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Found 2094 results

  1. lawnjelly

    Tower Defence - Post Mortem

    Background It's been a few days since I put my latest alpha of my entry for the Tower Defence challenge on itch.io and my project page: https://lawnjelly.itch.io/ramsbottom I think I've covered the requirements for the challenge, and made the game a bit above just the requirements so it is a bit more fun to play and has some longevity. The reason I entered this time is because I'd been watching the previous challenges with a little envy, and had been waiting for one that seemed simple enough (I think the last one I looked at had multiplayer and I knew that could be a bit of a bag of worms). My usual low level c++ / opengl approach would probably be overkill for a small / low timescale game, so I decided it would be a good opportunity for me to try out Unity engine, which a lot of people are using currently. What went right 1. Using Unity Rapid development, well suited for this type of small game. 2. Attempting to get as much of the challenge completed asap, then leaving further time for more features / polish. I finished much of the base functionality in the first week, then spent time on and off in the next few weeks just making it better. There are lots of advantages to getting something 'finished' up front, and this is a development model I am trying to move towards. You can 'call time' at any time, and still have a functional product. Unforeseen events always seem to appear and limit the time you can spend on a project. This approach guarantees that even in this situation you will still have a 'product' rather than a half-done version of your 'glorious vision'. 3. Using the asset store, not building all the models myself, and using sites such as freesound for the sound, and creative commons music. For small learning games such as this it didn't make sense for me to make the assets. I know it takes me 2/3 of the time to make artwork etc, and while I am improving at it, I am better at (and enjoy) programming more than making artwork. 4. Finding some good tutorials to learn Unity (then throwing out their approaches!). There are some great tutorials out there (brackys for instance), and these are good for learning unity specific stuff, but in some cases I could instantly see better ways of doing things. I put this down to many tutorials being pitched at total beginners, who are happy to get anything on the screen. But e.g. using Unity editor to lay out levels just seemed ridiculous and limiting. What went wrong 1. C# . I hate it, absolute abomination of a language. I spent more time than should ever be necessary screaming at the damn thing, it makes visual basic look like Shakespeare. I could write a whole blog post just on the things about it that make me seethe, but yeah, if I could avoid ever having to use it again, that would be great. 2. Monodevelop Yeah, see point 1. Pretty bad. I might have to see if I can get another editor working if I use Unity again. I hear VS code may be worth a go (I'm on Linux). Monodevelop seemed really keen to reformat my code in stupid ways I couldn't turn off, and kept trying to autocomplete words incorrectly (that I also couldn't turn off). 3. Lack of debugging support. This may have been due to my setup, it might not be straightforward to get debugging working on Linux (I'm assuming with Unity it is possible to do step by step debugging?). This meant huge problems debugging anything but the simplest code (I had to resort to lots of Debug.Log statements). 4. Unity editor. I'm not really a drag and drop sort of guy. I tried to avoid having half the game 'code' being a particular setup in the drag and drop editor. I'm not even sure how to backup that stuff, I'm sure if I'd have had a crash I could have lost the lot. Come to think of it, did I have to backup all the assets too? With all that .meta stuff? I don't know. At least with code you can zip it up small and keep lots of backups. There should be an option in the menu to save your entire project in a compressed form without all the bloated assets etc, just the stuff that is a pain to lose. 5. Unity build times. I had massive problems with excessive build times taking hours when changing platform particularly, it kept baking lightmaps (or maybe something with shaders?) when as far as I knew I had tried to turn them off. Eventually more by luck than judgement, I found that deleting some skydome assets I had imported and deleting (rather than turning off) an extra light finally cured the problem. Far too little debugging info is given out by the build tool logs, to enable you to know WHY your builds are taking hours. Googling reveals I was not the only one with this problem. Don't just tell me 'baking lightmaps', tell me which light is causing this, which objects etc etc. Conclusion Overall I found the challenge very worthwhile. There are several of us working on it, and bouncing ideas around and spurring each other on works very well. Also a little hint of friendly competition is good too! I managed to get fair basic grounding in Unity, and have a better idea of whether it would be worthwhile using in any future projects.. I may use it for a couple more small games, or evaluate some more current engines (Unreal, or perhaps something more code orientated). Doing such small projects is also great for experiencing and practising the whole development cycle including release and marketing. This can give a much better perspective on how much time you should invest in different stages, and improve your ability to schedule / finish larger projects. It is something I would recommend to beginners through to advanced developers.
  2. I'm working on a system for my game that will allow the player to stack pick ups in a queue. As one pick up expires, the next automatically activates. I'm having an issue though where if I pick up the first one, it activates fine, but if i pick up a second directly after it, it overrides the first one, activates the second one, and then once it has run it's course, everything goes back to normal gameplay, no first pick up. I'm not sure why this is happening. Hopefully someone can spot what I'm doing wrong in my code. Here is the code for the pick up manager: // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (pickUpQueue.Count != 0 && !pickUpActive) { pickUpActive = true; pickUpQueue[0].ActivatePickUp(); } DeactivatePickUp(); } void DeactivatePickUp () { if (pickUpQueue.Count != 0 && pickUpActive) { Destroy (pickUpQueue [0]); pickUpQueue.RemoveAt (0); pickUpActive = false; } } And here is the PickUp: public override void ActivatePickUp () { ball.GetComponent<Ball>().Speed = 2.0f; //increase ball speed... ball.GetComponent<Ball>().StartCoroutine(timer); //...set time that power up is active } There is also a Base Pick Up: public void OnCollisionEnter2D (Collision2D collision) { Vector2 tweak = new Vector2 (Random.Range(0f, 0.2f),Random.Range(0f, 0.2f)); this.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity += tweak; //if the pickup makes contact with the paddle or ball.... if (collision.gameObject.tag == "Paddle" || collision.gameObject.tag == "Ball") { GameObject.FindObjectOfType<GameManager>().GetComponent<PickUpManager>().pickUpQueue.Add(this); Destroy(gameObject); //...and finally destroy power up object } } As a side note, I am trying to find a solution to this that will work for all of my pickups. Some pickups are ammo based, some are timed.
  3. Dark Fantasy Environment and Props Hi GameDevs, I am currently working on a model pack for the Unity Asset Store. I am however not satisfied with the overall look of these game-ready models. There would be many architectual and prop objects from gates and windows to lamps, furniture, decoration etc. The style would be a gloomy, mystical, dark fantasy-inspired look, similar to a dark elf or vampire castle interior. For modeling I use Blender, for texturing Substance Designer and PS. Please take a look at my work and help me figuring out how should I improve the textures. I use the Smoothness / Metallic workflow, and would like to add Ambient Occlusion separately (screen space). I also use Emissive maps where needed (lamps). If you see some obvious flaws in contour, colors, etc please note those too. In these images I threw the objects into Unity, no light setup and compositing was done (I still need to learn those for presenting my stuff). Link to my Sketchfab (here you can see the crystal lamps in 3D). Thank you for your attention!
  4. Is there a way to automatically change the start position of an animation? I have a bunch of animations set up on 3D models in unity. The issue is that I need to move the 3D models, however when I do so the animation start positions are not updated and I have to do it manually.Changing the transform of key frames is time consuming with the amount of animations I have, so I was wondering if there was a way to do it automatically?
  5. Valsi_Noen

