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C# Workshop - Final Schedule

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#1 JWalsh   Moderators   


Posted 22 June 2007 - 01:44 PM

Welcome to the GDNet C# Schedule Thread

For a complete introduction to this workshop, please look here. Workshop Overview This workshop is designed to aid people in their journey to learn beginning C# (C-Sharp). This workshop is targeted at highly motivated individuals who are interested in learning C# or who have attempted to learn C# in the past, but found that without sufficient support and mentoring they were unable to connect all the pieces of this highly complex but powerful programming language. This is a 'guided' self-teaching C# workshop. Each student is responsible for taking the time to read the material and learn the information. Additionally, this workshop does not attempt to defend C# as a language, nor does it attempt to demonstrate that C# is either more or less useful then other programming languages for any particular purpose. People who intend to start a discussion about the differences between C# and ANY other languages (except as are relevant to a particular discussion), are encouraged to do so elsewhere. This workshop is for educational, not philosophical discussions. Finally, the community and tutors that arise out of this workshop are here for making the learning process run more smoothly, but are not obligated to baby-sit a person's progress. Because everyone will be working from the same references (.NET Book Zero and optionally the C# Language Specification 1.2 & 2.0), students may find it easier to get answers to the specific questions they might have. There is no minimum age requirement, and there is no previous programming experience required. However, we will be moving quickly so it's essential that students stay on task and dont fall behind. Note: Because the workshop changed primary texts after week 2, the topics in this outline before week 3 may not correspond with the conversations in the weekly forums. If this appears to be the case, the conversations are in reference to the C# Specification, the initial reference text that was used. Workshop Schedule July 1st - 7th: Week 1 (52 pages) 1. Introduction 2. Lexical Structure July 15th - 21st: Week 2 (54 pages) 3. Basic Concepts 4. Types 5. Variables 6. Conversions July 1st - 7th: Week 1 .NET Book Zero: Chapter 1-4 (pg. 2-21) 1. Why This Book? 2. Why .NET? 3. Runtimes and SDK's 4. Edit, Compile, Run, Dissamble July 15th - 21st: Week 2 .NET Book Zero: Chapter 5-6 (pg. 22-67) 5. Strings and The Console 6. Primitive Data Types Begin Project 1 (July 21st) July 22nd - 28th: Week 3 .NET Book Zero: Chapter 7-10 (pg. 68-94) 7. Operators and Expressions 8. Selection and Iteration 9. The Stack and The Heap 10. Arrrays July 29th - Aug. 4th: Week 4 .NET Book Zero: Chapters 11-13 (pg. 95-125) 11. Methods & Fields 13. Classes, Structures, and Objects 14. Instance Methods 15. Constructors Project 1 Due (Aug. 4th) Begin Project 2 (Aug. 5th) Aug. 5th - 11th: Week 5 .NET Book Zero: Chapters 14-17 (pg. 126-165) 12. Exception Handling 16. Concepts of Equality 17. Fields and Properties Aug. 12th - 18th: Week 6 .NET Book Zero: Chapters 18-19 (pg. 166-190) 18. Inheritance 19. Virtuality Project 2 Due (August 18th) Begin Project 3 (August 19th) Aug. 19th - 25th: Week 7 Review Review week Aug. 26th - Sep. 1st: Week 8 .NET Book Zero: Chapters 20-23 (pg. 191-220) 20. Operator Overloading 21. Interfaces 22. Interoperability 23. Dates and Times Project 3 Due (September 1st) Begin Project 4 (September 2n) Sep. 2nd - 8th: Week 9 .NET Book Zero: Chapters 24-26 (pg. 221-252) 24. Events and Delegates 25. Files and Streams 26. String Theory Sep. 9th - 15th: Week 10 .NET Book Zero: Chapters 27-28 (pg. 253-266) 27. Generics 28. Nullable Types Project 4 Due (September 15th) Begin Final Project (September 16th) Sep. 16h - 22nd: Week 11 - Review Review Week Sep. 23rd - 29th: Week 12 - Project Aid Final Project Due (September 29th) Workshop Oficially Closed (September 30th) Cheers! [Edited by - JWalsh on July 21, 2007 10:19:01 PM]
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#2 finky45   Members   


Posted 30 June 2007 - 04:39 PM

There are a few hundred people signed up for this workshop, and some will drop out but probably not as many as in the C++ workshop because this time we have free reading material.

I'm wondering how will the instructor(s) go through all those projects in only 2 weeks? I assume you guys have a real life job and things to tend to...

#3 TheTroll   Members   


Posted 06 July 2007 - 08:08 AM

Actually I have no life, so not that hard. :)