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Found 123 results

  1. Hi, Please help us to decide if our current project is cool and interesting enough. If so we will finalise it. If not we will made demo of other comncept. So add to Wishlist if you like it and would like to play someday Video of Psycho Wolf demo: Reveal Trailer Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/867690/Psycho_Wolf/ Thanks !
  2. The new sprint is here, and we ticked off some work items during the last one, i.e. we finished modeling the furniture for Clearwater’s kitchen in his apartment. We also did UWV Unwrapping, and put a nice texture on all the cupboards and stuff. We imported the kitchen to UE4 and it looks fine. We also finished modeling the furniture for his home-office and did all the UWV-texturing-UE4-things we made for the kitchen. We fixed some bad looking things on the main-character Charly Clearwater himself. We adapted his cloth and skin materials, his proportions and so on. We bought him shirt buttons, a watch and a golden ring (as he is married to Amanda by the way). See the short video below. We adapted his walking animation like a thousand times before. We improved some other animations, too, that would be relevant for the new video. We continued modeling the world-outside-Charlys-apartment-window (replica of the concept art made by our concept artist as you can see below) and created approx. one billion pieces of polygons (at least it felt like…) to build houses for Clearwater’s friendly neighborhood. Are you interested in a new apartment? 😉 We haven’t finished it yet. It’s a topic for the current sprint. The book BIZARRE Episode I is getting longer and longer. The introduction to this book, called BIZARRE: Alltagskiller (that is already published), includes a book called Excess (the book-in-book-kind-of-thing). Excess is an erotic thriller that Charly Clearwater writes during the main story, i.e. during the fulfillment of these 13 bizarre wishes. So, the reader will read two books in one while reading the book BIZARRE Episode I. After having finished the writing of the main book, the writing of Excess begins. The book is going to be heavy! 😉 Furthermore, we made a design drawing of the evil Egyptian power (see below) that is causing the whole drama to the main-character and intends to rule the world. We’ll model her and the people of this culture sometime later, after we have completed a thousand other things. We have a lot of ideas regarding her appearance and that of the ritual and cultic objects of the people from Vï|IV. Our plans for the next sprint are (see the product backlog below): We continue modeling the houses for the world-outside-Charlys-apartment-window. We improve Charly Clearwater’s appearance by adapting his skin envelopes and vertices, again. We program some things in Blueprint to optimize the correct usage of the proper animations for CC. We program the shooting animation in Blueprint and test them till we drop. We test some facial animations for CC that didn’t work when we published the colored woman video last year. In case no errors occur this time, we’ll start modeling some nice facial animations for main-character Charly Clearwater, all relevant for the new video. The facial animated Clearwater is important for the new game blog that is still unpublished, as well as for some new full body 4k pics of CC that we intend to render any time soon. We want to paint another concept art of the next game scene that we’ll probably recreate after the completion of the apartment scene. By the way, do you remember the colored woman? 🙂
  3. Hello to whomever is reading this, I see that you clicked this topic for a reason... you can draw, you're an artist, your work is digital and unique! And, let's not forget, you're talented... And guess what? You're exactly who i'm looking for. A.I is a game concept that i have been thinking about a lot lately, and i'm searching for skilled people (aka you) to join the team. The game is going to be multiplayer, open-world, located on a distant jungle planet that is inhabited by bio-luminescent flora and fauna. The player will be able to explore, craft, tame, build, hunt and form clan alliances/or fight instead! And i need you... Now, if you're still reading this im guessing you're still interested! If you are the talent im looking for message me or post below. Please be able to draw concepts for (which i bet you can): - Creatures - Plants - Characters - Items such as weapons, tools and clothing etc.. I will add you on discord P.S Please have some artwork examples you can show me for reference
  4. I am about to start a PhD that will investigate ways of replicating creativity in the AI systems of simulated people in virtual environments. I will research which psychology theories and models to use in order to achieve this, with a focus on creative problem solving. The aim of this project is to create virtual characters and NPCs that can create new solutions to challenges, even if they have never encountered these before. This would mean that not every possible action or outcome would need to be coded for, so less development resources are required. Players would encounter virtual people that are not bound by rigid patterns of pre-scripted behaviour, increasing the replay value and lifespan of games, and the accuracy of simulations. I am looking for companies or organisations that would be interested in working with me on my PhD, and I think computer games companies might be the most likely. I am trying to think of ways in which this new AI system might benefit games companies, or improvements and new types of games that might be possible. I am on this forum to ask for your thoughts and suggestions please, so I can approach games companies with some examples. Thank you for your time and interest.
  5. lollydipstick

    Character SmileBeast

    From the album: Justin Wolfe's Creature Design Work

    This is a creature design I have titled "SmileBeast". Although it may seem like shock art, I decided to make this creature very personal to me. It is symbolic of the monstrosity that is depression. It represents how those who suffer from depression put on a fake smile, a facade, to function in the outside world even though they are dying inside. The very front-heavy shape of the creature represents how imbalanced depression sufferers feel in their daily lives, and claws represent how depression sufferers often unwillingly lash out at those nearby.