    Second Post!

    Hello In my second post, I would like to talk about such things as "Magic and Mechanics, Character Development, Interface and Weather Conditions." At once I would like to note that this is only part of what already exists at the moment. In the process of developing the game, one way or another, some of its elements will be supplemented. For example - globaly numbers and stats (25 points of damage, 35 armor, 81.995% of oxygen in the blood), I DO NOT SEE meaning and therefore I WILL NOT do this.(those figures, which in the screenshots - are approximate.) Everything has its time. So, let's begin! MAGIC: At the moment there are 3 magic skills. 1) Fireball. Average damage. Long flight. A small radius of hit. Relatively small cost of mana. The Fireball is not only the average damage at low cost of mana, but also a good way to illuminate the narrow and dark places, for lack of the best! Noel studied the art of twisting mana in energy clots in his youth, like his sister. He always got a good ball-shaped form, so this spell, he applied without much difficulty. But not in combat. And in battle he still was not, although he was very anxious, during the attack of robbers on the village ... He is often visited by the thought: "What if I went with my mother to defend village... Was she alive? Was I alive?" 2) Electroball. (yes, that's right.) Not an Electric Ball, no-no ...) High damage. Short flight. Large radius of hit. The average cost of mana. Electroball appeared relatively recently. Of course, earlier many races used the power of air magic, to create thunderstorms and a downpour to water the crops. But recently, metropolitan engineers are increasingly using the magic of electricity for various inventions. Electroball, Noel learned by chance ... Carolyn often showed her husband how to use the magic of electricity, and later, for fun, began to train and Noel to slightly push his father. "Look, Noel is almost getting it! Come on, ????? and you can do it!". He did not succeed ... 3) Healing Waves. Zero damage. Static healing (40 units). Fixed radius of application (around itself). Average radius of hit. Low cost of mana. Magic is not only destruction, chaos, pain, death, but also healing, help, hope, life. Unfortunately, as a child, Noel was not very worried about healing spells. Despite the fact that they are owned mainly by women (I would like to remind you that there were no magical academies in the village, and the main types of earnings were: trade, ore mining, logging and harvesting.) Herbs and treatment, mainly engaged women .) I think that now Noel regrets about it more than ever. Why so few? I explain. MECHANICS: Directly to business! Features: 1) To each hand - each spell! Many of you, for sure, played TES 5: Skyrim. (if not - very curious game) Among all the variety of aspects of the game, I was interested in the possibility of using spells, both with two hands, and with each separately. I decided to implement a similar mechanics. Almost any spell can be cast alternately from each hand, or simultaneously from two hands. It looks something like this: The chip is that regardless of the current cooldown (recovery time), you can switch to any other spell right in the battle, by pressing just one button (currently it's Z and X - the spell sheet back and forth). Thus, if there were a lot of spells, it would be difficult to control each of them (mana cost, radius, cooldown, whether it is selected and on which hand, etc.). Of course, for hardcore hardcore fans and / or fans of Magicka, this would be a trifle, but still the game is not only aimed at fighting, but also on survival, so keep an eye on the indicators (more on this below). P.S Do not forget that 3 spells - this is the realization that there is at the moment! Ultimately, this number can and will be increased. 2) Mana. Mana regeneration is a rather ambiguous thing. At the moment, passive recovery is extremely small. And flacon with mana are not restored to the "sleep" of the Hero. Accordingly, saving on mana is extremely important. So, throwing all the magic in a row is not the best idea. There is also a chance that after the death of the enemy, you can absorb some of his mana (and some health or experience). 3) Enhancement of magic skills, their reorganization and rethinking. At the moment, each of the skills has its own (not a hero) level. For the enhancement of the character (improving his health, mana, protection, etc.), there are "Points of Characteristics". To improve skills - "skill points". This is how (approximately) the tree of improvement of skill looks. Everyone of skills has his own! Where there is no branching - you need to learn the previous feature of the skill. Where there are ramifications, you can choose to improve. (or improve everything at once, if you have enough points) Learn what will happen next, before you can not learn the previous skills - you can not. Intrigue But something, I'm still spoiler. For example, the "Healing Wave" skill can temporarily increase the Hero's resistance. So it's not just a healing skill, it's also a useful buff. (Gain) Also, some skills will be universal - for example, you can simultaneously deal damage and reduce enemy defense. And this is ONE skill with ONE hand! Imagine how many effects there will be if EACH of these skills can be applied from ANY hand. (x2, but with different CDs) 4) What was said at the beginning, but perhaps part of you, did not betray this value ... I'll just repeat: This is not the final version. This is what is now. And this is what works now. I hope you heard me Let's continue! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: In addition to the development of skills, there are also points of characteristics, which I mentioned earlier. You can choose what you think is necessary for improvement: More health, more mana, increased resistance, and maybe a good LUCK? Perhaps I will tell more about it (I think the rest is understandable, except for the figures). Luck is a unique indicator. From this depends, how often Noel will find the islands or dungeons. Will there be spring water, palm trees with bananas, coconuts or trees? Also how valuable will be the loot (items, reward) in the dungeons. It also depends on it on how good the weather will be. (about the weather - a little lower) Of course, luck does not give a 100% chance that Noel's life will turn into a fairy tale. No no. This is only a small percentage of the total fate of Noel. Someone does not even feel it, but someone will always smile at it. Funny paradox - in life a person can be unsuccessful, but in the game vice versa. That's just ... In life, to improve your luck - it's not so easy, right? So ... I would advise you to take a chance and raise this luck, at least in the game. Let's talk more about the mechanics of mana restoration, which I touched lightly ... Many are familiar with such projects as Dark Souls, Bloodborn, etc., where to restore something, you need to go somewhere or use something (usually bed / fireplace / bonfire / potions). In Noel Hope, you will initially have 3 (at the moment) type of flacons. A health potion. Mana Potion. And a potion of rage. Potion of Health - restores health. Mana Potion - restores mana (that's a surprise ...). A potion of rage - increases the damage from all abilities for a specific time. Also, falling into a rage - your vision changes. You see better in the dark, but worse with light. Side Effects - Oops! Each of flacons is restored after your sleep on the ship. In certain locations, you can find an extra flacon. (For example, in chests with treasures, or after killing particularly dangerous monsters.) In dungeons/ instanced dungeon or special places without a fixed value (for example, a shipyard / port / berth / quay), the bubbles will not be restored. It will be necessary to carefully choose when to spend them. In addition to the potions, there will also be items of equipment, but I will talk about them, as well as about the dungeons / islands, later. Not this time, no. Mechanics of Survival: An important element is survival. Noel has indicators not only of health, mana, experience, but also hunger, thirst and temperature. Hunger is not a very frequent phenomenon, if you sit at home on a chair and look through some forum. But on a ship, in the middle of the MAGIC ocean, where strange and sometimes not very understandable phenomena happen - hunger is a dangerous thing. You will have to get food either on the islands, or in dungeons, or through attempts to plant a seed. The islands have to be found, as well as the wildfowl itself, which must still be caught. And to grow seeds found on a flooded boat or in a commercial barrel, or maybe in cargo on ships - it's a complicated matter. Watering with MAGIC water - will not work! And even if you find normal water (or get it through the magic of steam), will the seed come up? Increase the chances of success - will help perfume. But I'll tell you about them later, in a new post: P Thirst - it tortures people more often than hunger. Perhaps right now! Want to drink? You should just go to the kitchen, but Noel has a problem ... MAGIC water can also taste unusual, but you can not call it drinking. Fortunately, the ship was designed so that it can accommodate special mechanisms that allow processing some liquid into drinking water. Of course, these mechanisms only on drawings. Temperature - this is something that should pay attention more often. On average, the body temperature is 36.6. I tried to realize this indicator as realistic as possible. (although realism in RPGs with magic is ... mmm ... Conditionally?) Depending on the weather conditions, from the magic of enemies / spirits and Noel himself - his temperature will change. If during a meteor storm, Noel is touched at least by a little meteorite, then he will get a burn. And accordingly the temperature of his body will also rise. If during a snow storm, you want to swim in the water - the temperature of the body will fall. And so on... The same applies to his temperature at various islands / dungeons / locations. In addition to the visible indicators - there are those that appear after some events. For example, when lifting loot (inscription) or while running.(stamina) Stamina is only consumed during the run. Well, actually, the INTERFACE itself with all the elements: WEATHER: Less words - more screenshots. Rain with fog: Light snow: Snowfall: Meteorite clouds: Toxic fumes: Just a sunny weather: Tornado: The weather also affects the speed of the ship. During a storm or a hurricane - the speed of the ship is much lower than during a calm. I will draw your attention. These are NOT finite types of weather phenomena. In total there will be more! Perseverance. The work. Well, you understand. I'm just lazy. On this I will finish the story about magic and mechanics, as well as the development of the character and weather phenomena. I'm more than sure that you probably have more questions In each post, I will give more information, figures, screenshots and plot. Thank you for attention! I hope it was not boring to read! To new posts. P.S. Original Text on russian Language:
  6. Edit Your Profile D34DPOOL 0 Threads 0 Updates 0 Messages Network Mod DB GameFront Sign Out Add jobEdit jobDeleteC# Programmer for a Unity FPS at Anywhere Programmers located Anywhere. Posted by D34DPOOL on May 20th, 2018 Hello, my name is Mason, and I've been working on a Quake style arena shooter about destroying boxes on and off for about a year now. I have a proof of concept with all of the basic features, but as an artist with little programming skill I've reached the end of my abilities as a programmer haha. I need someone to help fix bugs, optomize code, and to implent new features into the game. As a programmer you will have creative freedom to suggest new features and modes to add into the game if you choose to, I'm usually very open to suggestions :). What is required: Skill using C# Experience with Unity Experience using UNET (since it is a multiplayer game), or the effort and ability to learn it Compensation: Since the game currently has no funding, we can split whatever revenue the game makes in the future. However if you would perfer I can create 2D and/or 3D assets for whatever you need in return for your time and work. It's a very open and chill enviornment, where you'll have relative creative freedom. I hope you are interested in joining the team, and have a good day! To apply email me at mangemason@yahoo.com
  7. Hi everyone, I'm creating a series of tutorials about the creation of Game Effects in Unity. I hope it may help someone around here, and feel free to ask questions. Thanks & Enjoy!
  8. Hello About me Lvl 28 Programmer (day job: non-gamedev-programmer, making games as a hobby for about 2 years) Some vector art experience - tried to make some assets on my own using vector software and scripts Some design experience (designing my own games ) About game Turn-based fantasy rpg inspired by games like Heroes 3 (also WoG mod), NEO Scavenger, Battle Brothers I would like to create easy to use editor for creating custom scenarios (similar to the one from Heroes 3) World and story are clean slate, I did some drafts but I'm not good at it so it's possibly subject to change I decided to create graphics using vector software + scripts to make it faster (rpg's tend to have lots of assets), also it's more precise and easier to create tileable graphics (for example: rivers, paths) No sound/music work has been done yet Who do I look for? Definitely someone with 2d art skills I would like to focus more on programming 2D animator (skletal animations are preferred) Additional programmer could make development faster Someone for creating sounds/music/both It's a hobby project, I work on it in my free time. In case the project make it to the finish line and get shipped - I can offer rev-share Below should be few screens of what I already did (about 2 months of work) - some graphics, editor prototype screenshot and game prototype screenshot
  9. So I have hundreds of moving objects that need to check there speed. One of the reasons they need to check there speed is so they don't accelerate into oblivion, as more and more force is added to each object. At first I was just using the Unity vector3.magnitude. However this is actually very slow; when used hundreds of times. Next I tried the dot-product check: vector3.dot(this.transform.foward, ShipBody.velocity) The performance boost was fantastic. However this only measures speed in the forward direction. Resulting in bouncing objects accelerating way past the allowed limit. I am hoping someone else knows a good way for me to check the speed with accuracy, that is fast on the CPU. Or just any magnitude calculations that I can test when I get home later. What if I used vector3.dot(ShipBody.velocity.normalized, ShipBody.velocity)? How slow is it to normalize a vector, compared to asking it's magnitude?
  10. hey all! We are looking for members for our Unity horror game! Here’s the story: After a deadly virus plunges the world into chaos killing 85% of the human population there are now what they call “zones” these zones are watched very closely by the surviving government, people are checked every day for the virus, even if you touch the spit or any human waste or fluids of the victim who is infected, you will die. But one day, people in the west zone start to go missing, 1 woman goes outside the walls to uncover the mystery, is there more to the virus than meets the eye?, That is where your story starts. This game is not a long development game, I have loads other game ideas, I will also allow you to have a bit of creative freedom if you wish to add or share a idea! And no, it’s not a zombie game lol I feel like zombie games are too generic, in this game you will encounter terrifying beasts! There is some concept art one of our concept artists have made If interested email liondude12@gmail.com
  11. Luis Carlos Zardo

