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Another classic pairing of BBC news stories that I'm ashamed to say, made me laugh a bit. #darkhumour #verydark https://t.co/dEeXH4TfSK
Apr 27 2016 02:51 PM

RT @ragso: Busted for using a fake Starbucks name. “But your credit card says—” YOU DON’T WANT ME TO SPELL THAT FOR YOU EVERY DAMN TIME
Feb 18 2016 03:50 AM

Never underestimate how much of a pain in the ass radiator tails can be :O Beggars ain't leaking now! #PTFE http://t.co/IqeVMMRr
Feb 18 2013 04:59 PM

Just backed #DreamfallChapters @Kickstarter. So glad they're making another #dreamfall :D Thx @RedThreadGames your my hero's :) So excited!!
Feb 18 2013 08:10 AM

Maybe I need a different way of drawing trees...
Feb 18 2013 07:27 AM

You spill a drink on your desk, the first thought in your mind should not be "Hey, my desk is really nice and level!" #OCD #amidoinitrite
Jun 01 2011 03:39 PM

I want to print up some photos to canvas - this lot seem pretty good http://www.canvasdezign.co.uk/ - Anyone know anywhere better?
May 24 2011 11:18 AM

Does anyone ever get the feeling that the universe is implemented in IEEE floating point? http://bit.ly/j64rVz #SPACEdotcom
May 23 2011 10:54 AM

#minecraft, It controls my mind... The fact I can VPN to work and play on our lunchtime server in the evening isn't helping...
May 13 2011 03:50 AM

Should I buy x3 Terran conflict? I've been meaning to play it for ages, just never got round to. #steam make me an offer I cannot refuse!
Apr 11 2011 05:01 AM

BBC News - Presenter, 85, crosses Atlantic on raft for WaterAid - http://bbc.in/gfa3GO http://gasballoon.com/antiki/ #antiki #wateraid
Apr 07 2011 05:41 AM

Posted one of my favorite photos http://fav.me/d3akmtr on #deviantart. Has a good wholesome sunny feel to it, great for all those grey days!
Feb 27 2011 10:22 PM

Damn, can't #giveblood because I went cycling last week and got an infection, damn that dirty mud stuff!
Feb 08 2011 09:53 AM
  • sdaq's Photo
    mountain biking? sweet what kind of ride do you have?
    Feb 08 2011 10:13 AM