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Found 154 results

  1. Hi there, I've been absolutely fascinated by Noita trailers, and gameplay videos. Their pitch is that every single pixel is simulated. How does it work exactly? I'm trying to take another game as example, let's say Oxygen Not Included, tiles have properties such as material, temperature, quality of air, pressure, etc... It's actually very easy to understand how to model these kind of data. It can just be a massive grid, each element of that grid is a tile, tiles are regrouped by chunks. A chunk getting a change would be set to dirty, then get reupdated, etc... Of course it's not easy to make, but it's easy to understand, Now what about Noita? Could it be the same way to model the environment, but at the level of a pixel instead of a tile? Would that not be way too costly? Just trying to wrap my head around the concept...
  2. Hello All I'm currently working on a 2D Pixel art art game that at the end of the day will be similar in workload to Stardew Valley. I'm wondering if Unity would have all the requirements for making a game like that, or if another engine would be recommended. I'm currently using Unity so I just find myself wondering if I'll hit a wall at some point in capability, so I figured I'd ask some of you guys with way more experience, as I have barely any experience with the engine. I've also heard Unity adds a lot of 3D stuff that weighs down the program, Is that true? Thanks for taking the time and God bless
  3. Needless to say, i made a lot of research on best time and best ways to launch the campaign. Here’s the graph from on Kickstarter campaigns from 2014. Kickstarter campaign success per monthObviously, i missed the train for December, which is one of the best months for launching the campaign. It makes sense, people spend more money in the holiday season and they’re a bit dry in the following month, which is January, and the worst month for crowdfunding campaigns. I don’t have time to wait for March, which is the next decent month before summer, so i suppose i’ll be biting the bullet, launching in mid January, maybe beginning of February and hoping for the best. Project duration is a typical 30 days. It’s silly to make it last shorter than that since i don’t have a lot of visibility anyway, but lasting longer is also not an option. Why? Psychology is a strange science, shorter durations increase a sense of urgency in people and may help them decide earlier so they don’t miss the deadline. I believe i shouldn’t press myself to launch as fast as possible, but once the wheels start turning when you press that big pre-launch button, there’s no going back and you should work on making as much people as possible subscribing for the regular e-mails that will lead to the official launch and the notification of the launch itself. They say that the conversion rate from the subscribers is a mere 5%, so if everyone leaves a basic pledge of 10 USD, i need about 6000 subscribers if i want to be sure i will reach my goal. I don’t think i’ll manage that big of a number, but i’ll keep tracking the numbers and when the number of daily subscribes start falling down, i’ll announce the campaign start. So far, i collected 24 e-mails in a few days, which is a number i’m quite happy with to be honest, considering the scope of the project and the type of the game i’m making – a niche arcade shooter. But, to be realistic, that’s not nearly enough, especially when you take the conversion rate into account. When you’re having a project like this, it’s quite natural to pay attention to even the smallest details. That said, even the time of the day when you launch the campaign is of utter importance. In my case, that will be 7 o’clock in the morning, which is just the time people get back from lunch on the east coast in the United States, which account for the largest crowdfunding contributor in the world. You get back from lunch, and before you get back to work, you decide to check IndieGoGo a bit if there’s something interesting, and there it is – just launched! Wednesday also looks like a promising day. On monday, people are in a grumpy mood and they need to get to speed to work, not much time for stuff like this so it’s a big no-no. Tuesday’s better, but not as good, and Thursday is too far off, you are usually starting to wind down and think about the weekend. So Wednesday it will be. One of the most discouraging facts from the Kickstarter statistics is that two thirds of the campaigns fail miserably. I try not to think about it too much. Maybe their goals were to far off? Maybe their campaign was lousy? To be honest, there’s a lot of campaigns out there looking for much too money for what they’re offering or having a campaign that’s written poorly. Asking for too much money is one of the main issues people tend to overlook. It’s better to ask for a smaller amount since people will pledge for something that seems achievable, fair and has constant income of pledges. If you’re on a train that’s going to be hard to catch – nobody will want to ride it. The funny thing is – when you fund the project, even more and more pledges will usually start coming. People want to give their pledge to something that already succeeded and they know they’ll get the product they pledged for. First 48 hours of the campaign are crucial on IndieGoGo, since the campaign will only appear in search results for the first 48 hours after launch. After that, you need to have at least two pledges to keep it searchable. Not only that, they recommend that you already have 30% of the funds needed secured and pledged in the 48 hours of the campaign, which, in my case, is 1.000 USD. It’s big bucks for me, and i don’t think i’ll be able to provide this via friends, family and so on. Where i live, it’s 3 monthly wages so i think it’s better that i prepare that demo for launch so i gain more traction and attract more people. So, the thing i need to do is to step up on gaining subscribers by regularly posting the progress, work on the demo and shout everywhere. Here’s the list of the stuff i did lately: I opened the account on, but the game is not showing up in search since there’s no downloadable content. There was a small surge of visitors from Twitter on the day i listed the game, but since then no views at all, only one follower and that’s it. I opened the accound on GameJolt (few moments ago), the game is also invisible there, so i don’t expect anything. I posted a teaser on r/shmups on reddit, there’s only few likes and that’s it. It’s a small subreddit, so i plan on posting the teaser and some text on few other subreddits like gamedev, indiedev, and unity2d. I posted a devlog with teaser on tigsource, hutonggames (makers of Playmaker which i use), shmups.system11 forum, there has been no significant response. Obviously, the way to increase visibility is to publish a demo which will be downloadable on itch, gamejolt and steam (when i make the profile) and then we’ll see how it goes. Launching the campaign now would fail 100%. So, off to make the demo! Posts View the full article
  4. SIr Pep