    X-Layer Game development diary

    Hello! I was just working on the tutorial level elements for X-Layer, it´ll be built using modular components, much like lego blocks, joined with each other.
  12. GOVERNOR is a modernized version of the highly popular series of “Caesar” games. Our small team has already developed maps, written specifications, acquired music and performed the historical research needed to create a good base for the programming part of the project. Our ultimate goal is to create a world class multi-level strategic city building game, but to start with we would like to create some of the simpler modules to demonstrate proof of concept and graphical elegance. We would like programmers and graphical artists to come onboard to (initially) create: A module where Province wide infrastructure can be built on an interactive 3D map of one of the ancient Roman Provinces. A module where city infrastructure can be built on a real 3D interactive landscape. For both parts, geographically and historically accurate base maps will be prepared by our team cartographer. Graphics development will be using Blender. The game engine will be Unity. More information, and examples of the work carried out so far can be found at http://playgovernor.com/ (most of the interesting content is under the Encyclopedia tab). This project represents a good opportunity for upcoming programmers and 3D modeling artists to develop something for their portfolios in a relatively short time span, working closely with one of Canada’s leading cartographers. There is also the possibility of being involved in this project to the point of a finished game and commercial success! Above all, this is a fun project to work on. Best regards, Steve Chapman (Canadian Map Makers)
  13. Victor Rodriguez

