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Nohbdy Ahtall

*Sigh* My post made for finding people moved from "For Beginners" to "My Announcements", suggested to post to "Classifieds". Yeah, I get it, but that post's *target audience* doesn't work that way. I'm looking for Beginners, and people who help Beginners. The former is most likely to view the "For Beginners" forum - *not* my profile, and *not* the classifieds. It's ironic heh, since the goal was to find a better method of communication than foru...
Mar 30 2012 04:53 PM
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    Nohbdy Ahtall
    ... than forums (for exactly this reason) to discuss ideas like human beings without content-placement rules. Tsk tsk.
    Mar 30 2012 04:55 PM