    Time to Vote!

    Hello again everyone! I've been drawing away at this tent for a bit now, trying to figure out the best design for it. It'll be the Protagonists temporary house at the start of the game, so it's pretty important but I can't decide which version to go with. So I decided to let you guys decide Here's a picture of all three designs, please leave your vote in the comments and I guess tomorrow Morning I'll see which one you guys like best, and finish that one. Have wonderful rest of your day and thanks for taking the time
  6. A new entry in the devlog for 13 Ronin, a retro 2d samurai fighting game, this time I give you the first public developer build. Happy coding! /jan.

    13 RONIN - DevLog #8 - First public build

    First public build Hello friends and a happy new year to all of you! In my September post I stated the goal for the year to be the release of a first public build of 13 Ronin. I followed this statement with a list of features the release should contain, although I haven’t managed to complete all of those features I’m still happy to have something to release. Lacking from the list is a background animation of a pair of women drinking tea, the color of the opponent (it should be white, but is grey) and an idle animation variation. The idle variation and the color of the opponent will be added later on. The tea-drinking women will probably be cut in favor of some other animation. Big disclaimer Please keep in mind that this is not a completed game, it's not even a demo, it's work in progress and a lot of stuff will be changed, improved and added before even this first level is finished. With all that said, you're very welcome to download it and give it a go, and hopefully give me some valuable feedback. This release is Windows only. Click this link to go to my DropBox-account Download file 13Ronin, 1st Public When download is finished extract the zip-folder’ Open folder and double-click 13Ronin.exe Press ‘1’ to start game When playing, press ‘ESC’ to return to start-screen, and press 'ESC' once more to exit game. Controls Keyboard: Moves: Crouch - Arrow key down Jump up - Ctrl key Jump forward - Ctrl key + arrow key forward Jump backward - Ctrl key + arrow key backward Turn around - Space + Arrow key backward Walk forward - Arrow key forward Walk backward - Arrow key backward Attacks: Head cut - Space + Arrow key up Kick - Space + Arrow key forward and down Throat cut - Space + Arrow key forward Throw gravel - Space + Arrow key down Blocks: Block Head cut - Shift + Arrow key up Block Throat cut - Shift + Arrow key forward X-box style gamepad: Moves: Crouch - Directional pad down Jump up - Button X Jump forward - Button X + Directional pad forward Jump backward - Button X + Directional pad backward Turn around - Button B + Directional pad backward Walk forward - Directional pad forward Walk backward - Directional pad backward Attacks: Head cut - Button B + Directional pad up Kick Button - B + Directional pad forward and directional pad down Throat cut - Button B + Directional pad forward Throw gravel - Button B + Directional pad down Blocks: Block Head cut - Button A + Directional pad up Block Throat cut - Button A + Directional pad forward This release is heavily flawed with an unintelligent opponent and unbalanced gameplay, but still, it’s a game that can be played, isn’t that something? Happy new year! /jan.
  8. SIr Pep

    Blog 3, Year 1!

