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Found 222 results

  1. ProjectTaival

    Dev Diary #003

    Re-Release from 21th of January 2019 Dev Diary; Hi, and welcome again for the weekly dev diary of Project Taival! I have been busy with the marketing side of things, which has left less time to the game it self, but I managed to get two things done at once - recorded a video while I was doing the details for one room of the apartment building. The Timelapse I'm currently editing the #timelapse video, but are having a hard time learning the scripting side of AviSynth. This would be a good thing to learn to automate much of the video processing work in a lossless manner. The problem is, that what first seemed to be working, now appears to be too much for my computer to handle, as the plugin I need to use is old and doesn't handle big files well. More precisely, the plugin fills the entire RAM and throws a fatal error after over 22000 processed frames. I'm currently looking for ways to automate video segmenting to smaller files, which should get around this error. I'll be updating the #progress on either the next Dev Diary or before, if I get the problem solved earlier. Detailing the Room Kitchen counters and cupboards. I decided that I would first try to finish one room, so that the end results are seen faster. This should also streamline the progress a bit, as the generic cupboards are found in every house in this apartment building. There will be more individual assets to every house, so that none of the interior decorations are the same, but it's good to start with assets that are to be used most often. I'm also exploring how it will affect the size of the game, if I integrate some assets with the underlying architecture. For example, if I make the baseboards/skirtings integral to the floor. This would save very much time when I need to put the assets to right places in the Game Editor. There has also been many videos, that give great lessons on how a starting game developer can maximize the efficiency of the workloads. I especially like to watch the Game Dev Underground and Atmos Games for reference on how to be a successful indie game developer. If you have any interest in being a Game Developer or have interest in Indie Games in general, I would warmly recommend these channels. Situation on #YouTube in general Since it would take time off from my game development, doing comprehensive talking videos might not be the best choice at this point - including the lack of suitable space to do recordings. Most efficient way that I have thus far come up with is to record timelapses and possibly record my speech either for the entirety or part of the video, if I'm not using music in the videos. Second topic on this issue is the teaser, which I would like to complete as soon as possible. After doing some research, it seems that doing it in Blender might actually be the best way to make it, so back to learning blender for me. The learning experience has been really sporadic for me, as I need to try and handle everything at this point on development and building a audience base is one of the more important things even at early on, to show where you come and what have you learned. Most important thing to show here is how willing are you to learn new things. Website planning I'm also planning on the style for a website for the game and I think I have found a suitable style for both, desktop and mobile users. I'll be releasing more details about this on the next weeks Dev Diary. If you have any recommendations on the layout or graphics for the theme (dark, snowy winter), please feel free to make suggestions That's it for this weeks Dev Diary, thank you for your continued support.
  2. ProjectTaival

    Dev Diary #002

    Re-Release of 14th of January 2019 Dev Diary; Hello again and welcome to the second Dev Diary for the Project Taival. This time I have my earliest test build in playable form, of the model of the house where you can explore the layout of two first floors. It is still not finished and I left the downstairs largely unlit on purpose. The download link is on the bottom of this post. The TestBuild can only be exited by CTRL + ALT + DEL and force closing the software (as far as I know). Please take note; all the models in this Test Preview are placeholders and/or temporary assets. The player character will be entirely different than the UE4 template character that this game has. Current experience with UE4 tools are very confusing - even with tutorials I'm largely lost, due to so many tutorials being out of date for the current version of the developer tools. But, I'm slowly but surely getting accustomed to the editing process in UE4. I'm still torn between Unity 3D and UE4, as Unity seem to be somewhat more user friendly, but on the downside, lacks visual scripting currently. I'm also researching how to make teaser trailers, as my Youtube channel is in dire need for content. I'm also trying out composing music for the teaser, but more on that when I have something ready to show. I will be spending this week finalizing the bottom floor models and testing out UE4 and Unity 3D some more. Also, it seems that this is going to be very tutorial heavy week for me, so fingers crossed. Thus far, despite all the frustration, I'm extremely optimistic about this endeavor to make this game. It feels really good to see the progress, no matter how small it might sometimes be, but being this motivated despite all the hardship in learning feels really good. Thank you for everyone who have shown interest toward this project! Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more content updates. You can also show your support and subscribe to my other Social Media channels; YouTube Twitter Facebook Google+ And as always, have fun on your taival through life! Download from Dropbox
  3. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    I want to make a game.

