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Found 1281 results

  1. Galaxy Wars is a top down multiplayer shoot ‘em up on PC, Xbox & PS4. Up to 4 players local and 16 players online.We are a small indie team of 4 covering; game design, programming, art, and music.Our intention is to all take a profit share upon any commercial success. The project is coming along great. Some major milestones we have already achieved include: Cross platform input system (PC, Xbox, PS4) Networked for online play (up to 16 players) Split-screen view port for couch multiplayer Multiplayer support Player ownership over in-game objects and weapons We are now looking for others to join the project and take it to the next level. We are looking for help with: 2D screens (splash screens, player select, weapon inventory, map select, game modes, etc) 3D character modelling (loosely based on concept art) 3D environments (map design) Object modelling (weapons, game environment) Unity - (animations, general) If this is something you feel you would like to be part of then please drop me a line. For more details on Galaxy Wars including game concept, inspiration, concept art, and team members please take a look at our game spec here (Google Doc)Thanks.
  2. Hive Entertainment

    Vote for your favorite

    I have already chosen my favorite from the concept artist which one do you like better 1 2 or 3? Also still looking for a writer and a 3d artist message if you are interested!
  3. I am trying to build a particle system for unity based on "Destiny particle architecture " released in Siggraph. I encounter a problem in trying to understand how they iterated this: Converted to spline function and the result is i wanted to know how did they converted the function in the editor to represent the graph ??
  4. Hey There, I am a developer and Im working on a blockchain based infinite runner type game. Right now, I am working on releasing the beta version with a couple other game developers, but would love to expand the team and have other talented and bright people contributing. The game portion of the project isnt very complicated, and wouldnt require anyone to pull thier hair out for it. If you are interested in joining a project, interested in the idea, or would like some more information, please don't hesitate to ask either by commenting, discord (username: Guppy#7625), or by email (armaangupta01@gmail.com). Thank you!
  5. Hi, I want to pass message back and forth on client and server which are on different scenes, how can I do that in Unity?** Following is my Scenario:- I have 5 scenes- 1. BaseScene (2) OfflineScene (3) OnlineScene (4) ClientOnline (5) ServerOnline. All these scenes have button having text of the names of the scenes. On Base Scene, I have add empty game object on which i have placed "customNetworkScript" which extends from "NetworkManager" script and also placed "Network Manager HUD" on it. Following is the code which i have placed in "customNetworkScript":- public class customNetworkScript : NetworkManager { public override void OnClientSceneChanged(NetworkConnection conn) { SceneManager.LoadScene("ClientOnline", LoadSceneMode.Single); ClientScene.Ready(conn); ClientScene.AddPlayer(conn, 0); } public override void OnServerSceneChanged(string sceneName) { SceneManager.LoadScene("ServerOnline", LoadSceneMode.Single); } } I have placed "OfflineScene" and "OnlineScene" in the fields, named "Offline Scene" and "Online Scene" in "Network Manager" component. Also have placed an empty prefab in "Spawn Info" in "customNetworkScript" and it has component "Network Identity" on it. Now when i run project, on one instance, I click on "LAN Server only" and on another instance, I click on "LAN Client". And I get my respective scenes on both the instances -> "ServerOnline" appear on instance where I click "LAN Server only" and "ClientOnline" appear on other instance. What I want is, when i click on "ServerOnline" button, a message string will pass on to "ClientOnline" scene and same happens in backward direction when i click on "ClientOnline" button. I have tried "Rpc" and "Command" but they only work when I click on "LAN Host" instead of "LAN Server Only". I have tried very hard but couldn't find anything useful. It will be a great pleasure if someone explain to me in detail along with the code, how can I achieve this. ThankYou Very Much for Your Time.
  6. This is my first experiment use for create my original character little cute dragon chibi use zbrush and blender and use unity3d assest free for enviroment scene you have feedback?
  7. Thiago Melo Silva