    As 2018 draws to a close it brings only a new page and a clean slate for the development of "The forlorn Planets"! The excitement I experience as I look forward on 2019 has many reasons. Firstly this is will be the first full year of development on our Game "The Forlorn Planets", which we plan to eventually launch on Android, It'll be a game similar to the likes of Harvest moon or Stardew Valley, except with a bigger focus on mining and tech in a futuristic world, and less on money and food, we plan on having a pretty immersive story, and a very nice nostalgic base of pixel art, as well as maybe some space shooter stuff (Big Dreams! ) But as I look back on 2018 I don't think I can finish this blog without giving some credit; I don't think I could be making this game without all the support from communities like this one, without the people on Youtube (Brackeys) and some bloggers ( who are there for people like me with big dreams and small budgets But most importantly I would like to thank the most important one of all and that's God, for the very simple reason of TIME. I battled (and still face) some pretty bad addictions in 2018, that without his overcoming power and Grace I would never have been able to overcome. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about... That crushing addiction you can't kick, that threatens your family, your life, and your reputation. With those still in my life there's no way I could see half the future I so brightly see for this game today. And with God at the helm I'm not afraid to throw my all behind it, and get this out to all the people who'll be wanting to play it by the time it's done. With that said I do realize that the hard times are far from over. Any dream like this one takes every bit of grit and determination to get through, and I can only pray God will continue to guide me and lead me, showing me the way and blessing the development of this game, because like I said, without him it wouldn't be happening. And thanks to all you guys reading this blog! I appreciate the time you took to read it and hear what I had to say! Thanks a bunch!! God bless to all of you and a Happy New Year!!! Oh, and here's a mountain that'll be a major part of the game. Got a lot of work left on it!
  9. SIr Pep

    Looking to Learn Pixel Art?