    As does everyone on this site, I suppose. Allow me to elaborate. You've heard of Undertale. right? That retro-graphics RPG that put a spin on the whole concept? Yea, of course you do. (I mean, if you don't, here's a Wikipedia link: Then, of course, you know about the various Alternate Universes (AUs) of this game that the community has made, like Underswap or Underfell. Well, I want to make a sort of "fan-game" of Undertale. Basically Undertale, except it's an AU: Painted Plummet. Now, I'll give you a basic summary of Painted Plummet. It's basically Undertale, but the characters are replaced with YouTube animators, like Jaiden Animations or TheOdd1sOut. Now, the Au itself belongs to [RP]=Retribution, but I have made my own take on it, called CB!Painted Plummet. Now, let me clarify, takes on AUs aren't uncommon. There's a take on Underswap called TS!Underswap (and that's admittedly the only example that comes to mind.) Now, I'm posting this on here because I'd like for you guys to give feedback on this idea, maybe throw some concepts for game mechanics at me, whatever you feel like giving me. So go ahead! (Oh, and if you want me to tell you the characters, lemme know.)
  4. Being a solo developer is a double edged sword. One the one hand you get complete freedom when making decisions. But, on the other hand you can become too emotionally attached to ideas you have invested too much time in. Not only that, I think it's a pretty common problem for us to bite off more than we can chew. We'll have grand ideas of what we would like to create but ultimately between real life commitments and finding the time to work on a project - those ideas usually are not that feasible without a team. I've been having a strong internal debate for a while. Stylistically I really wanted to create a 2D pixel art game. At the beginning it was really fun getting the basic sandbox of my game going. As I started to plan the game out I started to draw up the assets for it. Talk about biting off more than I can chew. 2D pixel art does not happen quickly. If you aren't proficient at it... the time it takes to draw up acceptable sprites can be pretty long. I've spent countless hours in photoshop drawing up naked sprites that I could paint clothes on, etc. The inevitable happened and I got pretty burnt out from doing something that was necessary but ultimately not that stimulating for me. At the end of the day I enjoy coding a lot more than doing the actual design stuff. Progress on the game stagnated. A few months passed since I did any serious work on the game. I ended up installing the most recent version of Unity 3D and figured I would mess around with some 3D stuff just for fun. One thing I noticed was how much quicker I was able to get something up and running that I was pretty happy with even just using assets I downloaded from the Asset store in Unity. I spent a little bit more time tinkering and getting the hang of 3D graphics. All of the games I have done in the past for fun have been 2D games and I never really delved deep into 3D stuff. As I started to scour the asset store looking at 3D assets I started to realize how much amazing work people are putting out at extremely fair prices. I realized I can treat the asset store as basically hiring a team to help me develop parts of my game that I am not interested in putting time into as I would rather actually focus on the core aspects of what will make my game unique. I ended up purchasing a few assets. One of the main things that I picked up that has made a massive difference is Procedural Worlds Gaia, GeNa 2 and Path Painter. Money well spent I must say. After about 5 minutes of tinkering I was able to create this game world. Wow! That is pretty damn impressive and I don't need any knowledge of how to use 3DS Max or Blender. I love it. It's crazy how fast these game engines are growing and allowing a person like me to actually make their ideas become a reality. I am extremely excited to get a playable sandbox going that I can build off of for my game and test out my code and ideas. I think in about a weeks time I am going to absolutely obliterate the progress I made on the 2D version of this game. If you want to make something on a larger scope, don't hesitate to look into using third-party tools that will help streamline your progress. It isn't essential for you to code every single element of your game. If that is what you want to do, more power to you though. But, ultimately you have to weigh how much time you are able to commit to a project and what kind of progress you want to see from your idea. Until next time. Niko @ Chernobog Studio
  5. Capripsy