    C# Cameras between scenes

    Hi there! Is the first time that I'm posting here so I'm sorry if I'm doing it wrong ha. So here it comes, my doubt is, I'm doing a game with different levels, each of these levels in one different scene. Each scene contains to cameras that you can change pressing a button. Everything works fine. The only problem is that I would like it to look a bit more professional, and I would like that if you finish the level with camera2, the next level start the same way. I've been thinking about using dontdestroyonloadon both cameras, but obviously this cameras need to be attached to the player to make the movement work, what do you recommend? Sorry If I've explained it in a messy way, and feel free to dm me for anything. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, my name is Andres, I'm a programmer with a technician degree and a Diploma in C#, looking for a project in Unity to start my career in game development. I don't do it for a paid but a recognition and start a portfolio, preferably a 2D game. Thanks for read, have a nice day.
  15. Hello everyone I am a programmer from Baku. I need a 3D Modeller for my shooter project in unity.I have 2 years Unity exp. Project will paid when we finish the work If you interested write me on email: mr.danilo911@gmail.com
  16. Hi, I'm Unity developer from Croatia and I'm looking to work on the paid project in my spare time. I have 5+ years of experience in Unity and I'm familiar with almost anything, including all platforms (also Switch, PS4 and Xbox). Feel free to contact me.
  17. Galaxy Wars is a top down multiplayer shoot ‘em up on PC, Xbox & PS4. Up to 4 players local and 16 players online.We are a small indie team of 4 covering; game design, programming, art, and music.Our intention is to all take a profit share upon any commercial success. The project is coming along great. Some major milestones we have already achieved include: Cross platform input system (PC, Xbox, PS4) Networked for online play (up to 16 players) Split-screen view port for couch multiplayer Multiplayer support Player ownership over in-game objects and weapons We are now looking for others to join the project and take it to the next level. We are looking for help with: 2D screens (splash screens, player select, weapon inventory, map select, game modes, etc) 3D character modelling (loosely based on concept art) 3D environments (map design) Object modelling (weapons, game environment) Unity - (animations, general) If this is something you feel you would like to be part of then please drop me a line. For more details on Galaxy Wars including game concept, inspiration, concept art, and team members please take a look at our game spec here (Google Doc)Thanks.
  18. Yesterday, beta version has started and very first music, sounds added finally, some mechanichs have changed, test it out and feedback, I will be waiting for it. Currently game does not contain anything regarding purchasing.
  19. I have seen a number of posts about this topic but was wondering what the most effective way is. I have been working on a project in unreal engine 4 and am struggling to get virtual reality mode to work in the engine. A route I am pursuing to solve the problem is to use the unity game engine. I have a virtual reality template set up in unity and need to export the project from unreal engine 4 into unity. Whats the best way to export the project from UE4 and than import into unity?
  20. worldzpoc

    ZPOC Blog #3

    GENERATORS / MOUSE TRAPS Mouse trap visuals are functional and show a dead little rodent that your units can eat raw. Now we’ll just need to have them haul the raw food back to the storage area to enable them to be cooked. Delish! Units are now smart enough to go to the rain barrels for water when they get thirsty! Watch out, Einstein! COMBAT ANIMATIONS Sometimes our units just can’t put their battles behind them, and just keep on swinging their weapons as they wander, eat, and even in their sleep. At other times they just sort of spaz out and do the jitterbug in place for a second before continuing the attack. We are working in the code and Mechanim to troubleshoot the issues. CONSTRUCTION We’ve come to a compromise with our wayward units. We’re not ready to update the Task Dispatcher just yet, so they’ll have to continue to follow our commands. However, we’re going to split up the Construct Resource behavior into separate parts to allow for more flexibility. Hopefully our units will demonstrate more obedience when this is complete. Either way this will make the transition to the new Task Dispatcher go more smoothly whenever we do get to it. TL;DR: -Mouse traps show dead rodent, need hauling enabled -Units drink from rain barrels -Working on Combat glitches -Working on fixing bug where units get stuck in Construct Resource behavior when proxies are built before you have the resources.
  21. Valsi_Noen

    FIrst Post :)

