true); HandToComponent *= BoneTransform; CurrentBoneName = Mesh1P->GetParentBone(CurrentBoneName); } return HandToComponent;
  10. Hello everyone I am a programmer from Baku. I need a 3D Modeller for my shooter project in unity.I have 2 years Unity exp. Project will paid when we finish the work If you interested write me on email: mr.danilo911@gmail.com
  11. Hi, I'm trying mix two textures using own shader system, but I have a problem (I think) with uniforms. Code: https://github.com/HawkDeath/shader/tree/test To debug I use RenderDocs, but I did not receive good results. In the first attachment is my result, in the second attachment is what should be. PS. I base on this tutorial https://learnopengl.com/Getting-started/Textures.
  12. Cello Gaming

    Unreal Dev Team Required

    Hello I am looking for a team who are willing to work on a Realistic, Large, Story-based, Open-World, Survival, Horror game. I'm looking for a team that is willing to stay with me through the whole project. For this project I will be needing: 3D Modeler: Somebody who has a good understanding on how to create 3D models through Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, or any other Modeling programs of their choosing Animator: Someone able to rig and animate humans, non-humans, and machines. Artist: Someone able to make art for loading screens, GUIs, and Cover art. Environment Artist (2-3): Someone able to create a large open world for the players to explore Writer: Someone who has experience writing story-lines and can write dialogue for this project Sound Engineer: Somebody who can create sounds for character movements, environment, and animals Ideas for The Project: - Shipwrecked on an island after getting caught in a storm out on the ocean - Start on the boat with all your friends and a bunch of NPCs where the ship doesn't crash until you talk to the captain - Able to search wreckage to find food, water, and a basic tool. - Locked areas in the wreckage that you need special tools or codes to open. - Secret chests you can find on the island through maps that you can find in abandoned houses, shacks, and wreckage of pirate ships. - Fishing rods to go fishing for different kinds of fish. - Cooking system to cook food on a grill or campfire which requires propane tanks or wood to continue burning - Underwater and land caves with plenty of resources - Mutant bosses that you can fight above or under water - Underwater life (Sharks, Fish, Large underwater Squid boss) These are just ideas they may or may not be implemented in the final product. Any feedback on ideas for the game would be appreciated. We will be setting up a kickstarter for people to support this, if this project gets up going, so watch for that.
  13. I've just finished a proof-of-concept and I'm looking for feedback. The world takes place in a terminal and the user hacks through systems for some end goal (the first scenario is to hack your way through a network and kill a drone passenger by killing the drone's autopilot). The user discovers/purchases exploits (future) which can then be used on systems to gain control over them. One of the areas I find difficult is balancing measures vs. counter-measures, though this simple prototype doesn't get there yet. Levels will be defined by networks that have collections of interconnected systems that can be hacked, allowing access to systems deeper in the network (the target). It's developed in C on Linux (using ncurses). The image shows illustrates a sample scenario for stealing bitcoin from a system. Full source is available at https://github.com/mtimjones/spectre. Thanks, Tim.
  14. worldzpoc

    ZPOC Blog #3

    GENERATORS / MOUSE TRAPS Mouse trap visuals are functional and show a dead little rodent that your units can eat raw. Now we’ll just need to have them haul the raw food back to the storage area to enable them to be cooked. Delish! Units are now smart enough to go to the rain barrels for water when they get thirsty! Watch out, Einstein! COMBAT ANIMATIONS Sometimes our units just can’t put their battles behind them, and just keep on swinging their weapons as they wander, eat, and even in their sleep. At other times they just sort of spaz out and do the jitterbug in place for a second before continuing the attack. We are working in the code and Mechanim to troubleshoot the issues. CONSTRUCTION We’ve come to a compromise with our wayward units. We’re not ready to update the Task Dispatcher just yet, so they’ll have to continue to follow our commands. However, we’re going to split up the Construct Resource behavior into separate parts to allow for more flexibility. Hopefully our units will demonstrate more obedience when this is complete. Either way this will make the transition to the new Task Dispatcher go more smoothly whenever we do get to it. TL;DR: -Mouse traps show dead rodent, need hauling enabled -Units drink from rain barrels -Working on Combat glitches -Working on fixing bug where units get stuck in Construct Resource behavior when proxies are built before you have the resources.
  15. worldzpoc