    Premise for a horror game

    I want to pitch an idea for a horror game I was thinking about. It would take place 8n the small town on Hopes Peak. A small town in the shadow of a mountain. Eventually, tragedies start occurring, leading to more and more bodies. When there were more dead than living the town left our reality, and was suspened in it own limbo. The protagonist must escape, and evade the residents of the once cheery town. There will be 5 types of things you can come across. Survivors, who either try to 8gnore the madness around them or straight up fight and survive. There are the Mad Ones, people who went insane. There are terrifying monsters that hunt the liv8ng, and there are also various ghosts. The final catagory are the cultists, more on that later. But (currently) the plot is that the local old fashioned mayor finds his daughter pregnate from a poor boy. The mayor kills both, and the poor boys sister and the mayors son conspire to avenge their respective siblings. They try to kill him with poison, but they fail, getting the dosage wrong. After finding an old book on ghosts, the sister of the poor boy gets the mayors son to join her in summoning the souls of their sibl8ngs. They fail, accidentally putting a few wrong words. They summon a demon, that at first plays along, pretending to be the siblings... siblings. But it eventually starts to spread it aura of evil into the town, causing and increase of suicides. Eventhally, after having summoned the demon, the poor boy and mayors daughter get m8ndcontrolled by the demon,and they start a cult. The cult at first targets not normal people, like deafs, blinds, gays, etc. Eventually the string of dissapearences is enough for the town to try to march on the mayor, demanding he do something. He orders the pol8ce to protect him, and the loyal ones do. The demon escalates the emotions until they riot, resulting in over 100 dead. With now over 1,000 dead and bitter souls, the town is closer to the spirit world than reality. T eventually breaks off, causing it to forget that it ever existed. Its been in limbo for 26 years when the protag Emma Fields. She and her friends are dragged out to go mountaineering, but get accidentally transported to Hopes peak. Now desolate and mostly empty, the town once had 4, 000 people in it, now prehaps 500 who are sane. The survivors are paranoid of Emma and her friends, eventually getting hostile, think8ng them to be evil projections. They get tossed out, into the street. From there they must survive and go to various locations in town, to get Key Fragments. Once all the fragments are collected, they combine to open a door the room where the demon was originally summoned. They must dispel him from their, and the town will be returned to their reality. One thing featured in the game will be memoirs, which will detail the various notable entities you meet. Tell me what ya think.
  6. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    Hello again everyone! I've been drawing away at this tent for a bit now, trying to figure out the best design for it. It'll be the Protagonists temporary house at the start of the game, so it's pretty important but I can't decide which version to go with. So I decided to let you guys decide Here's a picture of all three designs, please leave your vote in the comments and I guess tomorrow Morning I'll see which one you guys like best, and finish that one. Have wonderful rest of your day and thanks for taking the time
  7. Im say Hello for everybody ,for every guest on this blog ! My name is Oleg (im here and im sorry for my bad english skill. So,what im gonna do . Post here my current sketches ( almost everyday ). What i need from developers with expirience (sure if you have time for me) , is critique for any part with any angle , advice , recommendations , your corrections about actual styles and trends and your test works for me if you want(for next "paint day"). And im read all messages, think more and do more, i hope do better and better Im streaming almost everyday you can type on chat (if im online) (
  8. GuerrillaAndroid