    I've been looking around for Pixel arts tutorials the last couple of days and realized there's not a ton of resources out there. So here's a list of links to help whoever is looking to learn "2d Pixel Art" Hope you guys enjoy I'll post whatever else I can find. If you know any good website let me know in the comments
  10. After more than two whole years of toiling, sleepless nights, stiff fingers and dry eyes, i finally reached the point where i’m ready to show something more complete to the world and prepare for the crowdfunding campaign that will help me bring the game to a final release. While Kickstarter clearly enables a wider audience, it is not available in my country so i didn’t have much choice of a platform for crowdfunding – IndieGoGo was basically the only way to gogo (sorry for the pun). Preparing the campaign was a really tough process and i admit it took me a while with all the other things i have to do in my life. First of all, i had to explore the possibilities and limitations of the platform and how to fit them to my needs. Albeit with a smaller reach, IndieGoGo has some clearly better features than Kickstarter. InDemand helps you gather the funds and build the community even when the campaign is over. Of course, you need to reach your goal before that, so you need to find a reasonable amount that will help you finish your product. Not too small, but not too large either. I had a lot of trouble in finding that sweet spot, but in the end i decided to ask for a bare minimum that will make me finish the game, no more, no less. Everything over that will be used for stretch goals. I have a lot of ideas and i can already figure out how much will they approximately cost, so i’ll see how the campaign goes and add them during the campaign. Another interesting feature that IndieGoGo offers is flexible funding and you are probably wondering why didn’t i opt for it if i had to choose IndieGoGo. The amswer is simple, i don’t want to have obligations of given promises if i don’t reach my goal, it would not be fair towards the backers. I need funds to make my ideas to become reality and acting in any other different way than being completely honest and transparent would be irresponsible. Luckily, i already have enough experience (that costed a lot) and have gathered data to know how much will the rest of the game cost if i want to do it my way. So herе’s a breakdown that will be visible on the campaign page when it starts: Backgrounds – You noticed that the teaser only has three backgrounds. To make the game more visually pleasing i need 20 backgrounds in 5 thematic colors (red, green, blue, purple, yellow), each costing 45-70 USD per piece, which comes to roughly 1.500 USD since, besides the regular artist hours involved for making them, some additional hours will be probably needed for fixes and adjustments. Additional gfx works – Additional graphics include finishing the Rokh Raiders sprites (the sixth faction that has not been finished), background elements, bullets, special effects, explosions and works on the Galaxy Database. I approximate that 1.000 USD is needed for all of that. It might seem much, but bear in mind that’s only 33 hours of more or less standard artist pay, or 4 eight hour work days, which is a really, really short amount of time when you look at it. Translations – They cost around 0.1 USD per word for translating the basic user interface and options, but a lot more if i plan on translating the Galaxy Database. But for the basic translation into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese, i approximate that around 100-200 USD will be needed since the game does not have many words. Fees and taxes – Steam Fee is 100 USD and Indiegogo takes 5%, and then there’s income taxes too, which will come around to 10-20% for this amount. Music and SFX – Music licenses are very expensive to obtain, but i am in contact with several musicians that are willing to let me use their music for an IndieGoGo and revenue cut. Still, it will probably come to around at least 10% of the funding. I have been a music producer for more than 15 years so the sound effects will be handled by myself. I could probably do the music too, but i don’t have enough time and there are a lot of people that do it better than me anyway. When you add all that, it comes to about 3.000,00 USD, which is an amount that i’m frankly scared of. I invested a bit more than that in the game until now, and seeing that it was enough only for the half of the graphic assets that are needed for the game of this caliber is frightening. While the game itself is not a revolutionary product that will break the genre, i do believe it stands out a lot among lots of shmups that are out there at the moment. First of all, the graphics are reminiscing of golden age of Amiga 500 games, beautiful 16-bit pixel art with no rendered or pre-rendered 3D graphics, but with dynamic lighting. I haven’t seen it in a shmup for some time. Music in the game (at least the tracks i collected until now by Cryocon and Mlada Fronta) is damn fine and i plan to make it on par with the iconic soundtrack of Hotline Miami or old-school hits like Crusader, Unreal Tournament, Rollcage or Project X (you can listen to the tracks here). Anyway, back to the campaign. At first, i didn’t know what could i possibly offer to the backers beside the game itself. Ok, Early Access is something that i planned anyway, so i could give away that too. I plan on selling the soundtrack separately (all proceedings will go to the artists), so that’s a cool perk to add too, but what else? When i started making the game, i had illusions of grandeur, like every fresh gamedev out there. Rick Henderson as supposed to be a huge single player experience with levels and an intriguing story behind it. When reality struck me, i decided to drop the whole predefined levels concept and i had a lot of ships and weapons descriptions left behind unused. I got to an idea that they can be used for Galaxy Database, a small book of enemy ships and player weapons with their stats, description and a small backstory for each one of them. Lower tier backers will get it in PDF, while high tier backers will be getting a nice hardcover booklet. To further engage the potential community of backers, one of the perks will be the Community Ship Designer. Backers of that tier will have the exclusive access to hidden Discord channel where they will be able to create an enemy that will appear in the game together. Sure, it will be a challenge for me since it has to be in certain design boundaries (and maybe technically, who knows what people can think of), but i think it’s a rather cool reward. Name on a blimp is purely cosmetic. If you really like shmups and you got a lot of dough to spare, your name will appear on a space blimp with a large display on it (think Blade Runner). Finally, with only 5 available, you can design you own enemy (not a boss though) by working with me and a graphics guy. Might not seem as much, but creating an enemy that is interesting and balanced is quite time consuming, let alone 5 of them. Ok, i’ve got the amount i need, backer rewards and now i need to present the game in the best possible light. I hate punchlines and single sentence descriptions, but it needs to be done. Put your whole game in one sentence. It’s like an elevator pitch, but you don’t even have the time to ride to the first floor, just poke your head through the elevator door and shout one sentence. So i came up with Endless horizontal-scrolling shoot ’em up experience with infinite replayability. Well yeah, it’s infinitely replayable, but in a way that it will never get boring. I decided not to use terms like procedural or roguelike since, honestly, i believe players already have an aversion when they read those words. It is endless since it doesn’t end, you can only die. Obviously, it’s horizontal-scrolling shoot ’em up, and i like to call it an experience, since it’s an audio-visual experience made for connoisseurs of the genre and style. I made sure to be perfectly clear how the game loop functions, how the weapons/armor relations work, even if it’s dead simple to understand and provide as much material as possible for the players to see how the game sounds and looks like. Screenshots were easy to take, but resizing images to fit in IndieGoGo’s predefined image sizes and remain pixel perfect was a pain in the ass. Preparing a small teaser took days of work and i can’t say i’m happy with the final result in terms of video quality. Unity’s inbuilt recorder compresses the video even on high setting and artifacts appear when there’s a lot of stuff going on on the screen, but i believe it’s good enough to be used as a proof of concept and let the backers know what’s it all about. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to provide the demo since i think it’s too early and i’m a bit of perfectionist. I regard that as the biggest flaw of my campaign and i hope it will do well even without it. One of the things that really makes me proud and that i want to point out is the dedication to inclusion. I want everyone to be able to play the game. I’m positive that colorblind modes will probably include more tweaking than simple filters implementation, but turning off shakes and flashes will mean a lot to someone who’s suffering from problems related to photosensitivity but like shoot ’em ups. High-contrast mode is going to demand quite an overhaul, but if all goes well i’m all for it. My fears? Shoot ’em ups are quite a niche of a genre so i’m scared how many people will be interested in a game like Rick Henderson. Deep inside i believe there’s a lot of folks that want to see something new that’s not a bullet hell or reissue of an old classic, but a modern envisionment of the classics that marked an era. You can find the pre-launch page here and if you had a good read and are interested in seeing this project come to life, subscribe to be notified when the campaign is launched or share it – every bit helps View the full article
  11. SIr Pep

