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pico vs emacs vs vi vs edit vs notepad

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#1 Sean T. McBeth   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 05:38 AM

Watt i5 teh |3estest txet 3ditar evar?!?!?????!??!??!?!????!!?!??!!!! my answer is encoded somewherez in my message.
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#2 Extrarius   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 05:39 AM

Encoded? Why would you encode an answer when its so obvious?

#3 mittens   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 05:49 AM

Notepad owns all.

#4 Taulin   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 05:52 AM

Once you know the commands, vi is the best. There is so much it can do. However, it has a steep learning curve that deters most poser programmers.

#5 Sandman   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 06:07 AM

I''d just like to say that emacs is horrible, or at least that version of emacs (is it X-emacs or something) that involves all those stupid mouse+keyboard combination shortcuts.

#6 Oluseyi   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 07:49 AM

Emacs is a great desktop environment and email client. Too bad it lacks a decent editor.

Honestly, they all suck. I haven''t bothered to actually look, but I have yet to encounter an editor that brings nirvana (PFE included). It doesn''t help that I include appearance as a criterion.

#7 wild_pointer   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 08:28 AM


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#8 Eskhan   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 08:32 AM

''Tis true, Notepad owns all.

#9 BradDaBug   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 08:33 AM


emacs seems too clunky. I like vi cause it''s seems so lightweight. It''s easy to learn the basic commands too.

#10 Unspoken Magi   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 08:36 AM

SciTE owns all.
Ever since I downloaded it about 2 months ago, it''s all I use.

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#11 zer0wolf   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 08:42 AM

I didn't realize there was a competition here... its notepad, obviously.

And please learn how to spell, you make yourself look retarded when you mix 1337 with mispelled words.

[edited by - zer0wolf on May 27, 2003 5:42:42 PM]

#12 superpig   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 08:57 AM

copy con

but seriously I use nano and vi quite a lot, along with gEdit; under windows, usually notepad (or MSVC - notepad can''t handle some EOL characters for some reason).

- saving pigs from untimely fates, and when he''s not doing that, runs The Binary Refinery.

#13 Kadesh   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 09:16 AM

vim is the best for me. Code block folding, very clean, regexps, and too much more. It''s tough to break into but just like Linux, give it a year or two and it''s the fastest damn thing you will ever use.

Current vimrc if anyone is interested (check out the statusline setting, hehehe):

" Vim internals
set nocp
set vb
set autoindent
set nobackup
set hidden
set number
set ruler
set laststatus=2
set statusline=\ \ %03.5c\ :\ %03.5l/%03.5L\ \ \ \ \ %-03.3m%-04.4r\ %-050.50F\
"set insertmode

" Folding
set foldmethod=indent
set foldcolumn=2
set foldlevelstart=99

" Tabs
set ts=4
set expandtab
set softtabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4

" Key bindings

" Misc keys
"imap :foldclose
"imap :foldopen
"imap :!make
"imap :bp
"imap :bn

" Quit, Save, Open, New
map :q!
map :w
map :e\
map :enew
imap :q!
imap :w
imap :e\
imap :enew

" Find, Find Next, Replace, Find Tag
map /
map //
map :tag

" Close New Prev Next buffer controls
set hidden
map :bdelete
map :enew
map :bn
map :bp
imap :bdelete
imap :enew
imap :bn
imap :bp

" XMMS controls
map :!xmms -r
map :!xmms -p
map :!xmms -t
map :!xmms -f

" Universal syntax highlighting
set autoindent
syntax on

highlight Todo ctermfg=red
highlight Comment ctermfg=red
highlight Error ctermfg=white ctermbg=red

highlight PreCondit ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Operator ctermfg=darkgreen

highlight Conditional ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Include ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Structure ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Statement ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Type ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight PreProc ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Macro ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight StorageClass ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Repeat ctermfg=darkgreen
highlight Label ctermfg=darkgreen

highlight String ctermfg=darkyellow
highlight Float ctermfg=darkyellow
highlight Number ctermfg=darkyellow
highlight SpecialChar ctermfg=darkyellow
highlight Character ctermfg=darkyellow
highlight Boolean ctermfg=darkyellow

highlight folded ctermfg=white ctermbg=blue
highlight foldcolumn ctermfg=white ctermbg=blue
highlight statusline ctermfg=white ctermbg=blue
highlight linenr ctermfg=white ctermbg=blue

#14 shatter   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 09:17 AM

anybody out there work with ultraedit? I love it...I was all about notepad until I found ultraedit.

#15 Witchcraven   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 09:22 AM

pico you fools! VI is teh suck. No one shoud learn how to use an editor, it should be totally obvious.

#16 cowsarenotevil   Members   

Posted 27 May 2003 - 09:25 AM

Notepad and EDIT are the best, simply beacause it''s so easy to have fun with the menu''s in a hex editor. You should see my new version of "notepad"... hehe...

-~-The Cow of Darkness-~-

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#17 rohde   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 09:52 AM

I use edwin for my Scheme stuff. Edwin is the same as emac (just with Scheme instead of Lisp). It''s true that it has a steep learning curve but when you''ve got it all memorized it works really well...

But as a true text editor I''d choose TextPad.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.

#18 Arild Fines   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 11:05 AM

I''ve been using gvim on Windows for quite a while now(2 years). It sucks for a lot of reasons, including, but not limited to:

- The cursor cannot be outside of the visible area. If you try to scroll away from the cursor, the cursor follows.
- Managing larger projects with more than a couple of files is awkward at best
- You are required to save a buffer before changing to another
- The adherence to Windows UI standards is sketchy at best, even when sourcing mswin.vim
- It leaves you very dependent on your .vimrc - it''s pretty hard to use when you''re at a location without your own .vimrc

[X]Emacs is just huge...

Notepad is pretty useless since it cannot handle files with other line ending styles than CRLF. The fact that it has no autoindent and no way to change the tabsize doesn''t help either.

AnkhSVN - A Visual Studio .NET Addin for the Subversion version control system.

#19 kordova   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 11:08 AM


#20 MrPoopypants   Members   


Posted 27 May 2003 - 11:15 AM

why would anyone need anything else besides notepad?

[edited by - MrPoopypants on May 27, 2003 6:15:57 PM]

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