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What should a GUI for an RPG consist of?

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#21 Kylotan   Moderators   


Posted 27 June 2000 - 03:46 AM

Original post by Paul Cunningham

Most people probably want it all set up for them. They don''t wan''t to have to worry about this stuff. Application have this element because it suits that type of software. It doesn''t suit game.

It''s just lazy game design if the player has to set up all these systems. It would probably only be attractive to hardcore CRPG gamers and a few them at that.

Umm, i think you are missing the point. That''s like saying giving the players the option to redefine/rebind the keys is bad game design. It''s an -option-. They don''t have to spend time setting it up in the first place. But if and when they feel like it, they can remove or add extra buttons.

#22 Indeterminatus   Members   


Posted 27 June 2000 - 04:20 AM

To put all posts in a nutshell:

The GUI of a RPG should be simple to access, easy to handle, nice to look, but very informative...sounds easy, huh ?
Landfish was right. Every non-rectangular shape has a certain attraction...it looks better, don't know why. But if you make a "rounder" menu, you should be aware not to waste too much space of the screen for the shape!
Just try to find an intermediate way between efficient menu and nice-looking menu ...

How to do the easy handling? Well, you'll know what actionpoints are, i guess ...
Try to imagine an actionpoint-system behind the menu(s).
Very important actions should be accessible through 2 actionpoints, less important actions should be accessible through 3 actionpoints. Take a mouse drag, a mouse click, a mouse double-click or a keyboard input as one actionpoint...

How to make it informative? Well, that's your turn ...
That depends on the RPG you would like to make. In a Diable-Style hack&slash game you won't need stats like "Charisma" and so on...but in an Ultima-Style game "Charisma" is necessary...

As to the handling of food/mana/healingflasks and so on:

I aestimate you allow a whole party to walk around, not only one single character...I won't make the use of healingflasks automatical...I would rather insert a button into the status bar for example that says "Heal (selected) wounded party members" (put it into a self-describing sprite ), and next to the item should be a number indicating the available healing resources and the needed ones. Did you get the idea?
Then you can implement another item saying "Restore Mana" and so on...
Only to make sure I explained it very well, I'll describe a "sample scene" now ...:

After a fight, three of your comrades are heavily wounded. You want to heal them, but you don't find the healing flasks in the inventory. You don't want to search for them, so you simply select 2 of the members (because the item says you have only 2 flasks left) you want to heal and press the item on the bottom of the screen -e voilà- the selected members are healed and the two flasks are spent!
You have two mages in your party and you want to restore their mana level. So if you don't select one, the routine behind the "Restore Mana" item should auto-select all mages/wizards and other classes using mana and should restore their level using the resources available.

So, I know that's pretty much, but I hope you can use that anyways



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Edited by - Indeterminatus on June 27, 2000 11:24:30 AM

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.