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Found 841 results

  1. This update is huge. Lots added which is why it took over 2 weeks. It’s very epic and I’m extremely proud of myself with this update. I hope you all find it fun!!! Here are the changes Change log Version 1.6 Game Mode Update: 2 New Ways To Play the Game! 2 Brand New Game Modes!! Completely change the way you play the game. Offers much more replay-ability and different ways to enjoy the game. All Game Modes can be permanently unlocked for 100 coins in the Store (Pharmacy). “Roll and Throw” Game-mode Play the original game but using Chemo Balloons as your main weapon. Instead of the Baseball Bat you will have Water Balloons filled with Chemo Medicine. Offers a completely different play style as you can attack from a distance with this “throwing” mechanic. All new animations for character and chemo balloon along with new sounds! Germs and Boss’s have adjusted health in this mode, this is for difficulty balancing. Everything is exactly the same except for the way you attack. “Coin Rush” Game-mode: In this mode you can not attack. The only power up you can use is the “Beanie” the ability to roll. Sarah is in a rush so you are now running and roll faster. There will be no enemies in this mode. There will be a 60 Second time at the start of the game. You will move room to room, all chosen randomly, trying to collect as many coins as you can before the timer reaches 0. Sound Easy? Well it won’t be as you will have to dodge all the room hazards in each room. Spikes, Mucus, Crates, Fireballs, and holes in the floor are all there to stop you. Also the coins disappear if you do not pick them up quick enough. All Coins will be placed randomly and have random timers on them when they disappear. They will give a blinking animation to alert they are going to disappear. Find Timer Pickups that will add seconds to your timer! Can you Top the leaderboards for this game mode? That’s right an all new leaderboard!! Brand New Music Track for this game mode. Music by Luis! You can now play Endless Mode with either weapon!! When you select Endless Mode it will ask you if you want to use the Bat or Chemo Balloon!! New Save Game Reminder Pop Up feature. If you click on Story Mode or Roll and Throw mode and an auto save is found it will alert you to either start new game or load your save game. Starting new game will overwrite the auto save data. New Section In SOSopedia for explanation and description on the New Game Modes! Credits screen updated and Added More Stats to the stats page Text in Store (pharmacy) updated for unlocking all Game Modes. New select cursor when using a controller. It is now animated and in color! Also updated for all added buttons and screens. Made the Coin, full heart, and half a heart pickups slightly larger. Made large hole look more like a hole and allows you to see the edge clearly. Now watch out and don’t fall in! Dryers no longer have a delay before they start shooting fireballs when you enter a room. They will start firing now right away. Fixed a crucial bug that could have prevented the defeat of chapter 2 boss, Chronic. Fixed another crucial bug that could possibly cause the screen to stay white after beating Chronic in Endless mode. Bug Fixes and Optimizations Done! View the full article
  2. Game Title: "Marbelous" Hi everyone. I'm looking to get together a team to conduct a collaborative project on Unity. I have the ideas and I will be studying the game code, design of levels in every bit of my spare time to get this completed by the end of 2019. However if There is an experienced Blender 3d level designer or texture designer I would very much like to have you on the team and discuss the ideas I have come up with so far while also listening to yours. If anyone has played the regular Nintendo game called "Marble Madness" That is the original inspiration of my game. The intention is to release this game free, with ads, while providing and ad free version for a small price. I am open to speak with anyone on the side just let me know.
  3. Title Shiba's Adventure Description If you are a dog lovers, you must not miss this epic RPG roguelike game that you've never seen. In this turn-based roguelike RPG game, you have to pick your cute favorite dog and dive into the perilous dungeons. Simply move by swiping on your screen when you are exploring the dungeon. • You have to avoid all the bad people whom trying to catch you to be their pet because of your cuteness! When you go into deeper dungeon, more bad people will try to catch you, just stay away from them! • Besides avoiding those bad people, you also need to keep your stomach full in order to survive through the deep dungeon. Don't forget to ingest some foods while you are crawling the dungeon, otherwise you will be starved to death. • Plan your move carefully as every move will cause you energy and you will be perish once your run out your energy. • More than 15 kind of adorable and cute dogs to unlock and play! Many more are coming soon! • Turn-based gameplay • Simply swipe to move your dog • Randomly generated levels provide a different game experience every time! • Compete with your friends and see who can survive the dungeon longest! Leave your review or feedback to us if you can't find your favorite dogs in the game and we will create for you! Download now from App Store: Coming soon Download now from Google Play: Coming soon
  4. Hey everyone, I'm one of the two developers that makes Meme Exchange, the #1 Meme Stock market app on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. We've just set up our project on GameDev.net and thought we'd make a post over here to get some feedback. Download Links: Google Play Store iOS App Store Here's what the game is all about: Like dank memes? Want to learn how the stockmarket works? Meme Exchange is the #1 meme stock market app on the Play Store.Browse all the best dank memes and funny pics on Reddit while you learn to invest.Features include:- Browse the funniest memes from the most lit subreddits available.- Share the best funny pics and meme templates with your friends.- Buy and sell shares in a meme for profit.- Fund startups for a high risk investing experience- Compete on the leaderboard to earn free rewards and badges- Earn and buy crypto kek and use it to spice up your profile page and flex on your friends with dank profile icons, borders, customizable text colors and more!- Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Swedish, Malaysian.This stock market simulator will keep you and your friends entertained for hours, and have you laughing and sharing, all while improving your portfolio and knowledge of markets. Start trading today! Thanks for taking the time to check out this thread everyone, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Here's our gamedev.net project page https://www.gamedev.net/projects/889-meme-exchange-meme-stock-market/ Here's a few screenshots:
  5. Hello everyone, I am starting today a new blog called Mobile Indie Spotlight where I will be interviewing mobile indie developers from around the world in an effort to make their stories heard and share their knowledge and experience with others. In these interviews we will be discussing around product and game design, gamification techniques, a/b testing, monetization strategies, localization, app store optimization, social mechanisms, user acquisition and other useful techniques that can help mobile app publishers design and ship better mobile apps on different app stores. Below you can find the first interview with Jacky Chou and his app Pluck it! Any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome! https://medium.com/@vourkosa/mobile-indie-spotlight-episode-1-pluck-it-a50faa281033
  6. JoAndRoPo