    Pixel Day 1

    Christmas Eve. Such a wonderful, busy, crazy time of the year, and here I am starting a blog on Christmas Eve! 😂 I decided today is as good a day as any, as I sit back and watch the snow fall in Manitoba Canada. I started work on these hoodoos yesterday. They'll be the 'trees' in my desert planet for some interesting visuals. The small and easy ones are done, and I guess I'll post the others some time during the holidays because I'll have a lot of time to work on this project. Anyway, this first blog is more for me then for you guys. Just wanted to put myself out there and get this first blog out of the way to give you guys a little sight of this game as I work on it. Have a merry Christmas to anyone reading this!! May God bless your holidays, and my the light of Christ light up your holidays! ☺️
  12. Octolancers


    This is me, and this is some of my pixel art animation skills, I'll begin posting here this, my profile picture

    © Do not use this image for any purpose

  13. piecuch.p

    UI refinements

    I have UI almost completed (at least for rendering and atlas management parts). I can render (using FreeType) glyphs from multiply fonts onto multi-pages atlas. There is now some basic management for viewing/browsing images. Everything is Qt-based so application is still cross-platform. I have added initial SVG export too.
  14. Link: A wicked witch turned the main hero into the stone, you need to find a way to break the spell. INSTRUCTIONS Click on the objects and they will open. Click on the stone and its skill to attack the animals will grow as well as a the losses from clicking on animals. Click on the river to improve the function to manage time and clicks on the animals will be more precise. Click on the tree and it will give you things from animals and the level of luck will grow which give you an opportunity to Harder hits. The higher the level of monsters the more animal can visit the stone and give presents which are essential to make a portion. Screenshots:
  15. Hi There! I would like to present to you our newest game, Coal Burnout! Play the demo version in your browser here Beat your competition in Multiplayer PVP, throw coal in the rhythm game, upgrade trains, get first in the leaderboard, and all this while listening to awesome chiptune soundtrack written by skybox! The game features iconic trains from steam era: - Flying Scotsman - DHR 778 - 4468 Mallard - GER Class Y14 - BR Standard Class Available now in the AppStore and the Google Play. - - -
  16. I'm reading this tutorial and trying to understand how the depth testing works but I'm not sure I understood it correctly. Lets say that we have the default comparison method (LESS). Then what is the algorithm that determines if a fragment will be discarded or get draw? Is it something like this?: bool DepthTest() { //Depth Testing Passes. if ( depth_buffer[i] < currentFragment[i].z ) { depth_buffer[i] = currentFragment[i].z; return true; } //Fails. else return false; } Also I have a hard time figuring out how does openGL for each fragment know's with what value of the depth buffer to compare with (as you can see i used an i index but I didn't determined what this i is). Does it compare each fragment's z value with all the values inside the depth buffer? The tutorial which I'm reading does not make this enough clear for me.
  17. ReyGates