    Avoiding overpowering the MC

    I've been working on a game for a while and think that my fights might be too easy, as a general rule, would it be better to nerf the MC or to buff the enemies?
  9. Hello everyone! I'm writing research on topic - "The best game engine for a small team to create 2D indie games". I need a research consultant or any feedback in this topic because I can't do it on my own - I'm not a scientist or someone else in game engines and other things. I've chosen criteria and game engines for research. They are in image "table.png" below. As we can see, it contains 6 game engines and 10 criteria. I want to know - are this criteria and game engines suitable for my research? In "Notes" section I put quiestion to help respondents answering. In the last line - Value of criteria(in different words, multiplier), I wrote my own estimation of each criterion. This method let us to get different order of engines for every game development team. For example, if I value "Learning Curve" and "Ease of use" I will get one order, but if I value "Genre" and "Extra Benefits" I will get another order. Thank you for your attention. I hope you will leave feedback. Have a nice day :3.
  10. Hi Guys. I'm currently working on a puzzle game with the theme elections. You have a board of hexagons with a color which represents the country and the majority of the voters in this part of the country. Your task is, to make the whole country vote your party. The thing I need your help with is the background. We had two Ideas, one was to lay the landscape in the further background an make it blurred out. First Screenshot the other and more useful one was to integrate the hexagons into the landscape to show that they are actually real country borders. Second Screenshot (both pics are rough designs and will be worked out. They are more like sketches of how they could look like) I wanted to know which direction seems better or more appealing for you. Thanks for your help, Luno
  11. Hi everybody, So, me and my colleagues are now joining Unity Game Jam. It's gonna be two weeks and we are trying to make a Third Person Shooter with RPG and RTT mechanics video game. We've started yesterday with the main concept and this is what we have: Game Storyline Nobody could imagine the falling of the whole world until the deaths woke up. That nonliving ones became something we cannot consider as human being. They change into a new creature, stronger, more frightening, and almost unbeatable. Society broke in pieces and the few ones alive had to survive at any cost. As the Major of a ranger platoon you have found an abandoned Military Outpost crowded of helpless people closer to one of the coldest parts in the world. You must keep them in safe until the reinforcements arrive. There’s only one way to kill the damn zombies: the BlockchainZ Ammo. Search for the BlockchainZ Ammo and destroy the hordes of zombies, but beware of the raiders: they will take your BlockchainZ Ammo whatever it takes. Right now the Raiders have all the BlockchainZ ammo, you must fight them and spoil it, but be on guard, they will counterattack. Remember, the survival of the people depends on you. Don’t let them down! Gameflow. Once you start playing Project BlockchainZ, you must defend the bunker against the hordes of zombies and raiders on a fixed map where you'll fight with your troops and traps. The bunker is basically the main area where you'll not only have to keep the people within alive, but also yourself during the reinforcements arrive. The zombies are extremely resistant, so you will need a type of ammo called BlockchainZ, which contains a very strong poison that acts directly against the brain traveling through the body. The BlockchainZ Ammo is hidden in Raiders's Facility Bases and you must spoil it from them. The more B-Z Ammo you spoil, the more Raiders will attack you, increasing the game difficulty level. Features. Third Person Shooter. Tactical map to manage your troops across the battle. Deploy defensive elements to direct the action where you want. Post apocalypse - scify style. RPG character development. Right now, we've just opened our Project page in the forum. We only have two weeks to develope this idea. Our team is formed by two programmers, one game designer/ scriptwriter and one artist. So, we will update this thread to show you our improvements. Hope you like it. Any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for all the support!
  12. Hi all! We are a team of two programmers developing a turn-based browser strategy, and we need someone to help with the art. It is a card+board strategy. Every player has a castle, and in their turn can move units and play cards. Current art is partially placeholder, partially original (contributed by some friends), but we'd love to have somebody joining the team and taking care of the visual side. Main tasks are drawing cards, objects on the board and interface elements. A prototype is available here (needs at least two people to play properly, but you can play against a dummy bot to get an idea). Please pm if interested. Best regards, Andrii and Serge
  13. Brooklyn Jacot