    Daily Bonus Logic

    Hi! I have a doubt regarding the Daily Bonus. Let's say 7 days. Player receives Daily Bonus in Day#1, Day#2, Misses Day#3, Plays on Day#4, and so on. What happens when the player misses a day? Does the Daily Bonus reset back to day#1? or does the player miss the reward of the missed date and continue to receive the reward on the next day? Can you name me some games that have used a unique daily bonus logic?
  7. Alexander Orefkov

    Mobile Brick Break [Android][Puzzle][Free]

    Hi All! I present my new game - “Brick Break”. There is old classic puzzle game, moved to 3D, in graphics and gameplay. Link to Play Market Gameplay video Game was created by Urho3D engine. Screenshots
  8. ReyGates

    Unity Nyasar Feature Update

    Weather System I am currently working on the weather system that can affect cold, so the player need to find warm place to sleep/stay .
  9. Tanzan

    Feedback on UX

    Hello fellow-developers, I released my first game on google play store for android and i'm just curious what more experienced developers/publishers think of the general user-experience. i.e. should i work on version 2.0. or move on ? Thx in advance to you all! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamlex.android.games.typomania Regards, Tanzan. p.s. To don't let it look like a covered advertising i didn't put the name in the title...
  10. Hi there, I’m relatively new to game making. But I will like to try my hands on making a simple pixel art game that can work on either iOS AppStore, or PC. Which software would you all recommend me to use? Hope to hear from everyone. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello,Glad to share that our mobile game: Solbot Energy Rush available on Android and iOS platform got accepted into:Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect Asia 2018 to be held in November-12 to 14.As indies it's a big encouragement for us! Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakoutgames.chromaflyeriTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/solbot-energy-rush/id1368418939?ls=1&mt=8
  12. Hey Gamedev.net Community! I am working on a mobile builder game that's already running for 8 years. In its early days, the game had a nice content progression until level 30(current max level is 140). With content progression, I mean at what level items unlock in the build menu. However, over the last ~4 years, the previous developer decided to unlock all the content between lvl 1 and level 30 (reasoning that the new content should be available for all players). This results in 1200 ~available items at level 1 and ~3300 items at level 30. Overwhelming players at the start and missing any content progression after level 30(can be reached within a few weeks, while a big part of the community is playing since multiple years). But how should this be addressed in a running game with a considerable user base across all levels? Internally we have a passionate discussion between moving existing items to later levels(and risking to anger existing players) or just adding new content to later levels(don't address the too much choice issue at the start) Since we are kinda stuck in the discussion, it would be nice to hear some external input Thanks!
  13. Hello there! I'd like to show you my new game - Hurry Birdie. It's an endless game where you have to dodge tree brunches and stones falling from above. Your birdie flies from side to side and speeds up when you press the screen. Features: * Nice design; * You can unlock new birdies; * Easy to play; * Leaderboard; * Good timekiller. Download here: iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1434970622?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abdullakh.hurrybirdie
  14. Color Fiesta is a collection of best and most addictive color matching games with minimalism graphics and unique game level design that suitable for kids and adult. You can play the best color matching game like Match And Catch, True Color, Color Roulette which are easy to learn and fun to master in one game. As a color matching game lover, you don't need to spend time searching new brain teasers any more. We will give you a ONE-STOP game experience from now on!Games you can play in Color Fiesta★★ Match And Catch ★★Simply rotate the blocks so that the side of the block that face the falling ball has the same color with the falling ball. Make sure you are reacting fast enough to keep rotating the block to match the color of falling ball.★★ True Color ★★There are several options appear on the screen, only tap on the options that the color is match with the text of the option. Stay patient and look carefully before you make your choice!★★ Color Roulette ★★The roulette is keep rotating, make sure you only tap on it when the section is match with the color of the pointer! Beware, it's keep speeding up!★★ And many more games ★★We will constantly adding new game so that you can keep having fun with us without spending much time search for your favorite games!Time and patient is the key for you to complete all levels.Please feel free to leave your review or feedback to us @ bigcheeseapp@gmail.com! We'd love to hear from you! Download now from Google Play or scan the QR code below Download now from App Store: Coming Soon...
  15. Eagleman95

