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Help needed with a story

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#1 wiwip   Members   


Posted 20 June 2012 - 01:49 PM

Hi everyone,

As stated in the title, I need a story for a game.
Basically, it is a normal zombie survival game. It is bases on squad management and on defending yourself correctly.

So, I need a small draft - 100 to 500 words - of what could have happened to that world. And why is it like that ?
I need a name for the squad and the leaders of that squad.
I would also need some "event" of any type that could happend to the squad.

And at last, I need a name for the game. I still have some idea like "Last Resort". The thing is that I don't really know if a game already have that name. But the most important part is that I'm frenchman so I don't exactly know how it would sound to someone hearing it in english.

If someone could come to me with a nice idea and something well written, I will make sure that he gets dome credits in the final form of the game.
If you need any more details, just ask.

Thank you, have a great day (or night)
Computer Engineering student

#2 StillWorkingOnIt   Members   


Posted 20 June 2012 - 03:51 PM

not the greatest author in the world, but ill give it a shot.

So as a story line i was thinking that in the semi distant future, 20-30 years, a second cold war had broken out between the Americans and the Russians. Nuclear weapons had gotten to a point where it would spell world disaster if used.The Americans had been working for some time now on modifying genes, and with the start if this war the focus had moved from creating a bigger and badder bomb to biological warfare. The Americans were working on modifying strands of Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) to create a similar effect in humans. eventually a team of scientists felt they had something ready for testing, however it was required to be transported to a larger facility to accommodate these tests. (Obviously they dont test on humans, they would use ordinary cells) 10 containers would be transported via cargo ship to the new facility. When removing the cargo containers (the big metal ones) at the new destination the crane lifting it snapped dropping it against the side of the ship (breaking it open) and into the water. Upon retrieval they discovered one of the containers had been damaged and may have begun to leak. The government issued a quarantine on the area and blocked off the water supply calling it contamination via pollution to prevent the public of gaining knowledge of the incident. In case of the virus having already been contracted, 100's of top scientists are issued to study the remaining samples to understand its effects and develop a possible cure. Within a month or so they conclude the strand is benign and has no effect on humans whatsoever. The quarantine is lifted and is said to be a false alarm and the project is scrapped. (Fast forward 5 years) In a remote area of the world with no population you the main character are a military pilot (hence the gun experience and a reason for your one vs one fighting skills) guarding a string of small communication outposts with several other soldiers as part of B Company, because of previous attacks on communication towers by Russia. It has been almost 1 year that you've been here. You have received no communications from home for 2 weeks now and assume its an error on their part. Strong winds had knocked down one of the towers just a few days ago and with no way to contact base you and your company decide to head back for supplies to fix the downed tower. Mid flight you realize your plane is running low on fuel and attempt to make an emergency landing in the nearest airport. Calling in you get no response and realize you have to go in now. you come in for the landing with essentially no fuel and your makes a hard landing causing you to black out. When you wake up you're in an empty house. You go outside still dizzy and see a man walking across the street his back turned to you and you limp to him calling out to him. Your a few feet away when he turns around and you catch your first glimpse of the zombie. You stagger backwards and fall down when you hear a gunshot and the zombie drops dead. someone grabs you from behind and pulls you back in towards the house and you see more zombies on the horizon. The guy tells you, your going to get him killed after he saved your life and your given a gun. So you start right off killing zombies (gameplay) After killing the zombies you have a small talk and he tells you about everything, shows you news articles, tells you about the government cover-up and the mutation of the virus from benign to malignant, etc. and thats the start of the game.

And that is all Posted Image it didnt take long to write, not the best, but not bad

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#3 Wolfgang01   Members   


Posted 20 June 2012 - 07:50 PM

I had a go at writing a scenario for you. Hope you like it.

The spores came from somewhere, but that place is not known. What is known is that these plants can infect the mind, and rot the flesh. You are Commander -insert name of your choice- leader of the Weed Kill Squadron, and your task is to discover what exactly you’re dealing with.

Spores – Alien plant used to eradicate native flora & fauna, and to alter the atmosphere for its users. It affects humans by slowly killing them via necrosis, but before death the infected have a heightened sense of anger, and in the most severe cases cannibalism. The spores are pod like plants that explode, and fill the immediate vicinity with tiny spores. Any living thing within range will be infected. Flamethrowers are the only effective weapon against the spores.

Infected Human(s) – Acts much like your typical zombie.