    ZPOC Blog #2

    BUILDING The building menu is now functional! Right now it only contains a couple of barricades that can be built, but we’ll get to adding more options to choose from soon. You can now place multiple proxies (ghosted-objects) at a time without having to constantly re-open the Build/Crafting menu. It even keeps them rotated to your desired rotation, because we care about your building experience. And we care about families. If you can’t place and build your barricades quickly, your family might get eaten. Vote for us. AI DISSIDENTS AND TASK MANAGEMENT As any parent of a teenager will tell you, sometimes when you nurture a person and they grow up to have a mind of their own, they can get a bit difficult to deal with. You tell them to do something so they do the opposite. Well, our Units may not yet have drivers licenses (another fun thing to look forward in the future!), but they sure are getting an attitude. Today after placing multiple barricades to be built, the units built a couple of them and then just wandered around in protest. It’s as if they’re tired of everyone (all of the other scripts) telling them what to do all the time.
  16. this. games

    2D Looking for 2D artist

    [Free] Looking For: 2d Artist and Animator. Requirements: Experience in 2d art and ability to commit to 1-2 years of work. Payment: Rev-Share (Think Free as the product may not end up being sold) Description: An 3/4 view 2d game with a Sci-fi style. The game is based on a man who was put into stasis for punishment for his crimes. He has woken up 100 years later and must now regain his position at the top of the criminal underworld by killing his opponents. There will be a "Hub World" city and then PCG gang hideouts where you fight enemies. The assets required will be tile sets for the different hideouts, assets for the city ie buildings streets etc. and characters both the player and a number of enemies. Send resume and portfolio to thisdotgames@gmail.com if you are interested.
  17. Hi, everybody! In early April of this year, we have brought out the early fruits of our semiannual work - a musical rhythm - beat'em up game with the ability to download your own music content! Yesterday we have introduced the results of the very first TRRT’ tournament! We’ve found that it’s a very good experience as for the players so for us as the developers too. Today we’re happy to announce the launch of the second TRRT’ competition! You should upload this song to Custom Game mode, reach the best game score to this track, record a video of playing through the level, and throw us a link on the game Steam page HERE! The prizes: Third place – key for our previous game 'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' Second place - 'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' + Star Story’OST keys The champion - 'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' + Star Story’OST + TERRORHYTHM keys. Link to the original where you can download this song: EvilCoGames team played at Hard mode and got the score 27576 points (15364 points/min). Take a look: And what will be yours? Try your best! EvilCoGames Team evilcogames@gmail.com Twitter.com Steamcommunity.com
  18. Wazzup all ^_^y GameDev Challenge | Tower Defense | Dev Progress ( Turret 360 : Added Audio+SoundFX ) What's new : Yo peep'z development is really slow! BTW I'm using MonoGame framework for this entry, MG is only a framework or a rendering engine which means I have to write everything from scratch including camera 😄, I need to build a Game Engine on top of MonoGame to produce different kinds of games, all of my Skybox, Billboards, Quads, Particles, Models, Trails, Entity components and including Mesh Loaders was written from scratch (Not using MG conntent pipeline mesh loader), but the real pain in the butt 😄 is the rendering sequence for solid material, additive and transparent material to work effectively that can be use for using basic effect or custom shader, yep you have to write your own shader in MG if you don't want to use it's basic effect, MG basic effect only support up to per pixel lighting effect AFAIK the reason I need write a custom shader with normal map andh 3 light source, basically everything done here is purely code no editor or prefab tools was used. I like MonoGame because it's a code centric framework you have total control of everything, maybe next compo I'll use Unity or Xenko. 1. Added features to my custom OBJ mesh loader for better performance, It has an option now to render the whole model as one group even if the original model has many groups. 2. Improve trail header and tails trimming when not moving or can set life of a trail. 3. Swapping diffuse texture map at any given time. 4. Model diffuse texture can be an animated texture. 5. Adding child node to parent node with translation and rotation e:g: My Turret where the body is the parent node which on rotate on Y axis and Machine Gun is the child node which only rotate on X axis but follow Y axis of the parent node. 6. Adding Audio and Sound Effects Improving my trails bezier curve, but still not perfect 😄 Explosion collision detection : Adding GRAPHICS OPTIONS : 1 = LOW 2 = MEDIUM 3 = HIGH LOW = Basic Effect no ambient lighting MEDIUM : Perpixel lighitng only HIGH : Anti aliased and every model has ambient light + 3 light source + diffuse + normal map And lastly here's some video feeds with TURRET firing on 360 in any angle with Audio + Sound effects ^_^y EDIT : Add new video feeds WAVE#5 Prototype and I Loose : - D
  19. Hive Entertainment