    © Copyright (C) 2018 Justin Wolfe

  6. I'm programing a game with mario in Java. When I run the code, it does not give an error, but the character does not move. I checked every bit but I could not find the error. I left the codes down. What should I do? Oyun.class OyunEkrani.class
  7. Paszq

    Arpago - Troglodytes

    From the album: Arpago

    Troglodytes are a playable races in Arpago - they usually don't talk much and most of them lives near water sources.
  8. Paszq

    Arpago - Fox Folk 2

    From the album: Arpago

    a Fox in a dungeon :)
  9. Paszq

    Arpago - Fox Folk

    From the album: Arpago

    Fox Folk is one of 3 playable races in Arpago.
  10. Paszq

    Arpago - Fox in a cave

    From the album: Arpago

    Screenshot made in a cave leading from tutorial dungeon area. Shows one of the playable races - Fox Folk.
  11. Marina Musetescu

    Character Concept

    Hello! We are currently developing a real-time strategy mobile game and this is the concept art for one of our characters. Her description is: „She blends upper class sophistication with very sharp blades and even sharper fangs.” What do you think?
  12. I started making a game, for a month, I was creating a fighting system that is heavilly based on character traits and story. It is finished, but now the harder part for me awaits.. I cannot think of any story at all. I have a base concept, but dont know how to build on it. i want it to be about characters, that are aware about their levels and they will try to defeat you and steal a level from you, so you can level up, but also level down. What do you do, to think of something, to make an interresting plot, to break a mental block im having right now ?? You can check my BLOG to see, how my game works.
  13. Dezaiw

    Knight armor

    From the album: My model

  14. Dezaiw

    Knight armor

    More images https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1qRae
  15. G-Dot

    Devlog #1 - Very beginning

    Hello, everyone! In this my very first devlog I want to tell about game, which I'm currently developing. "Blunders" is a third person action shooter where you need to destroy enemies' ship. Of course it will not be very easy, because the only things witch can damage this ship is a big cannons (there will be 2 or 3 on a level). And aslo ship will try to defend itself. It will send robots to destroy you and your cannons. Also some supplies will sent to you. After defeating a ship it's admiral will come to deal with you. Level will be finished after destroying an admiral. Currently I'm planning to create 3 different levels in 3 different environments and 3 admirals. For now I don't have much to show only some enemies and main character. Also I've got a little asset library to create first environment (desert) and few animations for enemies. This some main character's renders (I really like to do them). His rig is not very good and probably I will fix it soon. But I've pasted the hardest part - his creation, and I'm very happy. This is link to artstation page. Also I have got some enemies: Well, maybe their poses are a little weird. And there is last thing. I've planned a story and you will not be just killing enemies, but exploring character and world around you. Also at the end I want to say that I wouldn't be very productive in the next two months because I need to prepare to my exams.
  16. Julia Zhurko


    From the album: character design

  17. KEITHART85

    Help me please :)

    Hi all. I´m artist in PartyHead Studio and we did our first game. We are constantly learning and I would like to ask you that you think the artistic section and that could improve. We want to do an update soon and would like to know if there is something wrong or poor quality in the current version. Game: https://goo.gl/TyfCFY Thanks to all, have good weekend.
  18. I am trying to setup the custom wizard for making a 3ds MAX 2018 plug-in (to export a character animation data), but I can't locate the wizard file folder to put the .vsz file in. In the 3ds MAX 2018 docs, it only mentions where the folder is in VS 2015 (VC/vcprojects). It's a VC++ project, but I don't see any folder in VC for the wizard files. I'm using VS 2017 update 15.5.6 Enterprise, and the folders in VC are: Auxiliary, Redist and Tools. Thanks.
  19. GameDev2017

    All about the new BIZARRE video!