    Hello! Before i am start, I would like to note that my English language is terrible and I use Google for translation (and my school knowledge as well... ), so... I am sorry for this. Let's start! P.S. Or u can read Original Text on russian language: Hello!(again :D) Today I would like to share with you the news about the development of a completely unknown, but extremely curious game. The name is too early to give, since it can be connected with the storyline, so I'll just call it "Hope of the Noel" I'll begin my story, perhaps with genres: RPG, Survival, Adventure, Indie. Entire essence genres of the game, is already in the storyline itself, so let me talk about it, a little more detail. What is the plot of this game? This is a story that happened in one of the worlds, far away from the planet Earth. This planet was smaller than the Earth, and to be precise - very tiny. She wasn't called Planet, rather "Satellite", but still It was a planet and races lived on it, which were very different from each other. There were big ogres, fierce orcs, small, but extremely nasty gnomes. There were incredibly beautiful nymphs, tall and sluggish trolls, but here are the people ... The people were more than any other races. However, all races had a common feature - MAGIC. Yes Yes! In this world there was magic and learned how to use it actively. It played an important role in the life of absolutely all races: Want to poke the field? Use the magic of the earth! Want to plant the grain? Use the magic of water! Need to fry the beans? Use the magic of fire! And so on. But not everything was so simple and peaceful ... Many centuries passed as on the Earth. There were wars, reforms, tribes, colonies, and even whole cities and castles that died and came back from the ashes. Thanks to magic, people have learned to appreciate not only lives, but also afterlife. Often, spirits visited houses or battlefields, helped and instructed others or interfered, thereby irritating others ... There were also Great codes of laws that forbade special types of magic. However, scientific progress also did not stand still. Realizing the need, the races have learned to use wooden and iron constructions - mills, houses, interior items, various adaptations and much more. But, let's back in time to the interval when it all began ... Beginning... As I wrote earlier, there were laws that did not allow not only to use forbidden magic, but also to conduct experiments with it. These laws were introduced later, they became controlled, a special organization - Brotherhood of the Three Great Mages. A strange name, is not it? But it was really only 3 magicians! Three, Great, Mighty on this tiny planet, the Mages. The three of them coped with the consequences of experiments on dark magic and the magic of elements - meteor showers, plague, tornadoes and other various, natural and other disasters. Many respected the magicians, but there were those who hated them. Everyone can have an opinion, right? Well .. Of course if he is not under hypnosis, hehe! I'm sorry, I digress ... The very beginning! In one small village, which almost did not hear about technology (yes there was not even a forge!), There was a small family of people. Father, mother and brother with sister. They lived together and tried to help each other. His mother's name was Carolyn. She studied herbs and worked in the garden. Sister and brother were taught the basics of magic and helped with the housework. And father ... He had hopes and dreams! He wanted to make the world and the family happier. And father also wanted to become a great inventor, like that scientist - Iron, who discovered iron, just a couple of weeks ago! .. In magic, he understood the least of all in the family, over whom the whole village laughed at him. "Yes, he can not even make a fire!", They said ... And it was true. He was oppressed by ridicule and reproaches, but his wife supported him and strongly loved. It was thanks to her support and love that he did not give up. It took several weeks, but he was able to invent some strange mechanism that absorbs mana and turns it into fire. Now even he could make a fire! But here's the truth ... This invention could be considered useless, because people could absorb a much smaller amount of magic and turn it not just into a flame, but into whole fireballs, without any "thing"! However, this was only the beginning, the truth. THE BEGINNING ... Father loved the sea. He wanted to be not just an inventor, but also a seafarer. He had not just a dream, but also a goal! The fact is that at this time, technology only evolved and there were not even any iron ships ... He realized that soon the iron would displace the tree and father wanted to become the one who would build the first iron ship furrowing the ocean. "He has a family! Children!" And he does not even want to work in the mine with the dwarves ... Ugh! ". And ... This was also true. His family was at least friendly, but poor. Carolyn could not earn enough from herbs alone to adequately support her family. And Kate and Noel (that's the name of the children) were still children ... And they were gifted children! Carolyn sincerely wanted them to enter the Academy of Mages, in the capital. But this requires money, which was not. Alas... To understand for you all the situation, I'll try to explain again (since, probably, I slightly confused you!): The father was not a hopeless drunkard or a weak idiot. He was a dreamer who sometimes worked part time on the market for kopecks... Their mother worked in the garden and studied the properties of herbs (herbal medicine and magic of healing were the only "Medicine" of that century ...) And the children studied and helped the mother and father. So! Now let's continue ... As time went. And so, after growing up, the gates of choice opened before the children. Kate was more gifted with magic and wanted to study in the capital. Noel was also gifted, but did not feel sympathy and thirst for knowledge in the field of magical sciences, so for a long time, the family decided to send Kate to study in the Academy in the capital. With tears in their eyes, mother, father and brother given money to sister on to training magic in her way of knowledge in capital of the city! Noel was very worried about his sister, but he also understood his desire for other knowledge - invention. He liked inventions much more than magic. He began to help his father more, and one day, they were able to invent a beautiful ship, but alas, only from wood and slightly upholstered with iron around the edges. However, on the ship there were also inventions of the father - the engine from a gear wheel on an energy mana and the steering wheel with a wind-powered turnover! If they lived in the capital, for sure the father could earn on this invention ... But no. The life of the village is very different from the "Big and noisy city". "It would be better if he concoct of how to milk cows faster ... Ugh!" - such is the assessment of the ship and its inventions, from the villagers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world: And here, I would like to draw your attention to several facts and notes that will not allow me to go deeper into history (for what I sincerely ask you for forgiveness). One of such thimgs will be - the restriction on a clear and precise description of the location of the place where it happened. "Damn mages with their own laws!", - in an unfamiliar and eerie voice, was heard all over the dungeon ... "Yes, yes!", The squeaky rat assured him. "They want to drive us back in time and dictate us their terms with their pathetic magic!", Continued the terrible voice. "Back! Pathetic!" "But I will not let them! If I can not, then no one else can!" "Yes do n..." "And let the price will be - every single life, except for those chosen by fate!" "Yes, fate, yes! Wait... What?!" At that moment, what happened was the cause of the true desire ... At that moment, the spark of hope and the thread of despair became entwined in the canvas of the Universe. It hasn't been that long. And terrible has come ... The village was not the "poorest and most abandoned",but however, it should be noted that there was almost no one to guard it. Well, why the capital of city must spend a lot of gold on guarding for a small village? This is ... Payment of guards! And the payment of provisions! Maybe this, or maybe not ... (who knows who will find out about it ... maybe it's you?) Anyway, the village was attacked. Alas, but one of the most gifted magicians in the village was exactly Carolyn. She saved the old lady Yoru, who constantly say "UGH" on Carolyn's husband. But on this magical battle, so bloody and merciless, thieves and criminals were able to carry out not a few lives ... One of them was the life of Carolyn herself. Noel long mourned the death of his mother...And his father... Father seems to have gone mad from grief. If previously