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New version of Uhfris up!

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#1 Uhfgood   Members   


Posted 06 July 2000 - 10:02 AM

Hey you guys, i''ve got a new version of my game uhfris, which is my tetris clone, and I have a few new features... I''ve enhanced it yet again, i''ve added blinking to the removed lines, and got rid of the message boxes... I have random appearing blocks, random disappearing blocks, and the "elevator" which basically is something that moves everything on the playfield up a line... Just to make sure it''s all clear basically a block is one of those squares that make up the playfield, and the PIECES are the things that are made up of the individual blocks... The reason I explain this, is because some people call the PIECES blocks, and it confuses them when I say one or the other... Just know the pieces are basically like the line, the t or half plus, the L piece, the backwards L piece, the s and z pieces and the square piece.... And then there''s a surprise around level 6 and after... Let me know what you think. Here is the url http://uhfgood.artoo.net/uhfris.htm Keep in mind the page is old but the file is new, it''s a 100k executable... Thanks -Keith aka Uhfgood uhfgood@artoo.net

#2 Voodoo4   Members   


Posted 06 July 2000 - 07:12 PM

Well the engine is excellent and the pieces move very smoothly.

What misses from the game is a nice graphical interface.I think with the appropriate interface you can make a real success.
(i haven't yet reached level 6 to see the surprise)
Good Job!

Ah and there's no "next piece" screen to see what piece follows.


Edited by - Voodoo4 on July 7, 2000 2:13:27 AM

#3 Uhfgood   Members   


Posted 07 July 2000 - 08:22 AM

Hey you guys, try out Uhfris...


aka Uhfgood

ps. (I had to get this on top )

#4 DeShawn   Members   


Posted 07 July 2000 - 10:57 AM

It seemed pretty nice to me... just one question= Do you need me to help with any graphics, game font, and sounds?

#5 Uhfgood   Members   


Posted 07 July 2000 - 03:02 PM

Voodoo - I''ll be working on the graphics and sound later, you''re right about that... But I still have a few things to add to the game core before I will start to work on the graphics/sound/whatnot....

DeShawn - if I need any help with graphics and stuff, you''ll be the first person i''ll contact :-)

Thanks for playing it guys... And try to get to level 6, there''s
a cool suprise awaiting :-P

aka Uhfgood

#6 Anonymous Poster_Anonymous Poster_*   Guests   

Posted 07 July 2000 - 03:35 PM

Yeah, he''s not joking man...big surprise on level 6. It took me about 4 times to get there. Let me tell ya, my fingers never hurt more after playing it! It''s a great game though and lots of fun. Try it out.



#7 win32mfc   Members   


Posted 07 July 2000 - 04:01 PM

Very good start! It runs on my Windows NT machine, which surprised me. So many people develop DirectX games with only the latest DirectX API... NT only supports DirectDraw and DirectSound 3a. You can do a lot with DirectDraw 3 and DirectSound 3.. for example, Diablo and Diablo II get away with it..

I''ll be interested to see the future versions.. I only got up to Level 4 the first try.. I''ll have to keep at it to see what''s at Level 6..


#8 nes8bit   Members   


Posted 07 July 2000 - 04:25 PM

Get to lvl6. It''s fun from there on.

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Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.