    From the album: Car Collector

    Google PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sirknight.carcollector&hl=en
  8. I've got a bug with my brick breaker style game. The bricks move down one line at a time ever 1.5 seconds. What appears to be happening is occasionally the ball will be just about to hit the brick when the brick moves down a line, and now the ball is behind it. I'm not sure how to fix this. I have two ideas but I'm not sure of implementation. 1 solution would be to check where they were and where they are going to be before rendering the frame. Then if they crossed paths, then register the brick as hit. Solution 2 would be change how the bricks move. I could maybe slide them down line by line, instead of a jump down. I'm not sure of this will fix the issue or not. Any ideas?
  9. Egypt: Old Kingdom is now available on Steam for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. About the game: Strategy simulator of the Great Pyramids construction period, where you take your path from the unification of Egyptian tribes to the foundation of The First Empire. Deep historical research and stylized graphics - these two are the main features of Egypt Old Kingdom, the game made by Clarus Victoria Studio in cooperation with egyptologists from CESRAS (Center for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Science). The player will lead a small group of Egyptians, who came to the Lower Egypt to found a new settlement. All he has is a minimal stock of food, a handful of people and a few soldiers as a protection from threats and wild animals. As player will advance from the foundation of Memphis to the building of the first Empire, he will realize that the great achievements of Egypt were possible without UFO or Atlantians interference. He'll find out how did Ancient Egypt kingdom function, what role has religion had, why common people were ready to labor in order to build all these temples and tombs. The player will have to overcome same difficulties as ancient Egyptians - droughts, fires, earthquakes, or enemies waiting for a good moment to strike. He will learn eventually what ruined the first ever empire and discover the facts which cannot be found in any book. The game was created with the support of CES RAS scientists. They are true explorers, who study Egyptian history in the field, organizing annual expeditions to Egypt to dig oit more knowledges in Giza, Memphis, Alexandria and other places. About developers: CES RAS - established in 1999, the Center has a subdivision in Cairo, which is a sience base for a field work in Egypt. The main goal of the Center is to carry out complex scientific research in the fields of history, culture, languages and religion of ancient, medieval, and modern Egypt. The research is based on study of the literary sources and the data yielded in the course of CESRAS' archaeological field projects. Clarus Victoria - independent developers of vcomputer games, established in 2013. The depth and versatility of their games is based on a reliable historical data. Our stuff is learning and improving with every project. At the moment, we have 3 complete games which were warmly welcomed by the players around the world. For more information please visit: clarusvictoria.com Our communities: VK: https://vk.com/precivilization FB: https://www.facebook.com/precivilization/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClarusVictoria Website: http://clarusvictoria.com/
  10. dovodi

    New Game — Mahjong: Magic Chips

    Majong is a сhinese board games. Mahjong — one of the most popular games in the world. If you were looking for puzzle games and mahjong solitaire, then you are in the right place!Mahjong: Magic Chips — is a real brain training & sweet puzzle! Over 200 colorful levels and 10 different worlds are waiting for you! Collect all skins of chips and beautiful backgrounds from each Chapter! You can use them in free mode to fully customize the game to your taste.The rules of a puzzle games for adults and kids are pretty simple — you need to look for the same pictures on the tiles and remove this pairs from the game board. Once all pairs of tiles are removed, the level will be completed. Also you will meet the levels where there will be a timer — here you have to hurry to clear the game board for a certain time.Solitaire mahjong is both training of attention and real gymnastics for the mind. The simplest rules of the puzzle and the measured course of the game will allow you to relax after a hard day's work or pass the time on the bus or metro.The game is also known as mahjong king, mahjong shanghai or mahjong classic. Download mahjong games free and become a Mahjong Master of board game!Game Features: Mahjong solitaire free Over 200 colorful levels Collection of chips and backgrounds 4 different hints Pleasant sounds and melodious music Amazing quests and game modes Training mind and attention Download: Google Play App Store
  11. Project Redemption is an semi-fantasy RPG with a linear story and an elaborate combat system. We are building in Unity and are currently looking animators and artists. What we are looking for -Someone who is okay with split revenue/profits when finished -Collaborate with others in the team. Do you have an idea/thought on what should be included? Tell us! -Someone who wants to work with people that are passionate about this project If you are interested. Please message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Or add me on Discord AJ#6664
  12. Hello! I'm working on a game that is a narrative driven dark comedy with some small aspects of platforming and puzzle solving. The project is rather small as well. It touches on topics such as suicide, mental illness, family, corruption, free-will, and redemption. This project is exercise in polish, this means some experimentation will be needed along with some reworking of assets as they're provided. This will be a revshare model. First, I'm looking for a 2D sprite artist, not pixelated, that can compliment the style of the attached images, and be similar to the temporary character. We are looking to bring on a SFX designer at this time. Full list of required SFX will be available upon request, as well as a build with all elements related to sound implemented in some form (many SFXs pulled from the web for now). Will likely require some field recording, and some pretty strange SFX for when things get weird. I imagine a good portion of these will be quite fun to create. Lastly, I'm looking for a male voice actor, English should be your primary language. There will be at minimum two characters that will need to be brought to life through vocals. The first voice is similar to Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A reference for the second voice would be a mix of Ren (Ren & Stimpy), and Android 21 (DragonBallFighterZ). Due to formatting, I'm not including YouTube links in the post, sorry. WIP Scene with our custom shaders attached (platforms are lazily placed, as this was an asset test): A scene with dynamic lighting and temp character: Unshaded asset: If you made it to the bottom, thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.
  13. I’m looking to start and finish eventually a large and complicated project. I would very much like to take one of my favorite childhood games and remake it with better graphics and edit some things. I have spoken to many people about how I can get started and some say it’s impossible and some say it is. I’m looking to take burnout revenge (unity 3#### I think is made ) and rerended everything. If I could get some help in where to start that’d be great. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, Glass Bear Studio is proud to present the official teaser trailer of ASTERION, a role - adventure game where you will follow a brave minotaur on his way out of the labyrinth. ASTERION will be released on PC and Mac. Follow us on: Facebook : @asterionthegame Twitter : @asteriongame Instagram : @asteriongame Web: www.glassbear.ml
  15. lawnjelly