    [Game] Head Stall Soccer

    Hi everyone, I release my new game Head Stall Soccer, your goal is to keep the soccer ball over your head without letting it fall. I'm relatively new in gamedev so feedback and suggestion are appreciated. Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EBDev.HeadStallSoccer
  16. Hello there, I'm Duco, a dev working on SpatialOS. I just wanted to let you know that today, following lots of feedback from devs, we launched our new Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unity. It helps you to quickly create, iterate and grow your multiplayer game. Early adopters have already described it as a huge improvement over our previous Unity integration, but I wanted to see what you thought. To help with that, you can try out our open-source example FPS, which will give you out-of-the-box access to a 200-player experience and modify it for your own game idea. For questions or help, our developer community will welcome you on both our forums and our Discord server. Finally, for those of you who will be coming to Los Angeles for the Unite event at the end of the month, we are holding a Happy Hour event. You will be able to talk with the technical and product leads behind the GDK, and see how it puts the multiplayer game that you have always wanted to build within your reach.
  17. Hello Folks, We finally completed our first game - and need feedback on the mechanic, gameplay and design. Game : Fungry Birds is a fun, endless casual game about defeating..err.. eating your enemies. 4 hungry birds are inside a hacked drone in the space. With their beaks out. You steer it in a gravity less space - looking for aliens and gulping them! The hacked drone rotates continuously and you have not control whatsoever!There is one catch though - Birds can eat only the same colored enemy! Here is the complete story of our development. It contains all the twists and turns of our development cycle, hope you guys like it! You can watch the trailer here If you want to try the game on Android, its on Play Store! Some Screenshots attached below.
  18. IPnose

    Crystal Mine

    Hi all, I'm here to present you my very first Android game, Crystal Mine. The principle is very simple, by touching a crystal not enclaved by other crystals, all adjacent crystals of the same color will disappear, the other crystals of the same color (and not enclaved) will also disappear. The goal is to remove a minimum of 80 crystals in less than 8 strokes. I don't know if it's really clear to read like that, but it's much more intuitive when confronted with the gameplay. The link on the store: Crystal Mine on Google Play A big thanks to all those who will take the time to test it and give me a little feedback. See you later!
  19. Have you played physics puzzles , which are very addictive and you just can't take your mind off that stage you’re stuck on, well here's another of those logic puzzles ; totally free . Bounce N Bang Play Store Trailer: Using cannon, shoot your enemy or bounce cannon-ball through walls guiding it towards their building.Rotate cannon , place moving walls , making the best angle ; just so when you open fire , ball hits the target. Key features:➤ Currently 30 levels (more coming soon)➤ Innovative game play (logical thinking , openfire / shooting cannonball, bounce off borders)➤ Fun animation (especially of explosion)➤ Simple and addictive (solve the puzzle, which gets difficult)Not always that easy, when you openfire , line of shot should hit the end point after limited reflection.How•Use touch or buttons to rotate cannon.• Aiming at enemy directly or bounce off walls guiding it towards them. • Rotate and place moving walls at suitable points ; so when you openfire, BANG ! Cannonball hits the target. Little story if interested : Zormen kingdom has forcefully taken over a village and jailed its inhabitants; few of them have managed to escape prison .They are now trying to get back their occupied land and people. You are a savior who is helping villagers . Provided with cannon you need to destroy enemy's castle. Further story inside game. Screenshots:
  20. KATbIKST