    Looking for more

    Hey everyone we are looking for a 2d artist for health bars, inventory, items, weapons ect. Unfortunately I can not pay at this point in time however if you are interested please let me know and I am sure we can work something out. I am also looking for landscape modelers in 3d message me for more details or email me at hiveentertainmenttech@gmail.com
  20. worldzpoc

    ZPOC Game Summary

    Zpoc is a single-player sim game of moral exploration in an apocalyptic survival situation. You are not just one person trying to make it in the end times, but you lead a colony of people to either flourish or perish. How will you survive? Zpoc includes the classic survival objectives such as building a shelter, finding food sources, gathering resources, and fending off enemies. But this is all just a base for the bigger question -- how far will you go to survive? If you have barely enough food for the members of your colony and a random solo survivor asks to join, do you recruit them and figure it out, or do you turn them away to what will almost certainly be their doom? Do you reward your dog’s loyalty by protecting it from zombies, or do you sacrifice it to a zombie horde in order to distract them, perhaps giving your people a few extra seconds to escape? A member of your colony drinks too much, eats too much and doesn’t work as hard as the others. You could confine them, but then they’re using up resources and contributing nothing. You could invoke corporeal punishment - but are you leading that kind of society? You could send them away, but exile is almost certain death when just outside your barriers an unsleeping horde of the undead waits to devour anything living. Every choice you make, every colonist your recruit, your relationships with other groups of survivors, and even the way you build your base will determine who leaves, who joins, who lives, and who dies. The culture you create affects all of its members, and each of the members in turn affects that culture. Each person you see in the game has thoughts, emotions, skills, and desires, and every action the colony takes will shape those feelings - and ultimately your society as a whole. All of your units will have personal relationships with each other as well as with rogue units and members of other colonies. While good relationships will lead to enhanced teamwork and mood boosts, bad relationships can lead to name-calling, fighting, and even murder. These unscripted rivalries and friendships are the core of Zpoc’s emergent storytelling, and will give it infinite replay value. The best of friends may be torn apart (literally or figuratively) in a zombie hoard, but the worst of enemies may learn to respect each other if they have each others’ backs on the battlefield. It’s up to you to determine right from wrong, but watch out for those who might disagree.
  21. While I’m VERY aware how illegal is is to steal game programs, there are so many cool ones so I have two questions, can all these cool mods for other games be stitched together, and is it legal to do so so long as it’s just for me and I NEVER share it.
  22. Just as the title implies, when I make a small change such as "x=4;" now to read "x=5;" the compiler doesn't build that part of the code and leaves me with the old value. It correctly compiles when I select "rebuild solution".... How do I fix this?
  23. What Is This Game About?:The game is called “The Standing” And is similar to Resident Evil Biohazard And Outlast, I have been speaking with some horror devs who know how to scare a player, not just jumpscares, but atmospheres, horror build ups and then nothing happens, extreme silence, I have done ALOT of research on horror, The Game will be developed in unreal engineSTORY:After a deadly virus plunges the world into chaos killing 85% of the human population there are now what they call “zones” these zones are watched very closely by the surviving government, people are checked every day for the virus, even if you touch the spit or any human waste or fluids of the victim who is infected, you will die. But one day, people in the west zone start to go missing, 1 woman goes outside the walls to uncover the mystery, is there more to the virus than meets the eye?, That is where your story starts.My Role:I’m the game designer/lead/Director, I will be managing the project along the way, this project isn’t that big imo however i will make sure it’s a awesome experience! Hopefully you will stick around afterwards,What We Need And Requirements:At the moment it’s a really small team, however that’s why I’m on here! To grow the team! So heres some people we need!- Unreal Engine Programmers (Must Know C++ And Be Able To Adapt To Other Engines (For Future)- 3D Modellers (Organic And Hard surface)- Animators - Other (Please Specify When Contacting Me)It would be even more helpful if you show your portfolio.If interested email liondude12@gmail.com
  24. Hi Everyone, first I want to say thank you to everyone who backed the project, but sadly we had to cancel the Kickstarter campaign. We could not recover from 7% in 22 days, we knew it would be tough with no public build for backers to test and to send the press for coverage but all things considered, thanks to you, we did good nonetheless. We will take a look at the overall campaign design, the rewards, the pitch and the trailer as we see they could all be done better. Good news however, is that soon we are launching our new web-page on www.seasoffortune.com where you can support the development more directly with a reward system as well, we have a lot of cool stuff we are already working on so be sure to stay tuned. Thank you everyone for the great support, I've said it before and I will say it again, SOF has the best community out there. Here is an overview of the pledge system in progress: Port Waver $4,00 - Name in Credits