    The new sprint starts today. We've done a lot during the last 4 weeks! We deployed the game on our mobile phone and fixed some bugs. Charly Clearwater is looking good in UE4 now! All his textures and maps look fine. All his animations run fluently. He's now able to walk and run when reaching some defined speed limits. (Blueprint) He is also able to recognize a stair and to use the right animation when climbing upstairs or downstairs. (C++ and Blueprint). Clearwater can now pick up objects from the environment and can save them in an inventory. (C++ and Blueprint) For the new video, the main-character Charly Clearwater must also learn to shoot in all directions when a button is pressed. A topic for the current sprint. Another thing is the game controller. We want to make it easy for the player to move the character, to open the inventory, for example, we want to make it easy to interact and play (on the mobile phone). For that reason, we'll integrate a simple game controller, that is to use and to learn as easy as possible. Simple HUD's will stay in the background, won't disturb the player, but will be there when necessary. The player will get introduced to these elements during the first scene of the game and can use them later whenever he needs them. The new video is going to happen in his apartment, the first game scene. The place where the player is going to learn more about the character Charly Clearwater himself, more about how to play him, how to handle the game elements and the game controller, etc. Plus, the apartment is still incomplete, so we need to model a lot of furniture and objects during this sprint to finish both the videos location and the first game scene. Why the new video? We want to show you what kind of game BIZARRE is. Who main-character Charly Clearwater is. And what kind of quality the game is suppose to have. Call the video "Get to know BIZARRE". :-) That's our plan for the next 4 weeks.
  20. Hey Folks! For anyone attending GDC 2018 - Autodesk will be holding an Indie Games Summit Wed Mar 21st 1-2:30pm, where we will be showing off some new work (see below) and having a round-table discussion to better understand how we can help Indie Game devs and artists working on interactive content. Details and registration are here: http://www.cvent.com/d/7tq4qz If you are at GDC, it would be fantastic to have your voice at this event. Please RSVP if you are interested and feel free to share with anyone you think would like to attend as well. Here’s some of what we’ll be talking about: A new interop workflow between Maya / Max and Unity Recent features that make rigging and modelling simpler and faster ...And more! You will learn some new skills here that we hope will speed up your workflow and let you focus more on making games, and it's a great opportunity to let us know where else we can help you best. Thanks, Laurence Cymet
  21. a2j2tiwari

    2D Show Off

    Hey guys, How is everyone doing? I am new to this forum and I thought what better what to introduce than show off your work? I am a Pixel Artist, Concept Artist and now delving into the world of painting.
  22. ChibiNature

    Baby steps

    The game in question will be a platformer and I hope due to its simplistic nature it'll reflect very well anything I learn. Starting with the Unity engine since that seems to be the go to for platformers, and I take all credit for my creation other than the art. The name at the moment is Bun's Cottage but that is of course subject to change. Right now I'm going through the process of animation and creating the player character, tying animations together and finding the smoothest way to implement animations.
  23. Chamferbox, a mini game asset store has just opened with some nice game assets, Here you can find a free greek statue asset Also check their dragon, zombie dragon and scorpion monster out: They're running the Grand Opening Sale, it's 30% off for all items, but for gamedev member, you can use this coupon code: GRANDOPEN to get 50% off prices What are you waiting for, go to http://chamferbox.com and get those models now!
  24. Chamferbox, a mini game asset store has just opened with some nice game assets, Here you can find a free greek statue asset Also check their dragon, zombie dragon and scorpion monster out: They're running the Grand Opening Sale, it's 30% off for all items, but for gamedev member, you can use this coupon code: GRANDOPEN to get 50% off prices What are you waiting for, go to http://chamferbox.com and get those models now! View full story
  25. Finally, the main-character Charly Clearwater has been finalized! It's been a long trip. Out of a box, we modeled Clearwater's body first, then we modeled his head and face that was going to look like a drawing we made initially. Then we textured his body. He is wearing a business suit since he is a business man having his own company. In the game and book, he is more a rich and arrogant character. After this, we textured his face but weren't happy with the result, that's why we started creating a 4k appearance. We found a good texture editor and painted pores, eyebrows, a skin color with freckles and redness, irregularities, etc. on his face to make him look more real. We modeled and textured his hair, he's blonde and has blue eyes. We modeled and textured his eyes, his lashes, his beard, etc. Then we put him in front of a nice lighting and took some pictures of his face and body, but it took 2 days to render all 4k pics with several PC's! The first 4k pic is published, the others will get published on the new official game website that is due on May, probably. The thing is, the game blog is still like impersonal, and we need more game elements to make the game website more vivid. That takes time. A new video is planned, also for May XY, the first anniversary of the game BIZARRE. We hope to have finished all pieces till May. In this video Clearwater gets confronted for the first time with surreal visions leading him to insanity. These visions convince him to the realization of 13 bizarre dreams of unknown people. These 13 bizarre dreams are the basis of the game. The game elements. We focus now on the game play. Clearwater needs to learn how to interact with his surroundings, how to shoot, pick up objects, to walk, to speak, to move elegantly and smooth, etc. A lot of work to do!
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