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Enemy Encounter in a Browser Game

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#1 Lyuke   Members   


Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:27 AM

Hi there! I'm a new user in this forum, but i secretly surfed this forum for a while, reading about other ides and suggestion about game similar mine, to see if i could find soemthing to improve or to add in my game in future.

I can't say a lot about my game, since i'm still in the "write down all things u have in mind" stage and did just a small part of the combat, to see if i could be able to program it, but i can tell u at last what my idea is.

I like a lot jRpg, or to put it in better words, i like the combat system: turn based (like final fantasy 7, this is the best example since all know about it!) and since i always dreamed to make a game, after a lot of years studying and coding i decied it was the time of starting coding one.
I like a lot Browser Game since u can play it everywhere, u just need a internet connection and without using Flash, u can use ur phone to log in and do what u want to do! Since a lot of those called "social game" aren't "social" at all, i want to try to code a game where user that cooperate with eachother get a "bonus" and can have more fun by playing in group"
So what i'm doing is basically a Browser Game (PHP/SQL/Jquery/AJAX) with features like:
  • Turn Based Combat like FF 7 with a max of 5 user in a party. (Yes i could sync all the user so when someone do something in his turn, the other see what he do at the same time.)
  • 3 different kingdoms (still need to decide if 3 or 4) with different city each and different economy/population.
  • Quest created by user with a lot of influency in the city or a lot of fame around the kingdoms.
  • And more things that i will write down if i see i can get help from this website.
At the end i'm not here to talk about my game, since i have my ideas and i've decied them, what i'm here is for asking help about Enemy Encounter.

My Browser game won't be 2d or 3d; well the combat may have the "character" of the user and the enemy designed, but u won't run around the world free, it will be the most plain text and the website graphic nothing more since i use Jquery and Php. Maybe i can explain it better using example like "Bitefight" or "Mafia Wars" or i don't know.. hope u get the idea.

So actualy i was hoping to get some suggestion / idea about how user should "encounter" the enemy and start a fight. Something not too boring and long.

I was thinking like:
  • User accept the quest alone or with the party.
  • Him or the leader of the group push a button to "start the adventure".
  • If by random calculations he/they must encounter enemy, so the combat start.
  • If they win they go on with the quest, and again the server calculate the probability of another encounter.
  • So on..
What do u think? Wouldn't it be a little boring just seeing a timer "es. 20m" decreasing and waiting for the minuts to end so u end the quest alone or with the whole party? I would be bored to wait 20m just for a quest instead of crafting soemthing for me or learning something else...

If u got any questiong just ask, i will answer when i can Posted Image Thansk!

Edited by Lyuke, 22 August 2012 - 09:46 AM.

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.