The Sailor $23,00 - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) -Full Game Steam or GOG Key On Release (Digital) -Name in Credits -Digital Soundtrack -Exclusive in game ring (Design 5) The Chef $33,00 - 4K Digital Wallpaper (KS Exclusive) - Digital Soundtrack - Full Game Steam or GOG Key On Release (Digital) - Name in Credits - Beta Access - Exclusive in game ring (Design 6) The Boatswain $47,00 - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) - Closed Beta Access - Digital Soundtrack - Full Game Steam or GOG Key On Release (Digital) - Name in Credits - Exclusive in game ring (Design 7) The Sailing Master $63,00 - Name in Credits - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) - Full Game Steam or GOG Key On Release (Digital) - Closed Beta Access - Digital Soundtrack - Exclusive in game ring (Design 8 ) The Merchant $83,00 - Exclusive in game ring (Design 9) - Free Camera Roam: The Blue Bird - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) - Alpha Access - Closed Beta Access - 2x Full Game Steam or GOG Key On Release (Digital) - Digital Soundtrack - Exclusive Bronze KS Forum Badge - Name in Credits - Take part in the community builds along with the developer The Quartermaster $107,00 - Exclusive in game ring (Design 10) - Free Camera Roam: The Puffin - Exclusive Silver Forum Badge - Name in Credits - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) - Closed Alpha Access - Closed Beta Access - Digital Soundtrack - 3x Full Game Steam or GOG Key On Release (Digital) - Take part in the community builds along with the developer The First Mate $197,00 First Mate - Custom Exclusive in game ring. - Free Roam Camera: The Raven - 4x Full Game Keys on Steam or GOG Key on release (Digital) - 4K Digital Wallpaper (KS Exclusive) - Closed Alpha Access - Closed Beta Access - Exclusive Gold Forum Badge - Digital Soundtrack - Name in Credits - Take part in the community builds along with the developer Slick Moby! $797,00 - A ship Named after you (Developer approval needed) - Custom Exclusive in game ring. - Free Roam Camera: The Albatross - Exclusive Platinum Forum Badge - Be a crewmember (deliver a portrait) - 8x Full Game Keys on Steam or GOG Key on release (Digital) - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) - Closed Beta Access - Closed Alpha Access - Name in Credits - Digital Soundtrack - Take part in the community builds along with the developer The Legend! $1497,00 - A 3d-print ready model of a SOF ship - First mate character made out of a portrait of you! - Closed Alpha Access - Closed Beta Access - Digital Soundtrack - Custom Exclusive in game ring. - Free Roam Camera: The Albatross - Name in Credits - 4K Digital Wallpaper (Backer Exclusive) - 12x Full Game Keys on Steam or GOG Key on release (Digital) - Unique Legend Forum Badge There will be a better overview of what is what on our page. So lets get started on what we have been working on these last few weeks. After the KS we are looking at a few things to shape up, first one is lighting which is a work in progress, next is the ocean and we are reverting back to our previous build where the overall look is much better. After we sent out our first community build to get feedback on sailing we will also be spending time fixing turn ratio on the ship & buoyancy as well as other issues that I have spent the last week on, which is mostly tiling issues, verts not being welded and clipping. Here you can see how the ocean system used to look like compared to in the trailer, this is what we will be reverting back to + bigger waves. We are also working on the sails having the be effected by wind and for the player to control the sails, we are morphing sails in 3 states (Extended, Half Collected, and Collected) We also need to get some of those cools flags in there! sails.mp4 I also started streaming some of the development on twitch, if you have an account there please throw us a follow to stay informed of when we go live: https://www.twitch.tv/trym_studios. We have some great fun placing assets on the ship as well as modelling new assets: 33838829_977291482430732_1301612485132170957_n.mp4 During one of the streams we also started a new figure head for the ship, which will be a lion holding a lantern. It was great fun to do this together with the community. Its still a work in progress of course but we are doing good progress among all the other stuff we do. New animations: We discovered a bug on the hands, more closely the wrists which would break during certain animations, so we decided to fix it and redo it as well. We absolutely think that was the best choice as you can see on our new steering animation, it is way better then the old ones, so we are also adding some more social animations which will make more sense later down development. Whipstaff.mp4 Opening the rooms on the ship: If you followed the streams you probably already know that we opened the kitchen and some other rooms on the ship, making it ready for some cool stuff down the road, we also added walls and rooms on the 3rd deck. I am very exited to have community testing feedback on this some time after the summer. So what is the plan ahead: We will send out a new community build in some months when we have fixed some of the feedback issues and hopefully have a stronger build which can then also be used for a potential relaunch of crowdfunding, this will also of course help regarding press. Probably 80% of what is being fixed for the new build is a result of direct communication and feedback from our the testers and it has helped immensely. On stream we also got a question of who is working on this project. Take a look here at some of the artists: Our Social media accounts: https://www.indiedb.com/games/seasoffortune https://discord.gg/3SsrpV https://twitter.com/seasoffortune https://www.facebook.com/seasoffortunegame/ Until next time!
  25. INTwindwolf