    Concept Mentality enterprise

    Hi everybody I post like For announced my soon new concept, I look again with PEGI for the aggrement But same no that i believe is belive it. In well, my first and new project, like chance to be able to the mentality Able to fe the able Of the dead haha ... Eumh, I don't wont to allong in de subject. The Mentality is thing for that Will be see if one of all Of alll for that The think is the know To one/off a programming myself console. Ability power without forget ergonomie I'm new in the liaroom, and i espere can approve a lot in the chat room Eumh... Enterprise still to make video game I'm only for the moment and would to stay But i still to propose collaboration with some personal but about the concepte and only one. The specianal if the some question, ,I tought to try work for a week . I don't have specialisatial one the mind on one my main Would just to say if somebody was interessed to devlopp on them if somebody is interessested. Don't won't to like to be able i accept collaboration uniquement française For amarican im sorry but not wasn't time Without be able i aggremenr for the no pertinence and want to say a abin journey of possible... For the follow the like or the dislike I postbe all the work site with log out for flywings aways. For/Pour Pour ceux qui continu,e qui aimerais serais ou voudrais, En claire, Toute interessé par la création de jeu sur la machine et possible mais a ma discution avant toute chose et vous ne serez pas rémunéré Sur regard après avancé, ,Chose consevable mais sans plus Voilà en gro j'ai un project de boîte, entreprise/industrie j'epsère que vous serez mis au courant. ,Maj topics to soon ; *anything but more some the gameprogramming pls Twitter : none annouced, Game dev :, BLogg : none annouced, Timeslines* : The life is strong, the life is long, I'have been fixed a little time to work with a pi programmation an slot for anything But the life uncrepers '~' *****Laste notice my disctely is the nimigim
  14. First AI Unit look The county Sheriff The game will have various type of unit that will investigate your behavior and that will populate each level. Depending on your action unit will become harder and in bigger number. The basic unit is the regular cop, followed by the sheriff. Second unit type is the army soldier, followed by their caporal. Third unity type is the Majestic unity, which are governement alien oriented unit. Each of the unit will have their look change based on their location and behavior (ability and feature) affected by their rank. For instance, a soldier may or may not wear a night vision, allowing them to see you in the dark, but they won't be able to see you if you are cloacked; then, their caporal, may or may not be equip by a heat vision allowing them to see you cloack. Global awareness effect Each action you do can affect your global awereness and if the globe know about your presence on earth, they will prepared themself. Some city may be under the protection of the army, while some region may increase the amount of patrol to keep the street secure. In this non linear game experience we want action to have consequences. That statement is often trown in the air and we don't pretend there is a good or a bad way to do it, but we want to make sure that each game you play is really unique and different. We want this addictive game to be fun as you try over and over to beat it. Beating the game is going to be very challenging, it has this core arcade root that require painfull death and frustrating time But unlike classic game that you really replay the same game over and over untill you learn the pattern, this one is trying to be different on each session while allowing you to improve with the core level design of each country. State of the game update Almost a year of development. I can't beleive it. It much more work then i thought, but it much much better than what I was hoping to achieve. We are confident in delivering a full feature indie game. It's fun to finally work on visual stuff, i insisted to work only on the code to make sure it was possible to do my vision before doing anything visual to avoid wasting time and focus on feature. Now that everything is done in a rough state, the focus was on building the basic asset. We now have enough asset to start building a level. Once the level is done, we can finally test all feature in real-game environnement and slowly improve their functionnality and the look/special FX/sound of each of them. We can also slowly add asset and replace generic one. Add more unit and create all three playable caracther. All the core feature (script) is working and being tested / improved / rewritten The main menu is completed (no audio yet) Soundtrack is completed (very nice bad ass classic sounding retro music score) The hangar is completed (no audio yet) 80% of the assets required to build 2 levels are completed We are implementing temporal AA for highest quality possible. We are still updating/improving character controller and AI for better performance Current Milestone : Build the tutorial level (so we can test all feature in 1 single map and improve them) (3 month) Next Milestone : Build a demo level to show the game (1-2 month) Third Milestone : Finalise asset, playable character, sound and special FX of first 2 level (2 month)
  15. Undergroundies

