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I am a player, but i have an idea for a new game

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#1 Smakpopy   Members   


Posted 06 May 2012 - 04:12 AM

I have played games since the Nintendo Entertainment System was released, now i mostly play PC games.

I have been trapped in one MMO world or another since Everquest started, but lately i find i keep trying a new MMO and quitting it very quickly feeling unsatisfied. No MMO has been able to recapture how revolutionary Everquest was when it started, that same feeling of experiencing a whole new way to play games.

I would like to play a new type of game, or i suppose you could say a melding of alot of other games into one world.

This is all theoretical, and unless i win some huge lottery ill never be able to promote or produce this game. But maybe someone who reads this knows someone that will or might be able to.

First a whole world would have to be generated, maybe an exact duplicate of earth with all buildings and manmade alterations removed. Then systems would have to be developed for everything, the weather, physics of water, growth of plants and animal activities. And everything would have to be made so it could all be altered by players, cutting down trees, starting fires, digging holes, building buildings, dams, anything.

Players would start off by picking a timezone to play in, and the world would be a real 24 hour cycle. They would start out naked and without any technology, just what they can do with their hands, feet, teeth or items they pick up like stones or sticks. And they would have to hunt or gather to eat. Hunger kills and players would only start with a limited number of lives before that character permanently dies.

Instead of the normal guild system in most mmo games, players would join a tribe and work together to better themselves, defend against animals and other tribes, trade with or conquer other civilizations. And there would be no npcs, everyone you meet would be a player unless its an animal, and maybe there could be an option to play an animal as well, but thats not the main point.

If you have played a game like savage you might start to get the picture, one or a small group of players in each tribe would be able to access an alternate interface they can use to issue commands to their players, and people have free will and the ability to ignore commands. But a tribe leader may get annoyed and direct other members to take you into custody or exile you or have you killed.

But for the most part players would play in first person or over the shoulder view. There would not be instant communication like /whisper in warcraft, at least not until your society develops technology for cell phones or radio. But there could be voice communication for players with a mic to talk to others in a small radius around them.

Anyway, you start off as a caveman or less than that. It might start off similar to minecraft where you use your hands to gather resources to fashion basic tools, but for advanced tools you would need to develop technology maybe as a group by repeated production or experimentation of basic items. Maybe you could locate ancient relics from past civilizations that can be studied to get technology.

But eventually you could advance through the basic technology tree found in civilization games, but with alot more steps added in. So after a long time there may be multiple civs with guns, artillary, machines that they could begin a world war with.

Players would be free to do just about anything they like in the game, if you like chess you could build a chess set and play against other players. If you like to race cars you could eventually build one and act out a scene from road warrior. If you like shooter games you could start off using spears, or bows and arrows and later guns in pvp combat. If you like thief games you could become a thief in the game, maybe with a band of other players and prey on merchants. If you want to be a king you could gather supporters and have them build a castle with you, or you could assassinate a king that you are supposed to protect... or go to war against a civilization that has a kingdom and after killing off their soldiers you could establish yourself as ruler.

If you wanted you could build a space ship and colonize another planet, or destroy the earth with nukes and rebuild in the aftermath.

At some point there could be integration with the internet with a 3d avatar interface that could replace internet explorer and google. So in the game you could access the real internet and even play other games. Imagine roleplaying a character that is sitting at a computer that is accessing the internet and playing yet another computer game within the one you are really playing.

Anyway, there would be no limit to the options a player has in this game, and if something is not possibile then players could submit feedback to developers to add the desired content.

I know realistically this game will likely never be made, or if it was it would rival the manhatten project as far as production costs go, but if it was it would be literally the last game ever made since it could eventually incorperate every other game within it in some fashion.

#2 Waterlimon   Members   


Posted 06 May 2012 - 04:47 AM

Apart from the in-game internet or whatever you wanted, thats not too impossible to do. Just make a game like minecraft but with a bit more dense terrain and better systems for water and animals and weather. If you want to be able to build stuff that can be moved around, just make it be able to have separate bodies of "terrain" and have collision between them.

Of course its going to be a lot heavier in performance but not too heavy. If its just single-player it could probably be done already.


#3 eugene2k   Members   


Posted 06 May 2012 - 07:41 AM

Heh... the number of people who came up with similar ideas is probably somewhere in the millions.

thats not too impossible to do

Say that after you can generate a world that adheres to the laws of physics to the point where weather effects are possible.

#4 Legendre   Members   


Posted 06 May 2012 - 08:20 AM

Yes. This is a popular "idea" that tend to get posted over and over again.

In fact, your ides sounds like Minecraft. What are the key differences that would set you apart from Minecraft?

#5 AltarofScience   Members   


Posted 06 May 2012 - 09:31 AM

That concept has an incredible amount of sim in it, and even if you were capable of making it you would never get the financial support for that unless you already had money and contacts. And then you would have very few players, and you yourself would likely realize that its not nearly as interesting as you may think.

I tell you this as a hardcore advocate for sim heavy games. You see a lot of people who like the idea of a sim heavy game but despise the reality.

That game sounds somewhat like A Tale In The Desert minus the combat part. I suggest that before you take this further you do the free trial for ATITD and see if you actually want to play a game with the production features you are suggesting.

#6 jefferytitan   Members   


Posted 06 May 2012 - 06:22 PM

Ignoring the somewhat sci-fi direction of the question, I think that it wouldn't necessarily be that fun even if it was possible. We play games for escapism, we don't want to literally re-invent the wheel and take 2 hours to make it. Plus what control scheme allows you to literally do anything without feeling awkward? I'd say only full-body VR with haptics.

#7 Acharis   Members   


Posted 07 May 2012 - 01:03 AM

Players frequently come up with this idea (yes, pretty much what you described, and in millions). The thing is, when such game was made you would not want to play it, the gameplay would be broken :( Limitless, do absolutely what you want, type of game sounds great on paper, but in reality the limits imposed by the game is what makes fun and playable.
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Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.