    [Rev-share]3D Animator

    COMPANY AND THE PROJECT We are an indie game studio consisted of professional and skilled artists who are dedicated indie enthusiasts. Our current project is INT, developed on Unity Engine 5 for platforms Windows, Linux, and Mac. We are recruiting a few more members on the team to finalize our playable demo. INT is a 3D Sci-fi RPG with a strong emphasis on story, role playing, and innovative RPG features such as randomized companions. The focus is on the journey through a war-torn world with fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies. The player must accomplish quests like a traditional RPG, complete objectives, and meet lively crew members who will aid in the player's survival. Throughout the game you can side and complete missions through criminal cartels, and the two major combatants, the UCE and ACP, of the Interstellar Civil War. Please note that all of our current positions are remote work. You will not be required to travel. For more information about us, follow the links listed below. INT Official website Steam Greenlight IndieDB page Also follow social media platforms for the latest news regarding our projects. Facebook Twitter 3D ANIMATOR We are looking for an Animator to join the Art team to rig characters and create animations for the game. You will be collaborating with fellow members of the team in the creation and polishing of 3D animations. Your tasks will include: Create rigs to be used for animations. Skin 3D models to rigs. Refine existing 3D animations. Contribute to constructive team discussions. Attend regular team meetings. REQUIREMENTS To be successful in this position, following requirements apply: Have working knowledge of 3D animation suites. Understand import/export requirements for Unity Engine integration. Excellent self-management skills. Excellent attention to detail. Excellent communication skills. Satisfaction of the follow requirements are preferred, but not essential: Knowledge of the Unity Engine UMA character creation system would be an advantage. REVENUE - SHARE This is the perfect opportunity to get into the game development industry. We have the majority of our art assets completed and are marching towards our crowd-funding campaign, currently planned for mid 2018. We are unable to offer wages or per-item payments at this time. However revenue-sharing from crowd-funding is offered to team members who contribute 15-20 hours per week to company projects, as well as maintain constant communication and adhere to deadlines. Your understanding is dearly appreciated. TO APPLY Please send your Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio (if applicable), and other relevant documents/information to this email: JohnHR@int-game.net Thank you for your time! Please feel free to contact me via the email provided should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you! John Shen HR Lead Starboard Games LLC
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