    Uagi-Saba Artwork Showcase

    From the album: Uagi-Saba

    Inhab designs, included in the digital art book.
  16. RidiculousName

    Concept Global Variables

    I'm a bit confused by what would be the best way to handle this. I have always been taught that global variables are a big no-no except when absolutely necessary and only as a constant. So, if you have a game with tons of objects that all need to be kept track of, and have to be shared between multiple files, what do you do? Do you just have to make a few data-structures and use them as globals regardless, or is there a better way?
  17. Soooo.... I've been working out some of the ideas I've had in mind for the game I've been building all this silly infrastructure for.. haha. I know, I'm the most backwards thing you've probably ever heard of. Anyhow, I've always been a huge fan of games with some real-time strategy elements built in. So, I guess that's more or less the genre I'm going with here. I've sketched up some major "objectives" or game "phases", I'm not sure if these will be actual *** OBJECTIVE COMPLETED *** YOU MAY NOW PROCEED TO LEVEL 2 ***, type objectives, but regardless. Most of these objectives past #2 will correspond to a specific "quest" type activity that will be presented to the player for their somewhat optional consideration. Here they are: Objective 1: Minimal operational status. The player will work through making repairs to their bot with found parts until it is at minimal operational status. This will also serve to tutorialize some main game-play elements. Story Elements: Post intro: First person camera, bot comes online slowly with errors flashing in from all angles. Some appendage is severely damaged, or missing. Some other major systems are offline or considerably hindered and in need of immediate(limited time) repair. Damages will be randomized so each attempt will be different, it could/and possibly should take a few tries to get a working bot out of the beginning gauntlet. Antagonists: Lower Bots, bots who have achieved some level of self-awareness yet exhibit almost zero predictably conscientious behavior. These bots will seek to either dismantle the player bot or to befriend it, or sometimes, both... Objective 2: Basic Crafting, Recycling and Mining. The player will master basic crafting skills required to make simple parts from recycled, or raw elemental matter, and repair them in the field. Story Elements: Player has achieved nearly full operational status and has begun exploring the "world", aided by all kinds of indicators and on-screen displays the player has discovered the usefulness of the garbage piles as well as discovered how to mine resources directly from the moon itself. Antagonists: Lower bots, Peer player bots, junk haulers, and guard patrols. Notes: New players will be dropped into a part of the world that will be hard to get back into(kinda pointless as well) once you've completed Objective 2. This place will be a fairly hostile dumping ground where bots are consistently dropped from great heights and regularly used as target practice by the haulers(human) and guards(human). Objective 3: Bot Programming. The player will learn how to connect to other bots in order to encode their loyalty and put them to task. Story Elements: The player has achieved Objective 2 and has escaped from the "intro zone".. Now begins the game, the first narrative characters will appear at this time and will instruct the player in ways they can proceed to find territory and to assert their control over the lower bots. Antagonists: Lower bots, Peer player bots, only occasional haulers and guard patrols. Objective 4: Bot Networking. The player will obtain the hardware/software upgrades necessary to connect to other loyalty encoded bots for the purpose of combining processing power and increasing their ability to perform complex tasks(Max of 5 to 10 per player). This stage will also introduce shared loyalty, where multiple player bots can use the same loyalty code, thus enabling multiple players to collaborate without their loyal bots fighting each other. Command loyalty always resides with the last programmer, so they only obey orders from the programmer that encoded them most recently. Story Elements: First major quest taking the player an extremely long distance away from their "territory". The player will have to prepare their band of loyal bots pretty well in order to make it back with the prize. Antagonists: Aside from major narrative related NPCs the antagonists from this stage forward will primarily be other players and their loyal bots competing for resources plus some mob type activity from lower bots here and there. Objective 5: Advanced Crafting. The player will learn how to repair damaged bot MagCores and to build and repair various other complex components. MagCores are the future processors that when combined in two or more pairs(4+ cores) have the power spark self-awareness. Story Elements: It takes one core to run the MagMagic tech that makes a bot mobile, it takes 2 to make it do anything with it. When redundancy was added, that's when strange things started to happen. Narrative characters will be used to explain how things came to be, and