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#1 Daemon   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 07:54 AM

You guys think it's bad when teacher in HS know nothing of CS, or when in college they don't teach the latest and greatest technologies (btw, some college do teach only the latest and greatest, skipping Unix and other fundamental things, but those are bad colleges).
Just wait until you start working.
I am one eight of an inch far from quitting my job and shut the door (over the fingers of some people).
I work on databases, more precisely on Oracle, with a GIS slant, for the government.
Now, designing databases is not a simple task, it requires a lot of forethought, patience, and knowledge, this is why they hired me. They also commissioned to me the creation of a web based front end for this project.
Too bad, the people who actually draw the maps for this project have a lot of power, and since the inception of this project they have been pushing for more control, up to the point where this bunch of f*****g morons designed the database on their own, without consulting me first, and now they are pushing it down my throat. It took them ONE F*****G YEAR to come up with a database that is SO F*****G BAD that it will NEVER F*****G WORK! Who in his f*****g right mind would create a table and include a field to indicate the F*****G SORT ORDER FOR A D**N REPORT??????????????? To select which records of another table are being selected by a user, this D**N F*****G MORON added a field called "Selected"!!!!!!!!! And they created a lot of USELESS reports in Access, and they want me to convert them to Crystal Reports, but the database is so f**ked up that they never work, and they say it's me!!!! And they insist that the best tool for the job is FRONTPAGE! And now they want administrative rights to the server!! AND TO THE ORACLE DATABASE ITSELF!!!!!!!! THEY DON'T EVEN F*****G KNOW HOW TO F*****G TURN ON THE D**N COMPUTER!!!!!!!! WHAT THE F**K! And people talk bad about country folks.. These F*****G MORONS come from the city, and they pretend to know everything, and they look down on people who actually KNOW what they are doing, or at least have read a book on the subject, instead of just trying to patch some s**t together!
And I am being told that "this is being taken care of, don't worry". F**K IT! The cost of this thing has already been nearly $ 1,000,000.00, and is so f*****g far from being EVEN a viable project!!!!! And next year they are going to ask for a budget of another f*****g million dollars!!!! WHAT THE F**K! And all this because they are screaming louder than the rest of the cabinet! Wonderf**k, let's f*****g waste a f*****g million $$, it ain't ours anyway! Let's make a fool of the a*****e who we hired, and let's have fun telling him what to do and when to do it!
At the last meeting I nearly exploded, and this F*****G MORON wiggles his finger at me saying: "calm down, everything is alright. That's not the way to act." and another one: "why are you getting mad, I think what they are doing is a wonderful job, don't you AGREE?" with the tone that says, "YOU HAVE TO AGREE", and why? Because they know somebody and this somebody put them in that position!
Something tells me that I will have a new job by the end of next week! It doesn't pay to work for the government: low pay and all this S**T!

I am so aggravated, that I restarted smoking!!

#2 felisandria   Members   


Posted 22 October 1999 - 09:50 AM

Go rent The Pentagon Wars and watch it, and you'll feel better *smile*
I did.

You are not alone.

Oh, and then get some tape and tape over the hole for the trackball on their mouse, and you'll feel much better.


[This message has been edited by felisandria (edited October 22, 1999).]

#3 Anonymous Poster_Anonymous Poster_*   Guests   

Posted 22 October 1999 - 11:42 AM

Hey! I've seen this same scene over a few enterprises around here..I'm not a database guru but I can see they are totally wrong with the way to implement the database.
Why don't you propose to start a new project instead of translating silly access reports?..

Laters and cheer up!

#4 INVERSED   Members   


Posted 22 October 1999 - 11:57 AM

Anytime Frontpage is called a good tool you know there's something wrong.

#5 AnotherBigYapper   Members   


Posted 30 October 1999 - 12:57 PM

I greatly enjoyed your rant.

If "they" are starting to blame you for the problems, it is high time to start looking for another place to work.

On the other hand, if the blame comes with no real consequences, just go with the flow, and enjoy the insanity. Your life will soon be featured in Dilbert.

Keep in mind, they are a not in the business of developming a GIS database, they're in the business of getting more money in their next year's budget because the project is not complete. Hint: Help them to realize their goal (which is to raise more budget money).