    Unity Nyasar Feature Update

    Weather System I am currently working on the weather system that can affect cold, so the player need to find warm place to sleep/stay .
  18. Hi there, I’m relatively new to game making. But I will like to try my hands on making a simple pixel art game that can work on either iOS AppStore, or PC. Which software would you all recommend me to use? Hope to hear from everyone. Thanks in advance.

    13 RONIN - DevLog #6 - Time for graphics

    In my last blog post I showcased some of the audio I’ve been working with for my upcoming game 13 RONIN, now it’s time for graphics. But first a celebration. The 4th of October is a day dedicated to the cinnamon roll here in Sweden (yes, it’s true), which we, of course, celebrate by baking, buying and eating lot’s of (you guessed it) cinnamon rolls. Since I’m a fan of the pastry myself, I happily took part in the celebration. But I also had another reason to celebrate. From October and till the end of the year I’ve reduced the number of hours I’m putting in on my day job from 40 to 32 in favor of spending more time working on 13 RONIN. Big kudos to my boss for approving this! Main character How do you go about drawing a samurai with realistic proportions when you don’t know how to draw? I started by googling images on human proportions and created a reference image I could use as background layer while drawing. In parallel to this, I watched a lot of old samurai movies and Kendo-tournaments and with still images from these kind of videos as reference I drew my character. At the beginning of this project, I intended to use silhouette-looking sprites mostly drawn in solid black. This changed over time, I had a few different ideas, but finally settled on using gray-scaled sprites with very low-saturated colors for light and dark areas. I decided on this color scheme to keep consistent with the black and white samurai movie theme. The low saturated colors are there to make the sprites stand out from the background, but also to make the visuals more interesting. With this style, I’ve found a reasonable balance between aesthetics and time spent drawing. Background In the early days of this project, I was more into ninjas than samurais and the initial idea for the game was that you as a white dressed samurai had to fight a bunch of bad, bad ninjas dressed in colorful outfits. To get started I drew a forest background. Soon I discovered that even the best of the ninja-movies weren’t that good and I found myself switching to samurai-movies and my approach to the project changed. Now I wanted to create a fighting game looking like Limbo, with black ninjas emerging from the dark. Sometime later I re-discovered my love for low-resolution pixel-art and the Limbo-aesthetics was dropped. The code-project still carries the somewhat humorous working title of the ninja-project, it’s called “Ninja in the dark”. I wanted to start drawing something basic, something I thought I had the skills for and choose to draw a building which I later on turned into a tavern. It’s yet not finished and I can’t promise it will fit into the final game, but it will be the background of the first public build. Energy and score After finishing the background I took some time to draw the graphics for player score and energy symbols. I tried a few different ideas and settled on the score written in a custom font upon a scroll-like background. For energy symbols I also tried a few different ideas before stealing the yin-yang symbols from The way of the exploding fist and turning them red. I do love that game. In-game graphics There are a lot of animations to finish before the game is playable, but this is at least a taste of what will come. Please visit for more about 13 RONIN. Happy coding! /jan.
  20. Hello friends! I've got a new blog posting for my upcoming 2D pixel-art samurai fighting game 13 RONIN. This time I'm talking about background and character drawing. Please check it out at: Happy coding! /jan.
  21. Hi! I'm looking for a game designer and marketing/crowdfunding/overall manager for a farming RPG that I am planning to make. ABOUT THE GAME: A quirky top-down pixel RPG involving NEETs getting sucked into another world by a ditzy goddess in other to bring back order and life into her world by making the player help its occupants cultivate the land and fight the eldritch horrors that are trying to take over it. If you want to know more about the game or any monetization issues feel free to comment or PM me and I'll send you the GDD. REQUIREMENTS FOR GAME DESIGNER: * have a good sense of humour! (not the offensive kind because jeez you can make funny jokes without them being offensive ok) * be able to write romance, comedy, and adventure * skilled in world-building * be familiar with/passionate about farming sims, RPGs, dating sims, and the Isekai genre * know about NEET culture * have great experience in working on RPGs, please provide examples of past works * be able to commit on a long-term project * you should be a team-player REQUIREMENTS FOR MANAGER: * strong leadership skills but could be laid back and be friendly * very organized and meticulous * be able to help us with working out things for crowdfunding and marketing * help set us straight to our goals by making realistic schedules * be familiar with/passionate about farming sims, RPGs, dating sims, and the Isekai genre * know about NEET culture * be able to commit on a long-term project * you should be a team-player I'll be honest I'm gonna be really picky on who I'm gonna choose on this one even though I myself am a greenhorn. I would like this concept to grow into a full-blown game and I want everyone to enjoy it. I would really love it if someone with experience guides me through this well. I will be one of the artists and writers who will be working on the game :D Here is my portfolio: Feel free to message me on Discord: barrels#6465
  22. Mariusz Kowalczyk