what can be done about it. Objective 6: Incorporation. Using all the skills learned thus far the player will begin building a small functional production site(town). Raw materials will be gathered and processed in various structures. Defensive structures will be built and the site will be guarded by technology developed and deployed by the player and their loyal bots. Objective 7: Production. During this phase the player will be encouraged through narration to build their production capacities up to the established minimum levels across the board. Objective 8: Mobilization. With production solidly under way, its time to begin thinking about the bigger picture, what resources can we mine if we have some faster transportation? What can we make then? Objective 9: Infrastructure. Through constant attacks(greater mobilization only makes the attacks worse) from other players/hordes and mob/npc characters alike, the player will be encouraged to build up their infrastructure/armaments to meet the demand. Until they are no longer threatened within their territory. Objective 10: Discovery. The player will discover the original production site for the MagCore technology burried beneath the rubble of this garbage moon and will learn the original source of its power. Story Elements: This will end the primary narrative of the main story-line. So, its something like a real-time strategy game, just with a handful of units per player, and on a fairly massive 3D world with lots of resources and cool stuff to make. Battles to fight, production sites to protect, mines to guard. Mysteries to discover, and a moon to transform from a garbage heap into the shining example of what an aware and sentient mind in a robot body can build. Or you can just go rogue and wander around exploring the planet, helping lower bots achieve higher levels of awareness and consciousness, participating in small narrative quests and the like. Or maybe you'll build a roving horde and dismantle your way across the terrain building your core collection as you go, leaving only the empty shells of the bots who got in your path. In the wild only the smartest bots survive... The choice is yours really. My goal is to have enough narrative to support a full introduction and a solid set of objectives for the beginning and intermediate play levels, yet be able to fade out in the middle in favor of more pvp rts/3rd/1st person play, and then when the player has proved their dominance, provide a subtle yet powerful kind of closure to the main story arc without concluding the game. Well, how does it sound to you? I think I'm starting to feel it..
  18. Well here it is, and finally in a format even I understand. And then, keeping the above in mind, here's how the NPCs will work. So, yeah, there it is... Enjoy.
  19. Hello, We are an American based videogame development team that crafts games utilizing neural networks, handcrafted art, studio quality audio, and immersive storytelling to provide the player with an unforgettable experience. Our current team comprises of a Software Engineer, Designer, Producer, Audio Engineer, and a systems admin. Obviously we are missing an art staff! Now, that being said, we have outsourced our concept art for the game to an experienced artist. We are wanting talent to join us to take it the rest of the way with animation and art. If you are interested in joining the team and feel that you are ready to work along a committed team, send a sample of your work and contact information to Job Specifics: General: Unpaid. This is normal. We all have fulltime careers outside of the team, but if there is money to be made upon release, it will be split evenly - no questions asked. All expenses are paid by Administrative Team (GSuite account). So no worries - We want someone to join, have fun and create with us! Expectations of meeting weekly (via internet) and taking direction from producer. Open minded Skill sets: Experience in designing and creating character art. Full adobe suite. Maya experience preferred. Experience with developing for the Unity Engine. Willing to work with design team to incorporate their ideas into art. Knowledge of game design documentation and how it pertains to art creation. In depth sprite animation knowledge.
  20. Hi everyone I’m currently learning programming and getting into the world of game developing. I set to myself the goal of trying to make a League of legends card game in unity, I already came with a few ideas but I’m still talking with friends and researching in different places which would be the best way to proceed with this project. I’m not really sure where is the place to post this but I’m looking for people who could help me, either by how could I put the “soul” of league into a card game if you know what league is about,how to make a card game that feels like a moba, any advice on the best way to develop a card game on unity, different mechanics that I should consider putting in the game, helping me find the right place to post this or Anything that you think could help me on this project. I will be more than thankful with anyone with the will to help me, sorry if you find any mistakes here, not a native speaker.
  21. PersuaderGames

    Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

    Hello everyone! I am working on developing a prototype on a classic adventure game at the moment. Most of my focus was so far on the game mechanics and performance. However, now that I am going deeper into the project I am starting to think about the actual story. I want to combine the Adventure genre with a Whodunnit story. Here is the gist I have so far: 8 strangers meet at a remote chalet in the Swiss Alpes. During a snowstorm the group is isolated from the outside. Slowly the group notices that they are not alone, but someone else is present. And that dreadful feeling becomes a certainty when one of the group is found, murdered. Unfortunately, I have hit a creative roadblock. I did not come up with any ideas characters, character development and overarching themes. Does anyone have any tips for me where to find inspiration? Thank you so much for your help =]
  22. jb-dev

    Main menu draft

    From the album: Vaporwave Roguelite

    This is a nice first draft of how the main menu will look like. I've was inspired by Memphis design while making this.
  23. Hello, I'm currently looking for a talented and passionate concept artist that would like to join our team that's creating a small horror game (which would be created in 3 months or so). At the moment we're a team of 6 people. You must be able to create environments, creatures/monsters and characters. The game is a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. If you are interested or would like to know more about the project you can DM me through here or in discord (world_creator#9524)
  24. Hi you! Introduction: We are 2 game designers and programmers. Currently have a little bit of experience, and we want to take a bigger leap and bring our new little game to the world! That's where you would come in to join our team and help us draw some beautiful art for the game. Current team: 2 programmers: One has two degrees: IT and Design. Works as freelancer mainly focusing on JavaScript and Adobe Suite. Second one has a programming degree, specializes in building and supporting servers, Socket.IO, CSS, JavaScript, HTML. 1 composer - been creating music for games for about 7 years. 1 game designer - has an IT degree. Worked in a large VFX company. Works with colour grading and editing. Game concept: Nontraditional multiplayer card game challenging your imagination and how well you can crack a complete stranger. A 'Magsman' has to describe a card in such a way, that it would be selected by less than all, but more than none players to get points. What we have so far: App can already connect to the server. Some in game screenshots: What we need: A 2D artists to create: Card art. We can show examples, cards description and direction to go once you contact us. In game design. Background, main window, buttons. Thanks for your attention and hope to work with you soon.
  25. Hello! So I have been interested in game development for a few years now. But.. I haven't bee able to develop anything as time focusing on School which I still need to do as well as keeping my passion alive for the project is hard, but I think I have a game I am willing to spend time on. Specifically, a game idea. What I want to give out and eventually develop into a fully fledged game is a Boss Rush game, like Cuphead, with of course some upgrades. There would be 4 classes. These however feed on my obsession with the 4 elements. I imagine it having similar graphics to Dead Cells, and after a few bosses. When your at the end and final boss. You'd have to either face a copy (Singleplayer) or the other player (Multiplayer) Air would be a mainly fast attacking but average health with mostly ranged attacks. -Beginning abilities- -An Air burst, Shotgun like attack sending the enemy back along with dealing above average damage, but has the most cooldown timer -A simple Air shot, a simple 1 shot of Air. Earth would be the tank of the 4. High defense with slow attacking and mostly melee attacks -Beginning abilities- -A wall type of defense that is the height of the character. It can take at most 5 hits before crumbling, but can be upgraded with spikes and more durability -Weapon summoning. Instead of a chosen weapon at the beginning. Earth can summon random weapons (Warhammer, Hammer, Broadsword, Greatsword, etc.) that wil break after 2 hits on the boss, but will form another weapon when the tank tries attacking again. Fire would be the dps. Dealing above average damage with moderate attacking speed but have the lowest health of the group. -Beginning abilities- -A flame pillar that lasts for 5 seconds and deals continuous damage with a 55% chance to burn the boss. It can be changed to either Horizontal or Vertical and wouldn't damage the other players -An ability to enchant your weapon or your friends weapon to deal more damage and give a 10% chance to burn the boss Water would be the healing of the group, with average everything but slightly more health than average. -A whirlpool like attack that can stun the boss for 10 seconds after it is used but during this time. Water and the other teammate are healed for 25% of their overall health which can be changed to be 50% or 75% or all the way up to 95% of their overall health. -A healing pool that as long as Water doesn't leave it or is attack for more than 100 damage then it will slowly heal the other player 5 or 10% every 20 - 25 seconds That is what I have so far but I plan on adding more abilities and upgrades when or if I am able to work on the game. I just wanted to get a wealth of opinions and feedback on my idea and if it is worth it or not.
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