    Rust Tank

    Hi people! We have released the third game for Android. Title: Rust Tank Developer: KATbIK STUDIOS Genres: Action Engine: Unity Platform: Android FREE Good old epic tank battles in retro style! Rust Tank is a dynamic action game about the world of tank battles in pixel graphics. Classic tanks made in retro style. Fight and win! Destroy the hordes of hostile tanks and their bases. Upgrade your combat vehicles to defeat the most powerful enemies. Complete missions and unlock all levels. In the game there are various skills and bonuses scattered throughout the levels. GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.katbikstudios.rusttank Twitter: https://twitter.com/KATbIKST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn59qqh9hKw&t=0s&index=7&list=PLJlhYvntoNJG75yZyUSM5Kxfn4ulZqvHT
  21. Hello. For a year I was creating video games for myself. Now I launched my first commercial project on google play. It's nice looking ,addictive and very relaxing bullethell. Just check this out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.godotengine.androidprojectbh Jellyhell just need some attention. Any feedback is welcome :)
  22. Hi guys, I first want to start off with a little bit about my background. I've been an active part of the game industry for approximately 7 years now, in various ways (off and on). I first started with helping a game project called BIONITE: Origins. I was responsible for recruiting talent, doing graphics for logos/GUI and marketing. I was also responsible for the Kickstarter campaign. Our target was $15,000 and we finished with $21,457.I then moved on to help another project that was halfway into their Kickstarter campaign (Insanity's Blade) and struggling to reach their goal of $6,000. We ended with $7,075. The project eventually went on to release and did fairly well. After that, I stepped in to help launch another Kickstarter campaign (DYNABOT: The Robo Marble). This campaign ended badly and had to be cancelled. Development of the game was also halted.Around the time I started with BIONITE: Orgins, I started a Twitter account (@IndieGameMan). Since then I've been sharing indie games on a daily basis to help them garner more exposure, as that's something I feel this industry needs. I've grown it to over 60,000 followers and later expanded to Facebook & Instagram. Facebook has been the hardest one to crack, but I've been gathering great momentum on Instagram since joining a little over a year ago.In 2015, me and my longtime friend started working on a game project. We entered into a competition hosted by Microsoft for independent Canadian developers. It was called Codename GOA. My friend created a small game for a gamejam some time before that and together, we came up with a better idea how to take the game even further. We finished in the top 5 for best Game Design Document and Best Use of Azure (Microsoft's cloud computing service). After the competition, the project was put on the back-burner and hasn't been worked on much since, due to work-life and just life in general. We still plan to work on it when the time is right. Which leads me to now. After the Microsoft competition, I began working on an idea I had for an indie game website/app. I wanted to make sense of what I've been doing on social media for so long now, and to create a central hub for indie games/developers, with the goal to continue to make exposure easier for them. It has gone through multiple iterations and I have created several visual prototypes demonstrating how it will work on computers, as well as mobiles devices. The domain name has also been reserved. My plan is to have the main part launch first and then have the other parts launch over time, as I realize the scope of this project. I have plans for monetization, however that's not set in stone yet. I also realize that further down the road, we might have to utilize crowdfunding. I don't want to go into all of the specifics here, but that's the gist of it. If you have any questions, please ask, and thank you for taking the time to read this. You can contact me on here, or by email: danrhodenizer[at]gmail[dot]com
  23. Hey All, So Roll and Throw Game Mode is complete and Coin Rush is almost complete as well. Couple things I’m adding to it. I think I may include 1 more Game Mode before I release this update so most likely looking at another week before release. After that I will concentrate on chapter 3 and conclude the story. Here is a sneak peak at Coin Rush Mode. This is not final product. View the full article
  24. Vitya Schel

    Mobile [Android] Roller-ride

    Roller-Ride (Update 2.4.1)Fly to the Sun!Description: During the flight from the core of the Earth to the sun, you will visit the ISS, Venus, Mercury and, of course, sun. Can you fly through all the obstacles and not explode? Rush space, complete ultimate challenges and just have fun in free Roller Ride! Good luck! Screenshots: Trailer: System requirements:Android: 4.1+ Download:
  25. PIPEIO - a simple time killer, in the spirit of Ketchapp. PIPEIO - game in which the main thing is collecting and holding the combo, to achieve better results. The more points you have, the higher you will be on the cross-board leaderboard. GamePlay Video ◉ Rules of survival: 1. Fall down and catch the combo 2. Earn as many points as possible 3. Every 5 floors is a level. 4. Do not fall on the tile of your color 5. More colors = more points. 6. Get as many points as possible! ◉ Top - every week. Jump in an endless journey with the ball at various levels from the lungs to the supercomplex. Get to the Dark Essence. Try to maneuver in a spiral, try the edges, earn the greatest combo. Be brighter with the Tricolor game. Open for yourself a new one and collect more points. Enter the TOP list and become the Master of the Pipeio! Show whose balls are steeper! Download: GooglePlay | AppStore
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