Weed Kill Squadron – Sent to a small Japanese Island, the first known location of the spore, your team is tasked with finding the origins of the spore plant, while also trying to survive the murderously infected inhabitants of the Island, and to avoid becoming infected.

Users – Are the alien race that unleashed the spore plant on Earth. They are technologically equal to Humans but possess a unique advantage in that they have advanced bio-weapons. There purpose is to “terraform” Earth so the can settle and mine its resources. They want minimal contact.

#4 wiwip   Members   


Posted 20 June 2012 - 10:15 PM

I'd first start by saying thank you.
Second, StillWorkingOnIt the story is nice. Classic but effective. It can easily be implemented to my game.
Also, Wolfgang01, the story is very original and different from what I expected, but I like it.

As of now, I would use first story and implementing things from the second.
Still, I won't refuse others ideas :)

Thank you very much.
Computer Engineering student

#5 M4uesviecr   Members   


Posted 31 July 2012 - 05:10 PM

I saw this is as a good writing exercise, so I am giving it a go.

Due to the recent increase in population, many meat and produce industries have turned to steroid and hormonal means to increase production. A particular strain, Hormone A.I., was an increasing favorite for many companies, but proved to expensive for many small business. In an attempt to procure a similar hormone strain, a few scientists in Oregon manipulated the hormone in hopes of finding a strain that worked as well as H.A.I. No large corpoation was willing to test the back water strain. In desperation, the two scientists posed as a business company, convincing a small meat company, Gerald Meats, located in Welkhaw, Oregon, to use this approved hormone strain.

2 years later, a dispatch is sent out to LA headquarters about a disturbance in Welkhaw Oregon.

A military team is sent to investigate the disturbances that have been occuring in the small town.

Hormone A.I. Mutant Strain - When ingested, the organism merges with the nervous system synapses of the brain, taking control over the host's mind. If given time, tue host merges further, with the organs, muscles, internal tissues... it becomes a walking, breathing, murderous cancer.

Wrote it up fairly quickly, but there goes another idea.

My Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jasminecoopermusic

"The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you are an artist." Max Jacob

#6 Stormynature   GDNet+   


Posted 31 July 2012 - 06:02 PM

Ghost in the machine variation

Research into artificial stimulation of comatose patients has led to the development of a technology that can be implanted allowing the control of the motor functions of the major body systems. Unfortunately this technology did not restore comatose patients to an aware state, subsequently it was co-opted into the military with an intention to explore its use on fresh bodies i.e. after clinical death but before biological death has taken place. After some development, a delivery system was developed that allowed frontline troops to literally implant an on-the-spot controller thus bringing a fallen trooper back on board immediately. The subsequent lowering of fatalities as more troops were replaced by the implanted led to "civilian" bodies being sold to the military as a combat supply. Experiments on the flesh of implanted bodies to integrate weapons and other technologies were also developed. Subsequent civilian adoption of this technology into hazardous occupations led to a complete re-orientation of the society until it was not unusual to see implanted on common streets. Implant technology became widely spread as the profit associated with newly dead bodies being implanted and the short window of opportunity in which to implant a recently dead caused many to carry an implant pack. Software developments enabled the implanted to be programmed to a variety of tasks. This was the world as we knew it.

The Conversion Event.

A software programmer with an homage to old zombie movies decided to create a program that would cause an implanted to take on the classic behaviours of a zombie. Uploading the resulting program onto opensource websites as way of showing off, it was shortly thereafter integrated into a virus that was then subsequently released. A complete lack of software protection for such a situation resulted in almost total dispersion of the virus into the implanted community. Attack the living until they are dead. This combined with internal directive to implant newly dead corpses has led to the current world we live in. Zombie types range from the classic zombies across to military upgraded zombies.

The Squad

The squad consists of both live and "implanted". (Premise behind implanted being used is to enable additional tactical options such as damage soaking etc). The goal is to gain access to terminals out in the world in order to disseminate a software fix to undo the virus. As well side missions to obtain supplies and other such things. The hardware implant utilised for the "implanted" squad members is extractable and re-usable on other zombies i.e. a troop replacement system. Supplies of this implant are limited to what you have due to limited production facilities having been available.

An event.

One of your live squad member dies. You have to implant them.

Note: Having been exposed to many years of virus caused zombies, I thought utilising a different type of zombie creation was in order.

Hope this helps Posted Image

Edit: Gah another month plus old thread :(

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