#6 Daemon   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 02:46 AM

Well, thanks everyone for the kind words.. and suggestions (I really like the idea to tape the hole in the trackball).
Now I feel better.. I had a long discussion with my boss, who had a discussion with his boss who had a discussion with the boss of the morons, who had a discussion with the morons. Result: nothing has changed, but I did find a new job that pays more, is more interesting, and it might lead to work with a game development company. I just don't know if I have the heart to leave this project in this state, with my boss (who is actually a knowledgable nice person) in such a mess.
Hard decisions.
What would y'all do? leave the project, and my boss, in this mess (and the project would probably die a horrible death, with all the media laughing and poitning the finger); or leave a chance of a lifetime to work with videogames??

#7 Dave Astle   Distinguished Rhino   

Posted 02 November 1999 - 03:50 AM

I'd take the new job, personally. I seriously doubt the problems you mentioned are gone for good.

#8 MikeD   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 03:55 AM

Take the new job.

'nuff said.

#9 SonicSilcion   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 04:00 AM

...And they hired someone who was patient? ={
_ It seems like all of the stories I've heard about government employing jobs seem to be headaches if not nightmares.
_ I had a friend work for a "constable" (more like an employed bounty hunter, from what he said) to make a database program so he could keep track of police records. That was fine for my friend at first. Then the constable wanted it spiffed up so he could sell it, without giving a commission to my friend.
_ Friend tried explaining why he didn't like this arrangement, but the constable put on his Drlbert® boss blinders and earplugs. Thankfully in the end my friend walked away with the pay for his original program, becuase that's all the constable got.
!!!Are there any stories out there of GOOD gorment employed jobs, becuase it would be sad if they were all this cruddy.

#10 MikeD   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 05:11 AM

...but what fun would that be?

No-one listens to good news, the horror stories are far too interesting to want to hear about how _good_ someone's job is.
We want to hear tales of coders working 36 hours at a go, producers who don't know a thing about management and spend all their time playing guitar in their offices or down the pub schmoozing with their publisher counterparts or, from my own list of atrocities, the time my boss told me he wanted to write a polo game because...
"Everybody loves horses".

What would be the fun of sitting down and chatting about the management that handed you a completed design which remained unchanged until the end of the project.
The producer who could people manage superbly and alloted accurate amounts of time to each stage of development.
The publisher who understood the process of game creation and didn't demand haphazard piece of discordant functionality which had everybody diving from one design section of the game to another.
Not to mention the time the entire coding team was given leave to 'sit down and design their code' not program on the fly due to ridiculous deadlines.
I've even heard of a company who actually assigned the number of team members to the project that they were charging their publisher for.
Crazy bastards....

...so come one, come all...out with your horror stories...after all...there must be a book in this somewhere...

#11 Rambo_Bill   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 06:18 AM

I kind of had the same situation, but it was not a government job and there weren't that many people involved. I just started from scratch and then extracted all the data that I needed from their tables into mine. Alot of data had to be reentered I forgot why. After seeing the capabilties of mine and the capabilities of his, The boss was more than happy to have someone type in the data. Then as always in my job he took credit for it. This used to bother me, But I don't care anymore.

A note about getting back at people you might find interesting. A wrote a program in C++ for a place and they didn't pay me. What is funny is that I put a date checker in the program and it expired 1 month later!!! Even though I gave them the source code they couldnt figure out how to remove it and had to have me come back! haha

#12 Daemon   Members   


Posted 02 November 1999 - 07:54 AM

Well, you know.. the more things change, the more they stay the same.
I just got back from an unscheduled four hours meeting (skipping lunch, btw), and I got to hear that my boss is a moron, and that the guy who wrote the Db is actually trying just to do his work, but noone is helping him. On the other hand my boss says this guy is a moron who is just trying to beef up his resume and never asked for help.
I HATE politics. How in the hell can you pretend things to go ahead, if noone is willing to give in a little?
I never did yell at a meeting, but today I managed to do that.
It is so simple, the business guy writes a table, I review it and give it back. He looks it over, we talk about it and then we agree. Instead there is people who want to do everything, and other that have to agree. The most arrogant thing I heard is that IS/IT people are at the service of the business guys, and we have to give way to them. And now they start pulling rank and doing things behind each other's back.
I am bolting. I am going to document all my work, so that the poor soul who will take my place won't be overwhelmed, but I will be out by mid November!

For SonicSil:
In a business, generally speaking, you want the job done, you don't care how, and you care when. In the government, you want the job done, but you DO care how, and you fairly care of when.
In the government there is a strict hierarchy, and you cannot step out of your bounds. Most people in the government did not get in that position because of their skills, but because of who they know and of how loud they can scream.
If you want an easy job, where nothing changes, where you cannot be fired, where raises are the same for everybody, at the same time, then join the Communist Party, or work for the Government.

[This message has been edited by Daemon (edited November 02, 1999).]

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.