he helped the family, moonlighting somehow and even taught Noel to the art of shipbuilding, now ... He locked himself in the shipyard and just made something. In one not very fine morning, bells rang out in the capital, and the magic of the wind and the runes of sound, sounded their alarm bell all over the country ... Even almost all over the world! It was the cry of the despair of the Three Great Magicians and, together with it, the call for Great Help. These bells meant only one - the End of the World. Armageddon. The village was not the "poorest and most abandoned",but however, it should be noted that there was almost no one to guard it. Well, why the capital of city must spend a lot of gold on guarding for a small village? This is ... Payment of guards! And the payment of provisions! Maybe this, or maybe not ... (who knows who will find out about it ... maybe it's you?) Anyway, the village was attacked. Alas, but one of the most gifted magicians in the village was exactly Carolyn. She saved the old lady Yoru, who constantly say "UGH" on Carolyn's husband. But on this magical battle, so bloody and merciless, thieves and criminals were able to carry out not a few lives ... One of them was the life of Carolyn herself. Noel long mourned the death of his mother...And his father... Father seems to have gone mad from grief. If previously he helped the family, moonlighting somehow and even taught Noel to the art of shipbuilding, now ... He locked himself in the shipyard and just made something. In one not very fine morning, bells rang out in the capital, and the magic of the wind and the runes of sound, sounded their alarm bell all over the country ... Even almost all over the world! It was the cry of the despair of the Three Great Magicians and, together with it, the call for Great Help. These bells meant only one - the End of the World. Armageddon. At that very moment, Noel's father left his shipyard for the first time in several months. He was all overgrown, with gray hair and beard till his knees - he turned his face to Noel and say: "Run, Run faster on our ship! Noel!". Noel did not understand what was happening. No wonder, because he had never heard such a disturbing ringing filled with a spark of despair. Unfortunately, on the way to the ship, Noel's father felt an acute attack of heart pain, whether from age, whether from lack of mana, or can from feeling of grief. Unknown. As well as it is not known what was his dying request and Noel's promise ... But what is known is that Noel sat on this ship. And when the waves of the Armageddon Fire collided with the waves of magic of the Water of the Three Great Magicians, a GREAT FLOOD happened. Noel's ship could survive it, but somehow miraculously ... But everything around was flooded ... What was waiting for Noel further? Well... This question worries me too ... I hope, after reading all of the above, you will also be interested in his fate and want to know about this wonderful story. The only question is whether story will ... Time will tell. Gameplay! You probably already forgot, but this is not a book This is a game! And this is a hard game with survival! Noel though has magical talents, but he needs to eat and drink. And he can freeze from the cold, or He might be too hot.(who knows, maybe meteor or some fireballs will fall upon him, m?). Gameplay! ( more!) You probably already forgot, but this is not a book This is a game! And this is a hard game with survival! Noel though has magical talents, but he needs to eat and drink. And he can freeze from the cold, or He might be too hot.(who knows, maybe meteor or some fireballs will fall upon him, m?). In addition, do not forget about the ship itself. Noel spent several weeks in the sea, which became the ocean, and later grew into the concept of a "water planet", but he found trash, boards, spare parts, various pieces of construction and other trash, which he regarded as a building material! Noel was not an engineer. Yes, he helped his father and he could have been employed as an apprentice for some not very prestigious work ... But his knowledge is not enough to build something worthwhile, realizing this, he did not want to lose what he already had ( besides, this is his only home, and a chance to survive, too!). So he will have to repair what is available (and that, let me remind you - a good ship, I would even say, a chic ship!). And Noel came up with a system of collecting resources that swim by. Who knows, maybe that seed can be planted? Of course, if essence help him! Yes, to the word about essence... These little energy clots survived in this "Water Armageddon." Moreover, one of them now lives with Noel. Only the spirit was useless ... Spirits - are astral energy, bound in a bundle of non-material flesh. Usually they helped the farm with wealthy residents capital of the city: they blew dust off the wind, warmed up food and sometimes even sang songs! But either Noel was unlucky, or this spirit was special ... One way or another - the spirit that caught Noel, only just gives sarcastic phrases and constantly wakes him up. Possibly the spirit wants to cheer him up, but most likely - he's just bored, because Noel is the only survivor he saw ... Let's return to the gameplay ... Standing on the deck of the ship, Noel was disturbed by another fact - his sister. He was very worried ... Armageddon seemed to have been specially directed to the city(and it was so ...), and just at that time - the sister was supposed to be in the magical academy. Noel was also worried about the strange structures that appeared due to the fog. Speaking of fog... The water was not simple - it is all saturated with a strange energy that Noel had not previously met. Maybe it's because of the mana of the Three Great Magicians, or maybe because of the strange source of Armageddon, one way or another - the water was enveloped in fog. Always. And only Noel to dive into the water for the next pallet, then his immediately overcomes the feeling of heaviness and as if from it suck out all the vital juices. So, Noel better not jump into the water. Still - the gameplay! While Noel swam unknown where, but knows for what purpose - to find a sister or find a reason of Armageddon, he fell into a storm, downpours, thunderstorms and even magic poisonous couples. Possessing a good knowledge of magic, Noel was able to protect the engine of the ship, sails and steering wheel. But they had to be repaired from time to time. And there were problems with purveyance... Noel did not know what was wrong with water and which of the seeds could be planted. Experiments did not give results - there were no sprouts. As there were no fish in the magical water ... But something dark, some ominous silhouette clearly pursued Noel ... Or maybe he imagined it? .. Results ... So, it will be RPG, Survival, Indie, Adventura with small elements of horror (Thunders and Ghosts! Bu-u-u!). With the story (and plot)! With the random generation of the world (please do not confuse it with procedural! Only Hardcore Random!) And complexity of dungeons / enemies / events depending on the skill of the player. (when the faster and more efficient the player develops the game economy - the harder it is :)) Conclusion: I would like to note that the game is conducted without financial support and will not become a Triple-A project (alas). The engine is Unity. Most models and textures will be taken from the Free Open Source sources, and the purchase / sale model will be "One-time buy", where the price range is not fully known yet. After a couple of weeks, the first closed pre-alpha test will not be a separate mechanic, but all the mechanics of the game combined. Now if you liked the idea and what already exists (there are not many screenshots, for now ...), then write here or on my e-mail and I will understand that you are interested in this project! And if you are interested in this project, I will continue to write small short articles. (as if a very small diary of the developer ... Or maybe Noel's diary?) Thank you all for attention, I hope it was not boring and tediously!
  22. I'm wondering if anyone has any examples or tips/ideas on how to handle pickups in a game. The game is an arkanoid style game. I'm going to have at least 5 different pick up types, and they are going to be in a queue, where only one can be active at a time. Once one pick up is expended, the next one should automatically start up. Some of the pick ups have an immediate effect, such as ball speed. Others will activate when the pickup is hit, but doesn't actually do anything until the ball hits the paddle. Those type of pick ups have a limited number of shots instead of a time limit. What I'm trying to figure out is what kind of structure I should have for a system like this? I'm just curious how these things are handled in other games, especially if anyone has any examples that would be great. Thank you!
  23. worldzpoc