    Tower Defence Progress

    After a few days away from home I've done a bit more on the game. I must admit I'm kind of looking forward to wrapping up and working on the next thing, so am thinking more in terms of what I need to finish. The towers now have separate logic and firing / sounds. There are just 3 so far but I'll probably add another 2 or 3. Don't know if I have the energy to put in an upgrade path for tower technology .. maybe if people play it lol. The enemies now attack towers as well as your base. The AI for this is pretty simple, and they have no collision detection, so just go for the tower that attacked them. Maybe I will put in collision detection but it potentially opens up a barrel of worms (avoiding stuff) so I may leave on the todo list. Towers have health and once they are destroyed they stop working and have smoke coming out. You can repair them by clicking, this costs money in proportion to how damaged they are. The building placement is a bit better now, there is a zone around houses where other buildings will not be placed so they aren't too close together. The buildings and props serve no function as yet except they prevent you building towers on that spot, so you have to be a little strategic to where you build. As I'm a little worried the unity terrain is not practical both in terms of installation size and performance, I've just today put in some procedural texturing of the ground block underneath the play area which I am using as an alternative to unity terrain. It looks okay now after some research into how this was possible, I did it with just software texture splatting and precreating the texture on level load. On the terrain front I plan to vary this and the buildings / trees etc as you progress through the levels, so it doesn't look all the same. I should probably also put in a high score table, as it feels a bit of a let down when you get a long way then fail a level. But that depends how easy it is to put in a keyboard to type in a name, as it might not be played on a desktop. Actually I've no idea if it will work on other platforms but I'm hoping unity will handle most of that automagically. The controls are pretty tablet friendly so far. A big issue to confront will be installation size. I'm not sure yet what this depends on but it seems ridiculous when I've done test builds (187 megs last time). Hopefully I can get some kind of build log to find out what is being included in assets and strip out a load of unneeded stuff and oversize textures etc.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm creating a series of tutorials about the creation of Game Effects in Unity. I hope it may help someone around here, and feel free to ask questions. Thanks & Enjoy!
  17. Dark Fantasy Environment and Props Hi GameDevs, I am currently working on a model pack for the Unity Asset Store. I am however not satisfied with the overall look of these game-ready models. There would be many architectual and prop objects from gates and windows to lamps, furniture, decoration etc. The style would be a gloomy, mystical, dark fantasy-inspired look, similar to a dark elf or vampire castle interior. For modeling I use Blender, for texturing Substance Designer and PS. Please take a look at my work and help me figuring out how should I improve the textures. I use the Smoothness / Metallic workflow, and would like to add Ambient Occlusion separately (screen space). I also use Emissive maps where needed (lamps). If you see some obvious flaws in contour, colors, etc please note those too. In these images I threw the objects into Unity, no light setup and compositing was done (I still need to learn those for presenting my stuff). Link to my Sketchfab (here you can see the crystal lamps in 3D). Thank you for your attention!
  18. Ok, firstly, Hi. This is my first post on this forum. I am an Indie Dev making my first game so bear with me when I say dumb stuff, I'm on a huge learning curve. My first question is about inventory systems for unity. I am trying to make a survival type game with crafting. I have purchased Inventory manager pro by devdog from the unity asset store and it seems like a pretty powerful assett but for an intermediate coder its a little tough to use. I'm beginning to wonder if it was the right purchase. So my question is.... does anyone have any experience of inventory plugins / systems for unity and can anyone reccomend a system to me? It needs to have the following: Loot system, crafting system, character sheet, blueprint system, character stats system. Ideally with as little coding as possible. Thanks
  19. I'M interested in programming tools (For animation, UI, etc). Can anyone suggest me the resources where I can start learning or which technologies I need achive it. Thanks, Rakshit
  20. I wrote an extension for unity inspector that allows to group/fold variables. Available on github , cheers!
  21. drcrack