    First video devlog from my new game

    Yesterday I have posted here the very first screen of my game, today I want to show you some gameplay. Let me know what you think about it.
  23. Mariusz Kowalczyk

    First screen from my new game

    Some days ago I have started working on a new game. I have decided to go for an NES graphics (my goal is to make it look exactly like an NES game). I have already spent a lot of time to make the movement as fluent as possible. The movement is a bit similar to Contra when you are on the ground, but when you jump, you have 100% control over your moves. You can also decide how high you want to jump. The main characters (Vampire) can do wall jumps. The movement is very easy to grasp, but I want it to be deep at the same time, because I want speedrunners to speedrun this game. Let me know what you think about the graphics (it's pre alpha, the final game will look different, hopefully better).
  24. Hello! I'm currently looking for a programmer for my hobby project, to be built in Unity and released on the PC. It's currently in the pre-alpha stages, as I am currently working out how all the systems should eventually work and quickly realized I didn't have the coding knowledge to achieve it. (I'm more of an artist than a coder.) This is where you can potentially come in! Should the game be released, all funds accrued will be split equally and credit will of course be given wherever applicable, I can't guarantee it will get released, however. The Premise A fantasy, pixel art game in which you build a city and look after its inhabitants by supplying them with the things they want. (Education, Politics, Entertainment, ect..) The people can be visually customized, gain skills & jobs, marry, have children, grow old and die, their lives are at your whim. As you are building your city, you'll find that some citizens can go on quests for unique building materials, this turns the game into a X-Com style turn-based strategy, using the people that you send. Your city can be built however you want, with decorations and such, though your people may get upset if you don't give them what they need/want and abandon your city. The Programmer As the only coder in our project duo, I'd really need to insist that you know your way around a coding environment fairly well, as well as be able to utilize those scripts with Unity, the engine the game is being built in. The project will require: Pathfinding Coding UI Coding AI Coding Shader Coding (This may not be required if another method can be found) Communication I've found using Google Drive for documents, Unity Collab for file-sharing and Discord for communication really helps keep everything tidy and easy to access. If you have any problems with these systems, please let me know. If you are interested, please contact me at Whilst it is difficult to showcase coding, some examples of your work would be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  25. Hello everyone I would like to announce that I am working on a fighting game that will be released in 2019 as a full game.I would like to take some of your time and ask that you check it out and give me some feedback.If you like the game please follow me on or on or on game jolt.@Genius-xi
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