    ZPOC Blog #2

    BUILDING The building menu is now functional! Right now it only contains a couple of barricades that can be built, but we’ll get to adding more options to choose from soon. You can now place multiple proxies (ghosted-objects) at a time without having to constantly re-open the Build/Crafting menu. It even keeps them rotated to your desired rotation, because we care about your building experience. And we care about families. If you can’t place and build your barricades quickly, your family might get eaten. Vote for us. AI DISSIDENTS AND TASK MANAGEMENT As any parent of a teenager will tell you, sometimes when you nurture a person and they grow up to have a mind of their own, they can get a bit difficult to deal with. You tell them to do something so they do the opposite. Well, our Units may not yet have drivers licenses (another fun thing to look forward in the future!), but they sure are getting an attitude. Today after placing multiple barricades to be built, the units built a couple of them and then just wandered around in protest. It’s as if they’re tired of everyone (all of the other scripts) telling them what to do all the time.
  24. **The game must be in the final stages of development and be close to release. Willing to do SFX or Music for free since Horror games heavily interest me.** Hey there! My name is Cpaws and I compose music, sound effects and overall sound design for video games and film. I've worked on numerous games and I'm looking to specifically pick up a Horror game. If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to contact me at cpawsmusic@gmail.com Here's a few demo reels of my past projects: Game Music I've Composed: https://soundcloud.com/cpawsmusic/sets/cpaws-video-game-film-music Website/Portfolio: https://CpawsMusic.com/ E-mail: cpawsmusic@gmail.com
  25. The StandingDescription: After a deadly virus plunges the world into chaos killing 85% of the human population there are now what they call “zones” these zones are watched very closely by the surviving government, people are checked every day for the virus, even if you touch the spit or any human waste or fluids of the victim who is infected, you will die. But one day, people in the west zone start to go missing, 1 woman goes outside the walls to uncover the mystery, is there more to the virus than meets the eye?, That is where your story starts.Includes: A Terrifying Adventure. A Ton Of Lore To Explore. First person Shooter view point. Kill, or be killed.  Team Name:Team ReboundTeam Structure:Rio Dakota (Project Creator)Lead,Game Design,Writer Bastaird (Concept Artist) Kat (Main Character Actor) Voice Actor Previous Work:Project FreeFall - Unknown If ReleasedTalent Required: Unity Programmer(3) Must know how to work with other Members. must know how to use unity engine Must know how to work with modellers etc Required:Must Know C#  3D Artist (3D Animators, Hardsurface modeller etc etc)(3) Ability to export Models Experience with Unity toolset a bonus. Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in environments. 3D Character Artist (1) Experience with Maya Or blender Or Cinema4D required. Experience with Unity toolset is a bonus. Required to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters. Contact:E-mail:Liondude12@gmail.comDiscord:riobio55#1958
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