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Creating small businesses to operate in and out of a game

4: Adsense

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#1 Tenebrae   Members   


Posted 23 November 2012 - 08:53 AM

Hello, I am creating a project for a game, but I am wondering about the use of creating smaller businesses that operate within the game itself and outside? There is the cyrogenics and human augmentation company, a publishing house and news agency, education group, and a Schematic design group.

I guess I should describe the game itself a bit: The game is a post apocalyptic game, with the idea that on the onset of nuclear war, Sanctuary started preparing cyrogenic pods that would be sent out to space, only to return when it would be relatively safe to re-colonize Earth. The board of trustees, raised on a generation of fantasy games, saw this as an opportunity to apply shock economics. As part of re-engineering humans so that they can survive on the new earth, they began to release mythical animals to the world populace and blame it on nuclear fallout. The players come back to the world only to find that the natural scenery has changed, and that they would need to rebuild their civilization(s).

Hence the game, Ground Zero.

So for the companies, they are as follows:
Sanctuary Cyrogenics & Human Augmentation
  • Main company in the game, they would be the way that players can sign up for the game later on, by joining as "potential pioneers". But until then, news feeds, events and goals would keep on coming up - up until the game's release and afterwards.
Utopia Publishing House and News Agency
  • The news agency aspect would keep track of news from around the world, and the point would be to compact it, and then eventually send it up into satellites that are programmed to fall back to earth after a set amount of years. This would be so that the player would be comforted with what happened after they were put into sleep.
  • The publishing house would do the same thing, except with stories, history, to make sure that the pioneers would not lose the amount of information that was learned over the centuries. This would tie in to Blactec Education.
Blactech education
  • For future pioneers, this group recorded lectures from various professionals in order to teach the pioneers different skills that they would need to survive in the new world. The idea for this group is to tie in real world education degrees, and tie it in with the game for those that are interested. I remember reading about Stanford university and others releasing free lectures online for people to learn - and this would be a step in order to compact and re-distribute learning.
  • I think the biggest problem would be this group, but it would be amazing if at one point, you can get a real world degree from attending the different lectures and classes from within the game. This would benefit those people that learn through experience or by hand - as well as not having enough money to pay for university.
Infinity Schematics Design
  • This group would specialize in schematic design, which is a part of the game. It would allow you to create your own schematics from here, and submit them for your character to use in game. Or you could purchase schematics from here directly - instead of making your own for your character's use.
I want to avoid the use of these companies as a method for just advertisement, but as another way to build a stronger relationship between the player and the game. Thoughts?
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#2 makuto   Members   


Posted 05 December 2012 - 04:57 PM

The story itself is very interesting.

On the Blactech Education company, you would have to make it strongly related to the in-game world so it doesn't seem like some strange add-in. For example, after you watch a video on "Programming AI" from MIT OpenCourseWare or something, the game would allow you to use a scripting language to program an in-game character etc. The lessons would have to be strongly tied to the game so that the player actually has a reason to watch the videos (and play the game, as they could just watch the videos).

On the Sanctuary Cryogenics company, lots of games have already proven this to be a viable thing to do, such as how Portal 2 updates are described. I would definitely use this company, and you may even want to give long-time followers in-game rewards/extra abilities.

Those are my thoughts.

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Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.