    Unity Zeal — Online PvP RPG

    It is a combination of fundamental RPG elements and challenging, session-based MOBA elements. Having features such as creating your unique build, customizing your outfit and preparing synergic team compositions with friends, players can brave dangerous adventures or merciless arena fights against deadly creatures and skilled players alike.This time with no grinding and no pay to win features.We're still looking for:1) 3D Character Artist2) 3D Environment Artist3) Animator4) Sound Designer5) VFX ArtistDiscord https://discord.gg/zXpY29V or drcrack#4575
  22. Hello, This is actually my first post after being a lurker for quite some time here. For the last couple of days I try to get my head around the concept of Overwatch's multiplayer architecture after watching the GDC 2017 talks by Timothy Ford ("Overwatch Gameplay Architecture and Netcode") and Dan Reed ("Networking Scripted Weapons and Abilities in Overwatch"). ( I hope someone here has Vault Access :D) As usual with such complex systems Overwatch seems to combine different approaches to hide latency. Among others, the ones I am mostly interested in are, Command Frames and State Synchronization. I think I understood both concepts but I have problems adding them up. 1) Ford talks about the client being in the future by ~ half the RTT plus one command frame. This ensures that all commands sent from the client to the server tend to arrive when the server is actually at the tick referenced in the command. If that's correct my assumption would be the following: Server is at tick 1000. RTT is ~ 10 ticks -> around 10*16.6 ms. Client simulates tick 1005 and sends command associated with tick 1005. <5 ticks later> Server is at tick 1005 and received a client command. (maybe its already queued in a buffer). Server applies command and sends state for tick 1006 (State_N + Input_N = State_N=1). RTT might still be 10 ticks. Client simulates tick 1010. <5 ticks later> Server is at tick 1010... Client received State for tick 1005 and checks internal buffers for prediction. Does that really apply? Does the client really simulate half-rtt in the future? 2) How do I handle ticks at the start of the game? My network layer requires a timestamp to work and I'd use ticks in the main game loop. Do I have something like a grace period until the client can calculate the required ticks to move to the future (by calling simulation.Tick(1/60f) for the number of ticks to be in the future)? 3) If I run the simulation at 60Hz and the network layer at say 20Hz. Do I have 60 Inputs that I send from Client to Server or 20? I know, this is somewhat similar to other questions in this forum, but I feel like this particular talk has never been discussed? Cheers, poettlr
  23. Paszq

    Arpago - friends and foes!

    From the album: Arpago

    Group photo of some of the characters and creatures currently living in Arpago

    © Arpago, 2018

  24. I've got a ball object and I want to be able to manipulate the ball's speed (both speed up and slow down) based on different pickups dropped in the game. I'm not sure how best to do this. Here is my code for the Ball class: public class Ball : MonoBehaviour { private Paddle paddle; private bool hasStarted = false; private Vector3 paddleToBallVector; // Use this for initialization void Start () { paddle = GameObject.FindObjectOfType<Paddle>(); paddleToBallVector = this.transform.position - paddle.transform.position; } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (!hasStarted) { //Lock the ball relative to the paddle. this.transform.position = paddle.transform.position + paddleToBallVector; //Wait for a mouse press to launch. if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)) { hasStarted = true; this.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D> ().velocity = new Vector2 (2f, 10f); } } } void OnCollisionEnter2D (Collision2D collider) { //use this vector2 to adjust the velocity so the ball does not get stuck in a vertical bouncing loop Vector2 tweak = new Vector2 (Random.Range(0f, 0.2f),Random.Range(0f, 0.2f)); if (hasStarted) { AudioSource audio = this.gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource>(); audio.Play(); this.gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity += tweak; } } } I just need to know how to manipulate the speed for this class. I'm not sure if how I have it set up now is the best way to manage movement of the ball object or if I should modify it to accommodate for speed manipulation.
  25. Hi all, Does anyone here know if coloring book games are popular among little kids? If yes, I have the following questions: Do kids tend to color the same image over and over again? UI is supposed to be 'childish and crowded' or 'flat and peaceful'? Does 'kid songs' matter as in-game music? (In my current project, we have found that the audio is ignored by the adults) Anything you would like to add and I should consider?
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